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Australian Federal Elections Sat May 18th 2019 Make your vote count

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posted on May, 7 2019 @ 04:34 AM
The Australian elections come at a time when the world may soon if not already be approaching a full recession. Some say we ( Aust ) are already in recession if not for the selective fudging of the figures by the pollies.

So make your vote count and hold them accountable. You may like to spread the word - amongst all the fake “he said she said promises and soon to be forgotten promises of both Labor and Liberal.”

Like the last election your preferences matter. Number them 1 - 40.

Who to vote for – make your vote count – decide how your preferences are allocated not – what deals the parties make between themselves

Number every box. Don’t listen to the pollies. It will give you the best Government possible. The job of the Senate is to block bad legislation

This is where the Australian Senate comes into play. It is a House of review – bad legislation is rejected .
Even though your minor party may not win your numbering each box means your vote still matters. The most control and best result for your vote is if you number as many boxes as possible below the line.
Here’s an unbiased explanatory video.

Some Key points: ( too numerous – I’m sure others will add to this thread )
High court decides how these pollies have been gaming the system holding dual citizenship – ( did they forget their oath of allegiance or their oath of Office?
“swear that I will well and truly serve the people of Australia in the office of (position)”)

We’ve given away cheaply - Natural Gas to the Chinese - they pay 1/3 what we pay for domestic consumption!

They’ve given away our tax paid for infrastructure delivering Electricity water gas so their mates can slug us usage/supply fees for what has essentially already been paid for. These companies keep slugging us with higher and higher charges – so much that Morrison is giving a paltry one off payment to Newstart recipients and pensioners

Huge tax cuts for the big business – we’ve seen how they “keep employing people” – by reducing permanent workforce and instead hiring contractors at lower rates.

We’ve seen how ineffective Unions have become with Legislation

Companies are still raking in solid profits but not reinvesting back in their expansion or their workforce

Yet they’ve had great giveaways in the form of reduced taxation or the rewriting of laws to make them less accountable for their harmful ways

They’ve sold off a Strategic asset to the Chinese ( Darwin Port ) while claiming no one mentioned it due to commercial confidentiality.

These are some of the highlights of how the Pollies hold the electorate, the ordinary Oz citizen in contempt

The Conservation Council of WA launched Supreme Court action earlier this month to challenge the Barnett Government's decision to approve Cameco's proposed mine at Yeelirrie, 1,079km north east of Perth…. The mine is one of four proposed uranium mines the McGowan Government will allow to proceed, despite reinstating a ban on any further development or exploration in Western Australia

FEDERAL Labor is calling on Environment Minister Melissa Price to explain why she approved a controversial uranium mine in Western Australia the day before the national election was called. “I want to find out what on earth has happened,” Labor’s environment spokesman Tony Burke told ABC radio on Friday. The Canadian-owned Yeelirrie uranium mine, about 500km north of Kalgoorlie, was given the tick of approval by Ms. Price on April 10, according to an Environment Department document…. State approval was given just weeks before the WA election in 2016. The federal government had previously indicated it wouldn’t make a decision until the WA appeal was complete

Again passed by the Feds whilst the matter is active in the courts in Western Australia

After pressure from her Cabinet colleagues from Queensland, Ms. Price gave a tick to the Adani's groundwater-related management plan on April 8. The decision is one her Queensland counterpart — Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch — said "reeks of political interference"

The decision means the company has cleared the final federal hurdle for the project and now only requires Queensland Government approvals to proceed.
All done just before the Govt. went into caretaker mode.

If the plan was approved during the caretaker period, the government would have been forced to consult Labor before granting permission. Queensland MPs in the Morrison government have been pressuring Ms. Price to approve the plan before the election to appease voters who want the mine to proceed.

posted on May, 7 2019 @ 04:51 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

And then there is the One Nation Al Jazeera tapes – hmm

Why did they wait to release the 2nd part of the tape of the overseas trip to the US of One Nations Steve Dickson? – until closer to the election and giving the NRA “soliciting donations” a chance to get the tongues wagging.

