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Is Mullers evidence “The fruit of a poisonous tree “?

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posted on Jun, 2 2019 @ 08:01 PM
a reply to: Shadowbanned

who went to Jail from the DNC? Who was impeached at the DNC? Who has been investigated at the DNC?

When any of those things happen, we will see, but sorry, IT doesn't mean we have to vote for Hillary because of the inept DNC.

You are welcome to not vote for President Trump, in 2020, the rest of us will.

I stump for Trump, I will squash Amash in Michigan!!

posted on Jun, 2 2019 @ 09:14 PM
a reply to: shooterbrody

I guess that was a snidely whiplash Hahaha? Lol

That I didn’t know .

Things seem to be firming up .

posted on Jun, 2 2019 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: Fallingdown

I was laughing at the msm and left leaning lawyers you referenced as they left out the twice denied fact.

It is important.
Bet they left out the circular reporting aspect as well.
Steele leaked the dossier to buzzfeed then that was used as evidence as if it came from some separate source and was vetted.

It was a big lie.
It was intended.
It was fraud.

posted on Jun, 2 2019 @ 10:19 PM

originally posted by: Shadowbanned
a reply to: yuppa

Wasn't the DNC info obtained illegally? I guess the Democrats should be let off the hook.

True. Yes it applies equally. But i have a feeling there is stuff other than the e mails that will be used.

posted on Jun, 2 2019 @ 10:26 PM
a reply to: Shadowbanned

I tried to relate it to something equally inadmissible. A better analogy would be if your name was John Smith, that you wouldn’t be held accountable for every crime committed by a John Smith that wasn’t you.

Another example would be if you House was to be searched for a wanted fugitive then you can’t be held for having a box of Cuban cigars stashed in a closed box that no human being could possible be hiding inside. Hence your contraband was out of plain sight and beyond the location of a reasonable search since Cuban cigars were not listed on the search warrant.

So if a warrant is issued on a false statement or for random fishing expeditions, then the warrant should not have been issued and everything discovered is inadmissible, including dead bodies and videos of the murders.

So not innocent of a crime, but can’t be convicted either. Charged, yes. But any lawyer will have it thrown out.

posted on Jun, 2 2019 @ 11:15 PM
With President Trump out of the country "being Presidential" in the United Kingdom this upcoming week, 90% of U.S. media will need a reason to avoid showing those images, as much as possible.

And they'll get it, because the showboating do-nuthin Democrats will be trickling back into Washington tomorrow, after another 10 day vacation.

What's going to shock a lot of Democrats, is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has mentally "short-circuited" from STRESS.

Check out this brief clip from yesterday, outside the Democrat convention in California.

Pelosi is becoming a huge liability:

posted on Jun, 3 2019 @ 08:32 AM
a reply to: shooterbrody

Those reports I read were for the most part shortly after the release of Carter page ‘s FISA Application .

Haven’t seen many lately which is partly why I made this thread .

I agree they didn’t have a reason. So they made one up .

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