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Another "Whats in your CD player" thread

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 02:45 AM
I'm all outta cd's.

But I got:

Ludacris Feat. Pharrell - Moneymaker

Goin' at the moment.

[edit on 16-9-2006 by chissler]

posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 02:56 AM
i r listening to



posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 03:07 AM
pradigy -- claustrophobic sting

posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 01:15 PM
Prodigy - Their Law

posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 01:23 PM
The new Audioslave CD also the newer Mike Peters (formally of the Alarm)

I'm picking up the Wolfmother cd on Monday.

posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 03:07 PM
[Verse One: U-God]

Yeah, yo
Give me the cue
Skip the introduction, prosate the lip function
junction get rushed by some grimy people bustin weed
Splatter your belly like some Attica fellas
Use a firearm
good, bloods go for hard swelling
Insert the spasm, yes the
dirty hurt has them
Thoroughbred thugs insert the
Verbal smarts, spark the word, visit my
Exotic wine, holding nine, Picasso pictures
When the rhyme pivot you now, limit your chance
the lyric with unlimited stance
Words seem to zing on down
to Bejing
When we touch down you crown renowned kings

[Verse two: Method Man]

There's no honor
amongst theives, street pharmaceutical
Stack like Genovese,
the four devil tempt mad men
But not these, we profound
hardcore sound
To MC's thumbs down, prepare
bees it be warfare, this the year
Niggaz gotta take you off
of here, hold the square
If we go there we go gritty
And spread fear through this rap city, call the mayor
razor sharp darts be like cold stairs
The smell of fear
makes my nostrils -- flair, truth or dare
Ask yourself can
you compare
to these niggaz in the hood, Johnny B. Goode
or he be gone, yeah
The struggle goes on, you've
been warned
P.L.O. from here to Lebanon, how many bombs
Must we drop in the Ninety-Now
Walk a mile in my shoes,
get the street news, from Meth-Tical

[Verse Three:

You gots to be kidding, you gots to be
Aiyyo kid, you gots to be kidding, my
glocks'll be spitting
You gots to be kidding, yo

It's common sense how I master my circum-fer-ence,
you dense
I get locked the # up, released on my own
Can't be judged, young bloods bust back
like scuds
Wu-Tang harvest one thousand notches above
MC level, yo, I stay high as like treble
Foes who oppose
get plucked like rose pedals
Arresting and holding,
penetrate for better regions
Wack MC's only lasted one
The morale was low at the corral
pronouns had no style, yo, we propose our
aim the official,
initial, is Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah
All that other bull#
ain't permissable
Annual increase of the Wu-Tang
Handles to a keyboard is true hip hop set
illegible, every egg ain't edible
tracks remain Unforgettable, like Ol' Nat Cole
Got to
catch this paper to buy Shaquasia a glacier
Throw chairs to
deck a skyscraper
Understand that the continents of Africa
and Asia
and free the black man from the enslaved labor,

[Interlude: Masta Killa, Method Man,

The weight of the fam is on our back and we
can't fall
Victim to this long hall of fame, meaning
We came to punish the glutton with a substance
That can't be contained, Wu-Tang

We be seeing y'all asses when we walk
up in the club
Y'all all in the back
Scared to
speak the speak cause you scared
Punk mother#er, we know
what time it is

[Raekwon conversating with some
All you been seeing is upsets in the box and #
It's like come on man
This nigga #ed up
mother#in Whittaker
Dang, he caught Whittaker
He caught Whittaker a long time ago
got touched
Then Mike got touched by Holyfield
Yeah, word up
Hey, Mike's --
Mike's gonna forfeit this fight
He ain't fighting
He ain't fightin?
You talkin bout he -- what he, what he, what he did?
them he cut his eye, in sparring

[Verse Five:
Ghostface Killah]

Style adoral rap pressing, David
Einstein birth to hit, now nurture it
front row seat tonight, no gens
Purified cleanse, ran into
some beef up in the men's
Fix your sawed off, Wu-Tang
throw me off the cross
All you saw was white meat, skin
hangin off
These is words from the Arch Bishop, some call
it six up
The Betty Crocker, marvel cake stakes admissor
Wax janitor, black Jack Mulligan from Canada
Slam dance,
tarantula style, youse a fan of the
Monopoly king, Slavic
Carnegie Hall's off the hook, let's push
through the armory
Mack truck hitting soloist, soul
Behold of the thousand teeth fist, swift and

