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MY WEIRD UFO SIGHTINGS (Please tell your sighting stories too.)

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posted on Jun, 5 2019 @ 01:56 AM

originally posted by: Kirk777
a reply to: Baddogma

Do people believe your stories? They laugh at me. The white orbs are a common thing. I saw literally hundreds one night moving north. I`ve seen those since I was very young. I`ve seen a lot of things I didn`t include in my post like the white orbs and very odd things at night that were possibly drones. Thanks for telling your stories!

I really appreciate this thread,, it is very common for people to not believe you.

I started posting on here to explore and figure out bits of info on what I was filming. I'd find a good deal of people would rather judge the video rather than ask about the experience. But over time, I found other people's experiences and videos, so I didn't feel so alone.

Like @Baddogma says, "I don't really care if most folks believe me or not, though I post them so that maybe someone can verify they aren't crazy and/or learn something."

Thank God other people feel this way...

Other people opening up about their experiences allowed me to more deeply analyze some of the dark orbs I had been filming. I did a rather long write-up about that experience, and how important it is for people to share here:

Dark Plasma Orb UFOs

As far as the bright white Orbs that change direction, etc...below are a couple of white orb captures. If I was hallucinating, which I wasnt, apparently my camera was hallucinating too. lol

Los Angeles is a seismic zone, so I'm constantly speculating.... Are these some kind earthlights or what? They last much longer than ball lightning, change direction and form, and in the case of the first...notably flares as it does so.

White Orb UFO Long Edit

This is a shorter version showing a closeup of the direction changes.

White Orb UFO Short Edit

This is the second white orb capture, which changes shape and brightens considerably after "another" orb crosses its path. This was filmed on New Years Day of this year.

New Years White Orb

Both of these were very unexpected...instances where I looked up, and had a very short time to pull out an iphone and start filming before it did its thing and then flew out of sight. Both appear to not drift, but to move intentionally.

Thankfully I've seen other captures that look quite similar to get some frame of reference.

And also grateful to whether the bluster and accusations that go along with sharing these videos, and dig deeper...researching the writings of Paul Devereux on earthlights as well as Irena Scott's Inside the Lightning Ball: Scientific Study of Lifelong UFO Experiencers.

Dr. Scott is quite credible, having worked for the DIA, Battelle Memorial Inst. and Wright-Patt, and she is an experiener herself. So far her work has been incredibly desciptive and explaining "ball lightning", St. Elmos Fire, etc...vs. an extended encounter with these other energy masses.

Thanks again for starting this thread and allowing me to share in the moment.

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