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Teva settles opioid lawsuit with Oklahoma for $85 million

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posted on May, 29 2019 @ 02:52 AM

originally posted by: CrazyFox

originally posted by: Peeple
a reply to: lakenheath24

The real problem are the doctors I'd say. It's not like the pharma companies are pushing this on your door. And there are circumstances under which nothing but opiods helps.
If doctors wouldn't be so lazy and incompetent they'd prescribe the appropriate medicine for the cause and not just the one pain killer they can remember.

I told my doctor that anti-depressions have a negative affect on me, I mentioned that I was suicidal at times, I advised him that when I smoked pot (legal medically in my state) it fixed my anxiety, treated my ptsd, and did not make me feel suicidal. He replied I am not going to prescribe it to you it is too much work. I have more than 2 of the conditions acceptable for receiving it. Now if the pot salespeople were able to pay "spiffs" on prescriptions like big pharma I would have my script. This was the 3rd doctor to not prescribe but was aware of my conditions. Rockapharma snake oil is the most unreported upon health crisis in this nation.

Anti-depressants for anxiety work on the serotonin system SSRI = selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. They tweak those receptors to process serotonin differently causing more of the chemical to remain active the brain for longer periods of time.

They're a novelty approach to prescribe something that isn't a controlled substance or addictive physically or mentally. Supposed to put you in a more optimistic and better mood thinking about the problems and fears that cause anxiety or panic attacks less. It doesn't really work well and if it does the patient never had a serious problem to begin with, just thought they did and were convinced of it. If the stressors are real and severe enough to be debilitating, the causes of the anxiety and panic in your life, these medications are as effective as sugar pills.

The key is that most patients don't know anything at all about this mess or how it works. Suggestion placebo power is very strong with it because afterall, it's a prescription from a doctor. Why would the medicine exist and get prescribed if it doesnt help much? They didn't really need help much and if they do they need to petition to Caesar through a grueling, expensive process of whining to the doctor every appointment for a year as you "try" what they give you in their educated wisdom. They're just covering their own asses. Any doctor who prescribes many controlled substances is taboo and looked at with contempt by their peers.

What they really need is a benzodiazepine that works on GABA receptors, your inhibitory system. It's what almost all sedatives work on to varying degrees. You know that unmistakable relief and relaxation from a drink of alcohol? It works on the exact same system among others. Anxiety medication does the same thing except it keeps tweaking the receptors for 6 to 24 hours, depending on whether its short acting or long. Xanax->Ativan->Klonopin->Valium.

Whenever you get to that liberated moment convinced that you've beaten the anxiety or PTSD with the help of medicine and dont need it daily anymore or at all, you just have to lose your mind in a prolonged delirium tremens like syndrome, sweating with no sleep, stiff shaky agigated and terrified of everything real or imagined with muscle cramps and small or grand mal seizures.
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posted on May, 29 2019 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: r0xor

**real pics of my struggle**

i got really hurt in a motorcycle accident and some other life threatening incidents where i still have fragments of steel and lead in my body and my hand is more titanium than bone.

i was Rx'd tons and tons of pills and no one told me anything about addiction and how fast it happens and the withdrawal i would go through with no assistance.

when my pills ran out i found out quick i was hooked and with the pain from my life long injuries and the withdrawal kicked my ass i turned to street drugs.

i didn't want to be a junkie and i didnt abuse my scripts, i took them exactly as prescribed but the doctors all got scared and closed their doors to all but serious cancer people only it seemed.

these two pics are me in the hospital with life threatening infections

notice that the IV i have isn't the normal run of the mill IV, i was in the hospital for weeks.

this pic is when i almost lost my finger from IV drug use, apparently a microscopic particle caused a clot and cut the blood flow, when i tell you this was one of the most painful things that has ever happened to me keep in mind iv been shot, stabbed and had bones shattered like eggs.

i kept my finger thankfully but lost the very edge of the flesh, no one can tell but i can.

and here is the devil if anyone was wondering what one of his forms were.

i have been clean for quite some time now but it wasn't easy and took A TON of support and love from family and friends as well as the doctors and nurses around me now. i take methadone everyday and it saved my life, i know people give people on methadone a lot of crap but people like me who have been clean from all drugs(even smoking and caffeine) it saves lives.

if your family member or loved ones are suffering don't abandon them, they need you more than they know.

if you have family members that are dying and can't get medication take them to a methadone clinic and they will help them get comfortable and on the right dose for pain relief without judgement, yes you have to go almost everyday for a few months but if you do what they tell you like i already said it's a life saver.

we have a few people that are terminal in my clinic and doctors refused to give them the medication they needed for pain relief and they all say the clinic gave them the little time they have left some quality and peace.

and for anyone wondering here's me now

posted on May, 29 2019 @ 06:26 PM
The government gives out drugs all the time that kill on purpose, no one actually believes that they want to control people getting hurt.

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posted on Jun, 16 2019 @ 05:09 AM
Without reading it all...

I'm guessing the money won't reach or help the sufferers of addiction.

posted on Jun, 16 2019 @ 02:31 PM
My wife was in a car wreak a couple of kids ran a stop sign. The results was a blocked opsipical nerve in her back that caused massive migrains that lasted days at a time to the point for the first two years she sat in no light no sound. Eventually she was treated with the fyntenal patch. This was a post op treatment for pain. The FDA approved for use outside of post op treatment. At the start of 2018 they began to reduce here meds and in december she died of cancer. The feds approved the treatment then they jerk it away. All this did not start until we invaded Afganastan and got control of the opmium fields. that is when this all began. I wonder how much the CIA is making off the heroin trade now that they jerked the meds away. reply to: savagediver

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