[Outro: RZA]

You know, cause
Wu-Tang is invincible, youknowhatI'mean?
Wu-Tang Forever God (invincible)
Knahmsaying? We gonna get
down with that W
You gonna get down with that W
That's that Wu, that's that Wisdom
YouknowhatI'msayin? That's the Wisdom of the
That's the truth, of Allah, for the Nation,
of the Gods
YouknowhatI'msayin? We breakin egg through
these days God
YouknowhatI'msayin? We got the #in
We got the medicine for yo' sickness
here, ya knowhatImean?
I was telling Shorty like --
Shorty, you don't even gotta go to summer school
up the Wu-Tang double CD
And you'll get all the
education you need this year
poisoned minds can't comprehend this #)
Word man,
it's Wu-Tang Forever God
Niggaz can't # with
these lyrics God
YouknowhatI'msayin? Knahmean?
(Oh hell no, none of this #)
C'mon man -- beats,
lyrics man, y'all niggaz
(Niggaz can't even
understand half this #)
Nah (man, no)
I think
niggaz ain't gonna figure it out til the year Two-G
(Wax niggaz ass for free or fee) Word
Yo, you know what?
The next Wu-Tang album ain't even
comin out until Two
YaknowhatImean? That's just gonna come back
with a comet
You hear, we gonna bring a comet
for that # in the millenium)
YouknowhatImean? So, yo,
y'all niggaz man
(Be the ressurection) The Gods is
here man
Born Gods is here
(Born God)

posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 06:12 AM
"The Wu-Tang Clan will rise again
There are many of us, working for the good of the Wu Tang"

"Die!" [*sounds of fighting are heard*]

[Verse One: Street Life]

So get your egg crashed, by my Hellz Wind Staff
While the feature broadcast is splashed to tell the news
like Kaity Chung, how the bullet collapsed his lung
His father watched the horror as he swallowed his tongue
Another youth dead, before the age of twenty-one
Left his son to grow, in the ghettoes of the slums
With a shot that go, for twisted metal for cash flow
React slow nigga and get, P.L.O.
By the lone gunner, who took revenge for his brother
who got slain last summer by a coc aine runner
A new year is dawning, new crews is forming
Rival gangs warring blood steadily pouring
The streets are deep Son every day is like a rerun
So I reach out and try to teach one
But eighty-five percent uncivilized content
No tolerance so a lifetime is spent
behind a cage bent smoked out on a park bench
Killer instinct slave rap niggaz get lynched

[*sounds of fighting*]

[Verse Two: Ghostface Killah]

So yo break that nigga arm fast as a #
Tell Ra, Goldie left my beige jacket in his truck
To all you slow footed penguins, duckin from these
hot rocks that's flamin, chocolate for all you rap Damian's
Spraying cards ex-pionage, dodgeball square hard
Strip bars, no bras, wet leotards
and a mink in, next album blood on Seth Abram
Keep a Gambino PlayStation in your playpen
Discovery Channel, cats that book at Daniel
Coke blunts hot as a # swatted bamboo
high school dropouts, baseheads get knocked the # out
on the regular for robbin a good nigga house
Rough cut raw doses, the unexplainable
Hot rock lava, gringo throw the flows iglasa

[*sounds of fighting*]

[Verse Three: Inspectah Deck]

Ha ha ha ha, yo
What you know about this, specialist armed dangerous
Hit you close range with this madness
Unique design shine like a deep dish
The beat kick technique split all your weak #
Yes, the rhythm, the Rebel
Alone in my level heat it up past the boiling point of metal
Living legend, veteran known to set trend
Lethal weapon, step through your section
with the Force like Luke Skywalker
Rhyme author, orchestrate mind torture
Live performer, bit the mic sayanora
Borderline to insane, I rain firewater
Tape recorder, can't be saved by a court order
I got my sword cross your throat you joke

[Verse Four: Method Man]