What is the agenda here – Maybe Pauline’s right – this election interference should be referred to the Attorney General – I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The Federal AG – that’s right Christian Porter, the man who went back on the promises he made whilst in the W.A. State Parliament.
And as Federal AG….

“effectively guaranteeing new laws on espionage will pass Parliament before the end of the year.

The bill would introduce harsher penalties for both sabotage and espionage.

It would also make it illegal for foreign agents to steal trade secrets, or to interfere in Australia's political system through covert or threatening conduct.”

But the Government and Labor have now agreed to water down elements of the proposed laws, which have been fiercely criticized by civil society groups, universities and media organizations.

The maximum jail time for some of those convicted under the proposed new laws will be reduced from 10 to seven years — and the Attorney-General will have to sign off on any prosecutions.”

So sole discretion rests with a political appointee?

So is Alexander Downer going to be held to account for his involvement with starting the 5 Eyes//Steele document/Mueller/Trump fiasco?

And now for some fun facts to do with the farce - taxpayer funded propaganda -

did you know that schools that send their students to Canberra get rebates ONLY if they visit …

Students must visit Parliament House, The Museum of Australian Democracy and/or The National Electoral Education Centre and the Australian War Memorial. They also have the opportunity to visit a number of other sites of cultural and historical interest while in Canberra.

All PACER approved national institutions provide educational programs that directly align with the Australian Curriculum.

Brendan Nelson gives platitudes to vets whilst demolishing a recently built 20 year old building to spend $500 Million in its expansion.

display large items such as helicopters and jet fighters...
The redevelopment will also include a live feed of current defence activities

Why all this propaganda – are we being prepped for war

Will students be allowed to see the horrors of war ?
No such luck as they relax in the BAE theatre for indoctrination. Yes that’s right – in a government funded building you get your dose courtesy of BAE systems, aside from their many contracts with the defence forces they also won the $35bn contract to build Australia's fleet of new navy frigates ( source )

Or going against his own military advisers and signing off on the $6.6 Billion deal for 24 hornets in 2006….

Lets also not forget a couple of years ago Julie Bishop was pushed by the Americans to stir the pot with China in the South Pacific. Source:

Lets not also forget Alexander Downer and the Papadadopoulos meet before Mueller/Trump became a “thing”

He's suggested on Twitter that Downer is an operative of MI6, the British secret intelligence service, and that Downer's companion at drinks was a member of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service.

Their meeting at Kensington Wine Rooms in May 2016 has become practically folkloric. It triggered a series of events that is now the subject of the Robert Mueller investigation that began two months later.

So what did happen?

"Alexander Downer did not randomly reach out to me," Papadopoulos told conservative commentator Sean Hannity on his nationally syndicated radio show in the US this week…

But the cable came back to Canberra about an aide to Trump saying the Russians had some dirt on Hillary Clinton and were prepared to use it.

The Americans weren't informed immediately about what Papadopoulos had said to Downer, but when it became known that the FBI suspected a Russian hack of Clinton emails, the information was shared with the Five Eyes intelligence partner

Thank you for your time.

Further reading

UK, Australia Have Reason to Be Concerned About Declassification

Role The Senate is a house of review and a powerful check on the government of the day. The proportional representation system of voting used to elect senators makes it easier for independents and the candidates of the smaller parties to be elected.

In recent decades this has meant that the government party usually does not have a majority of votes in the Senate and the non–government senators are able to use their combined voting power to reject or amend government legislation.

The Senate's large and active committee system also enables senators to inquire into policy issues in depth and to scrutinise the way laws and policies are administered by ministers and public servants.

posted on May, 7 2019 @ 05:50 AM
Honest Government Ad | 2019 Election

And lets not forget the Royal Commission into Banking.

Business as usual - long gone are parts of your super into commissions, fees, negative balances earning more fees for the Super Industry

Nothings changing anytime soon. Did any one end up in Gaol?

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posted on May, 7 2019 @ 05:57 AM
So with all that you must have an endorsement for who to vote for,spill it.

Im actually thinking of voting united Australia, not because Im an informed voter but just to send a "F*** you" message to labour and liberal

posted on May, 7 2019 @ 06:22 AM
a reply to: IkNOwSTuff

So with all that you must have an endorsement for who to vote for,spill it.

