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Vedic Literature Describes Ignorance at ATS

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posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 09:44 AM

Chapter 14. The Three Modes Of Material Nature TEXT 8

tamas tv ajnana-jam viddhi
mohanam sarva-dehinam
tan nibadhnati bharata


tamah--mode of ignorance; tu--but; ajnana-jam--products of ignorance; viddhi--knowing; mohanam--delusion; sarva-dehinam--of all embodied beings; pramada--madness; alasya--indolence; nidrabhih--sleep; tat--that; nibadhnati--binds; bharata--O son of Bharata.

O son of Bharata, the mode of ignorance causes the delusion of all living entities. The result of this mode is madness, indolence and sleep, which bind the conditioned soul.


In this verse the specific application of the word tu is very significant. This means that the mode of ignorance is a very peculiar qualification of the embodied soul. This mode of ignorance is just the opposite of the mode of goodness. In the mode of goodness, by development of knowledge, one can understand what is what, but the mode of ignorance is just the opposite. Everyone under the spell of the mode of ignorance becomes mad, and a madman cannot understand what is what. Instead of making advancement, one becomes degraded. The definition of the mode of ignorance is stated in the Vedic literature: under the spell of ignorance, one cannot understand the thing as it is. For example, everyone can see that his grandfather has died, and therefore he will also die; man is mortal. The children that he conceives will also die. So death is sure. Still, people are madly accumulating money and working very hard all day and night, not caring for the eternal spirit. This is madness. In their madness, they are very reluctant to make advancement in spiritual understanding. Such people are very lazy. When they are invited to associate for spiritual understanding, they are not much interested. They are not even active like the man who is controlled by the mode of passion. Thus another symptom of one embedded in the mode of ignorance is that he sleeps more than is required. Six hours of sleep is sufficient, but a man in the mode of ignorance sleeps at least ten or twelve hours a day. Such a man appears to be always dejected and is addicted to intoxicants and sleeping. These are the symptoms of a person conditioned by the mode of ignorance.

If you read the previous how many of you can see that here at ATS. I can see it in myself especially in those closing lines. Intoxicants and 10 to 12 hours of sleep. That is in the condition of Ignorance.

Chapter 14. The Three Modes Of Material Nature TEXT 9

sattvam sukhe sanjayati
rajah karmani bharata
jnanam avrtya tu tamah
pramade sanjayaty uta


sattvam--mode of goodness; sukhe--in happiness; sanjayati--develops; rajah--mode of passion; karmani--fruits of activities; bharata--O son of Bharata; jnanam--knowledge; avrtya--covering; tu--but; tamah--the mode of ignorance; pramade--in madness; sanjayati--develops; uta--it is said.

The mode of goodness conditions one to happiness, passion conditions him to the fruits of action, and ignorance to madness.


A person in the mode of goodness is satisfied by his work or intellectual pursuit, just as a philosopher, scientist, or educator may be engaged in a particular field of knowledge and may be satisfied in that way. A man in the modes of passion and goodness may be engaged in fruitive activity; he owns as much as he can and spends for good causes. Sometimes he tries to open hospitals, give to charity institutions, etc. These are the signs of one in the mode of passion. And the mode of ignorance covers knowledge. In the mode of ignorance, whatever one does is neither good for him nor for anyone.

Although I wish to be fulfilled by my intellectual work I lack the focus and committment even you I have the wish I guess I lack the will. Ignorance covers knowledge. I see this in many of the rantings members spew here. There is no knowledge to be spread. It is covered with ignorance. What these people write is neither good for themselves and the community at large. I am not saying I am innocent of this.

posted on May, 3 2005 @ 02:07 PM

What these people write is neither good for themselves and the community at large. I am not saying I am innocent of this.

What are you saying then? Tell us a little about yourself. Since you judge, you should also be judged.

posted on May, 3 2005 @ 02:22 PM
Hey Zab, many of us have been waiting for you to return and share your photos. You kind of left us hanging ...

OOPS, I only get 5-6 hours of sleep a night so I'm not really sure if that makes me less ignorant or more ignorant.


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