We on the run with the golden guns, get you none
when it reach out and teach someone, blaze they buns
Now I'm guilty by association
Times of blackness eclipsin the sun, target practice
commence when I throw these darts at these rappers
Ricochet, hit the charts, bloody your matress
Hold me down, Wu bloodkin, I'm goin in
Shootin bullets at the top ten, rhyme concoction
blend like a million
All these niggaz want cheese, is we mice or men, word up
We can go platinum but then, still can't get no satisfaction
Once again, back on the block crumb snatchin
Blowin backs in cold
Blunted non-assassin, time for action, Johnny Unidas
Handle that like arthritis
Still, hold a golden touch like King Midas

[*swords clash*]

[Verse Five: RZA]

Drown in problems the Heineken's imported from Holland
Gettin boosted off a killer bee pollen, stone columns
get trapped by drum tracks mac loud as gun claps
Pen'll grab the death of a thousand dumb tacks
The Wu Sensai fold, it beez the Wind Ninja scroll
Soul edged blade controls your inner pole
The thick loop, fruit from the forbidden tree root
I stay secluded in the Chamber trainin new recruits
with Fatal Guillotine, the black hooded team what it means
when bullets scream from the hot glock like rock from a sling
("Sometimes...") Pushed through like George Bush Operation Whoops
Shots get popped on the block cause them blood to gush
>From digital to analog, the Wu-Wear camoflogue
The entourage squad we stompin through Zanzibar
like herds of cattle, RZA plays the wall like a shadow
Connect the Book of Shaolin like the brothers I know Now Rule

[Verse Six: Raekwon the Chef]

Stash the cream though, Iceatollah ice style gleama
Lex graffiti name reamer, hold em we rollin
askin me though, raps is hotter than, hot tamales in Toledo
Pussy that # she passin off to me though
We wax Ajax niggaz with a axe, Maxamill
You could crash a meal, got you back steel
scold em and fold em like the thousand dollar bills
sit back eyein y'all niggaz out
Fakes that delegate we spittin fire out
Verb burgular, design the Wally shoe store reserve
a jet status, guidin these vert up on my matress
Watch me mack this, Ralph Lauren goose inside a fashion
Yo, these hands is flooded and they mad quick
Strong approach like magnets, custom wood crane name
Stylin rich, RZA made the waves in one chain
Feelin mics like, wheelin a bike, slide like
step on his Klondike, get your dart right
We movin on it like, wind breaker niggaz get they face broke
Jury get snatched, magazine right on the low, # y'all cats

[*sounds of fighting*]

"May you rot in hell!"
"Ahahahahah, ahahahahaha, ahahahahaha!"

posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 06:26 AM
Q.O.T.S.A. - Give The Mule What He Wants

be the mule that you gotta be

posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 06:40 AM
IRON MAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 06:43 AM
Portishead - Strangers

posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 04:52 PM
grimreaper797's Rapcast which is roxxoring The Lysergical Challenge

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 02:39 AM
Portishead - Elysium

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 03:23 AM
Portishead - Glory Box

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 03:25 AM
(Young L)
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
U Wearin' coke whites cuz my vans look clean and
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
U Wearin' coke whites cuz my vans look clean

[Verse 1]
Got my vans on, finna out walk out the door
Put five on the grapes so u know i'm gon' blow
Got the new pack shoe, bought it right out the door
Holla at the dope girls, dope boys all GO...
Man, if u really tight, then u gotta get vans
See me in the club, bitch i'ma grown man
If u see me at a party, then it must be crack
Cost 36 dollars, all black, yes
Like my niggas may slap and we get clothes mayne
# coke whites, cuz my vans fukkin gold
Got new top-siders finna fly like kites
Go to sleep in the day, go to parties at night
Man, i'm from B-town and all my niggas get like...
Man, we be sportin vans and we throw away Nikes
If u wanna get right, stop buyin those Nikes
Get some new fukkin vans and u'll bet u look icey...(hey)


[Verse 2]
I wear checkered vans the same color as snow (hey)
When Uno spit crack, the same color as coke (yes)
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
U wearin coke whites, but my vans are clean
They slip in and out real easy, like blunts
U can get different colors, like rainbows
Since 1966, Vans had set a trend
I got a blue pair, yea, in a size 10
Get ur grown man on, when u wear top-siders
Button ups and sweaters, equal attire
Either 1, 2 step
Yea, get ur boogie on
Go slide real quick, like you got skates on
They some punk rock shoes, so they get real dirty
Sole kinda thick, like a big booty chick
A big booty chick?... yea, thas what i said
36 dollars and ur cashin out for some vans (hey)


