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On The Edge of Forgettable / Gardens of Rose - Poetry

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posted on Mar, 2 2005 @ 08:14 PM
On The Edge of Forgettable

Down on the edge of unforeseeable,
The sky snows with a neon haze,
The gray becomes so much more agreeable,
As I sink into this darkening daze,

I sit and feel in the towering rain,
As I look upon the cloud filled sky,
I can feel my smiles feign,
As I hear the banshee cry,

These thoughts in my head I cannot stop,
Circling in oblivion; I’m lost,
I feel me climbing down up to the top,
As the grave is covered by the frost,

That’s the way the city goes,
Running and running but never cease,
My name is lost, I am who knows,
I flee to the west at the falling peace,

I need the shelter I cannot find,
The winter grows and I find cold,
I need the sight for I am blind,
I made a deal, my soul is sold,

I leave this cliff in the pouring rain,
I start the car as the lightning falls,
The night is cold; I ride this train,
I feel no more, I ignore their calls

Down on the edge of unforgettable,
My life dims like a light bulb smashed,
As my days become so much more regrettable,
My life becomes much more trashed


Gardens of Rose

Walking alone in the wee hours of morn,
The rain sifting through; the skies adorn,

Stumbling upon, a small patch of weed,
There in the center, lies a small seed,

And on the morn, the rain became a shower,
And on the morn, the seed became a flower,

And soon in the wind, up came a rose,
I laid eyes upon it, and I instantly froze.

It was perfect; its color of red,
The dress of a girl, not one missing thread,

It blew in the wind, as if in a dance,
I stared at it long, I dozed in a trance,

Yet soon I awoke; the wind blew it to me,
The red was close now; a beauty to see,

I knew what heaven was; what perfection could be,
An angel of God, no one dare disagree,

And then one day, I accidentally pricked the rose,
I shattered my hopes, that I suppose,

Yet soon it grew back, and it happened thrice more,
Every time even better; more beauty than before,

Looking at that rose, on that bright summer day,
We had survived the trials, tribulations that lay,

And at that moment, I looked and I knew,
I smiled and cried, managing a subtle,
“I love you”


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