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Five Ways Immigration-Driven Population Growth Impacts Our Environment

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posted on May, 1 2019 @ 01:36 PM

originally posted by: Ligyron

Not at all, ship them all out, every single one, and flag them so they can never apply for legal immigration either.

We have the majority of Americans line-up at their local health care center. We tell those who work in the medical field to measure each citizen's height and weight and the percentage of the body fat. If the person is overweight, stamp them and send that person to Mexico.

Since this is obviously satire, I won't comment...

Or do you think the vast majority of men and women in America, being obese and the rest being overweight(and I'm sorry but someone at 5'4'' 170lbs 30% body fat is someone I would hardly call merely overweight)''

I think you forgot to finish your question...

Are you seriously saying that parents should enslave their children?

Are you seriously saying that that is what you got from what I said?

No child should be forced to work in a commercial enviroment unless you are talking about home? So say the teenager girl's parents run a brothel. Are you saying she should be forced to work as a prostitute????

Of course not, child prostitution is illegal.

See why people dislike Trump so much?! Trump's supporters are nothing more than Obese middle-aged sexist men who want to marry teenager girls while hoarding 200 guns inside their homes while shouting neo-nazi anthems at black and Muslim people. I am disgusted by how many white national amrchair foot soldiers there are on ATS

See why people loathe TDS sufferers so much? They are insane.

posted on May, 1 2019 @ 10:26 PM
My brother works for the phone company in Las Vegas.

He has had to do installation of phones in homes with up to 5 families living in a one family home with 5 more families living in old camp trailers in the back yard.

The place was a dump with trash everywhere and this was a city with public trash collection but because there were 10 families living on the property the city trash bin could not haul all the trash away

Because no one in the home had a car or drivers lic the trash just piled up and a lot was thrown over the back fence into the alley.

all this is illegal but clark county does nothing because they do not want to be sued for discrimination.

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