[Verse 3]
(Yea, Young L, lets go)
Yea, i'm raw nigga, wit my got damn vans on
Slip 'em off, slip 'em on, cuff in my pants,
So they don't get torn in the back
It's a punk rock shoe, with the logo in the back
Got the red ones laced up in a size 10
Got the all black vans on witta skull head
I GO...
Catch me in my vans goin dumb
At a function or a party, we gon' get this shyt started
They got all kinda vans, like checkered different colors
If u lace 'em pass the fourth hole, u some type of sucker
Once copped me a pair from the skateboard shop
Went home, they didn't fit, then i had re-cop
I give a fukk, yea ya boy rock slip ons
But I bet i'll snatch ur chick wit my got damn vans on
Holla at cha boy, but i can tell ya where i got these
Vans don't cost G's, real niggas wear these vans (yea...)


[Verse 4]
(Yea, yea, lets go...)
In my van shoes, but they look like sneakers
Yea, they old skool, like high-top Adidas
Now we gettin money, all these niggas wanna be us
But i don't give a fukk cuz my whole team see us
These niggas wouldn't bust a nut in a porno flick
Black on black, so they won't get dirty
Lookin like a grown man, feelin like i'm 'bout 30
Super official, Short blow the whistle
Talk to my pistol if u got an issue
Smokin' purple stuff, got my eyes all hazy
Play dat Young Stunna, dope girls go crazy
My vans go stupid, skitz-oh-manie
Better cuff ya chick, slip-ons get ladies
U can have them coke whites wit them dirty ass laces
Nigga, vans GO, all u lame niggas face it
But my vans lime green, yea, i'm flyer than a space ship

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 03:42 AM
Soundgarden - My Wave

Take, if you want a slice
If you want a piece
If it feels alright

Break, if you like the sound
If it gets you up
If it brings you down

Share, if it makes you sleep
If it sets you free
If it helps you breathe

Don't come over here
And piss on my gate
Save it just keep it
Off my wave

Cry, if you want to cry
If it helps you see
If it clears your eyes

Hate, if you want to hate
If it keeps you safe
If it makes you brave

Pray, if you want to pray
If you like to kneel
If you like to lay

Don't come over here
And piss on my gate
Save it just keep it
Off my wave

Keep it off my wave
Keep it off my wave
Keep it off my wave

My wave

Cry, if you want to cry
If it helps you see
If it clears your eyes

Hate, if you want to hate
If it keeps you safe
If it makes you brave

Take, if you want a slice
If you want a piece
If it feels alright

Don't come over here
And piss on my gate
Save it just keep it
Off my wave

Keep it off my wave
Keep it off my wave

My wave

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 03:45 AM
The king of lies
Is alive
Look around
Look inside
Infidel [x3]
It begins here, it ends now
The prince must pay
His head or the crown
Rob the poor, slaughter the weak
Distort the law, perfect deceit

Do I need a gas mask?
Should I get inoculated?
Will this war last?
Will we be incincerated?
False gods
Death squads

This is a catastrophe
Weapon systems activated
Puritans have invaded
This is a catastrohpe
To protect against the threat
Order must be kept [x3]

Do I need a gas mask?
Should I get inoculated?
Will this war last?
Will we be incincerated?
False gods
Death squads

The elephants march to war
Deny the big lie
My tribe
Join me
An alliance of defiance, in the warhead [x3]
An alliance of defiance
All are welcome here
Give me your tired, give me your sick, give me your indulgence and decadence [x3]
He lied, they died, keep the peasants terrified [x2]
This is a catastrophe
You must lead if they get me
On my command
Break free [x4]

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 06:47 AM
Soundgarden - Rusty Cage

You wired me awake
And hit me with a hand of broken nails
You tied my lead and pulled my chain
To watch my blood begin to boil
But Im gonna break
Im gonna break my
Im gonna break my rusty cage and run

Too cold to start a fire
Im burning diesel burning dinosaur bones
Ill take the river down to still water
And ride a pack of dogs
Im gonna break
Im gonna break my
Im gonna break my rusty cage and run