If you absorbed what I wrote sequentially you would have seen that the big takeaway is numbering the candidates individually, to make your vote count.

I cannot suggest how you vote, I prefer informed voting. Thats why I write on ATS and skip reddit or facebook

posted on May, 7 2019 @ 06:37 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

Banks will be bailed out by the savers, if theres a bank run - again showing the sneakiness and contempt of both sides of Parliament towards the people

Australia’s Scary New Bank Bail-in Laws Brad Matthews March 11, 2018 12 Entrepreneurship I am not a financial advisor, but I do believe I have an obligation to at least make people aware of an incredibly pernicious act that the Australian government has quietly perpetrated against all Australians. It was sneakily pushed through parliament on the 14th of February 2018, with just 7 senators present.

Passed on a voice vote, it bears the Orwellian title: Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers And Other Measures) Bill 2017.


Few would know that very quietly on 14 February 2018, with just 7 senators present, the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers And Other Measures) Bill 2017 was passed into law on a voice vote. You likely saw no press on the matter and yet the ramifications for all Australians are potentially huge.

This is a very long and complicated piece of legislation but at its very core it brings Australia into line with the ‘Bail In’ agenda of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) as agreed at the G20 here in Brisbane in 2014. ‘Bail In’ is about government not bailing out distressed institutions as we saw in the GFC using tax payer’s money, rather using the creditors of the bank to bail itself out.

The legislation allows our banking regulator APRA ‘crisis powers’ to secretly step in and run distressed banks. It allows APRA to then confiscate and write off certain types of bonds and hybrid securities and allows them to confiscate cash savings of SMSF’s. Whereas elsewhere around the world, including our neighbours New Zealand, they specifically include the confiscation of depositors’ funds (savings), the Aussie version just cleverly doesn’t specifically exclude that….

We’ve written many times of the fact that as a cash depositor in a bank you are simply an unsecured creditor of the bank. The government tries to make us all relaxed about that through their depositor guarantee scheme up to $250,000 per ADI (Authorise Deposit-taking Institution). There are traps within as one ADI includes all subsidiaries (like St George to Westpac or Bank West to CBA etc). There is also a $20b cap per ADI and that may not be enough to cover everyone in that ADI. The bigger the better is hence counterintuitive as there are more mouths to feed with that $20b. Timing is another thing. PPP’s Vern Gowdie wrote just this week about the fact that 90% of deposits are held by just 10% of our financial institutions, or 9 banks in number. They are the ‘too big to fail’s’ and leave 75 other institutions that wouldn’t cause the chaos of the big guys if it took a while to resolve. That is where the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) comes in to play. From the RBA:

Government sneaks through APRA ‘bail-in’ law, but fuels anti-bank revolt

Under siege from erupting public opposition, the Turnbull government whisked its APRA crisis resolution bill through the Senate and into law on 14 February. Of Australia’s 76 senators, only seven were present when the government rushed the bill to a vote, which passed “on the voices”, with no opposition from the Labor or Greens senators present. The process was hurried to ensure that senators who planned to move an amendment, to stipulate that the bill’s “bail-in” provisions must not apply to bank deposits, did not have the chance, and weren’t even present when it passed.

posted on May, 7 2019 @ 08:16 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

So is Alexander Downer going to be held to account for his involvement with starting the 5 Eyes//Steele document/Mueller/Trump fiasco?

How would this occur?
Within the government system?

posted on May, 10 2019 @ 09:14 PM
A week to go and current Sportsbet odds for Labor winning 1.14 to 5.50. Thats landslide territory. 1.80 to 1.90 that Tony Abbot will lose his seat and in Peter Duttons seat of Dickson 1.60 to 2.30 for labor. If that comes off, Abbott and Dutton will lose their seats. Abbott and Dutton are the core of the LNP right wing.

Looks like Australia is about to take a lurch to the left next weekend.

posted on May, 17 2019 @ 09:52 PM
Well, I voted.

Typical election.

No sausages, no barbies, nothing but a big line-up.

More promises broken and on election day at that.

Honestly, a bunch of Bilbies could run the country better.


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