Hits like a phillips head
Into my brain
Its gonna be too dark
To sleep again
Cutting my teeth on bars and rusty chains
Im gonna break my rusty cage
And run

When the forest burns
Along the road
Like gods eyes
In my headlights
When the dogs are looking
For their bones
And its raining icepicks
On your steel shore
Im gonna break
Im gonna break my
Im gonna break my rusty cage and run

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 06:58 AM
Soundgarden - No Attention

Ive got war on my mind blood on my hands
And love on my head
So open your hands open your mouth
Let it be said
You know Ive got it mad in my mind
Dont waste my time its not going to change
So say what you want spit it out loud
Into my face
And Ill pay no attention

Theyre gonna tell you where to walk
When to smile and just what to say
They say have your own fun
Make your own mind
And dont make no waves
But if you got a handful of change
Dont throw it away its gonna come
So say what you want, suck all my
Suck on my brain
And Ill pay no attention

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 07:59 AM
Tupac - Pour Out A Little Liquor

Pour out a little liquor for your homies *****
This one here go out to my ***** Mike Coolie
(Light up a fat one for this one)
How you come up man?

I started young kickin dust and, livin rough
You watch you mouth around my mama you couldn't cuss man
I had a down @$$ homie though; we ran the streets
And on the scene at the age of fourteen, huh
I packed a nine and my ***** packed a forty-five
We drinkin forties, lil' shorties livin naughty lives
You couldn't stop us, long as I got my glock, **** the coppers
Hangin on the block, slangin rocks and makin profits
I couldn't **** with the schhhoooollll life, I was a fool
I'll play that mother***** for a toooollll man
Tonight'll be the night that's what we figurin
Hustlin in the rain felt no pain cause we drinkin
Playin them **** like manure
First let my ***** **** and then I **** that's how we do it (ha ha!)
It's two ****** comin up out the hood
livin life just as good as we could
But since a ***** can't be trusted
Hoes snitched to the po-lice, now my ******* busted
The cops whoopin on my ***** in jail
tryin to get a mother****** to tell
And couldn't nobody diss my *****
Damn, I miss my *****
Pour out a little liquor!

"My cousin died last year and I still can't let go" [4X]

This goes out to all you so called G's
Pour out a little liquor for your real mother***** partners
Don't let the drink get like that y'all, huh
Pour out a little liquor
Pour out a little liquor
What's that you drinkin on?

Drinkin on gin, smokin on blunts and it's on
Reminisce about my ******, that's dead and gone
And now they buried, sometimes my eyes still get blurry
Cause I'm losin all my homies and I worry
I got my back against a brick wall, trapped in a circle
Boxin with them suckers til my knuckles turn purple
Mama told me, "Son there'll be days like this"
Don't wanna think so -- I hit the drink and stay blitzed
We had plans of bein big time G's
Rolling in marked cars, movin them keys
And now I roll up the window, blaze up some indo
Get to' down for my ****** in the pen, yo
Your son's gettin big and strong
and I'd love'm like one of my own, til you come home and
the years sure fly with the quickness
You do the time, and I'll keep handlin yo' business
That's the way it's supposed to be
Homie, if it was me, you'd do the **** for me
Homie, I can remember scrapin back to back
Throwin dogs on them suckers runnin up on this young hog
I hope my words can paint a perfect picture
And let ya know how much a ***** miss ya
Pour out some liquor!

"My cousin died last year and I still can't let go"

Look at you
Drinkin got you where you don't even give respect to your partners
Pour out some liquor *****!
It ain't like that
Tip that **** over
Pour out a little liquor!

"My cousin died last year and I still can't let go" [4X]

This for my ***** Madman
Dagz, Hood, Silk yeah
A little liquor for my homies y'all
We in this mother***** piece YEAH
Pour out a little liquor
Young Queen, YEAH
This one goes out to all my mack partners
Back in the mother****** Bay
Oaktown still in the mother****** house
(Pour out a little liquor)
My ***** Richie Rich, Gov'na
(I don't care, Nighttrain, Henessey)
All my real mother****** partners
(Pour out a little liquor)
And all my real partnas in Marin, **** you busta @$$ ******
Yeah *****, pour out a little liquor!


posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 08:16 AM
Tupac - Against All Odds


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