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NXIVM sex cult’s alleged illegal political contributions reportedly went to Hillary Clinton

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posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 04:06 PM
a reply to: XCrycek

1. I didn’t post this

2. I asked what she considers real news, not what she considers fake news

3. What does RT have to do with this? It’s a United States district court document that I agree doesn’t name Clinton

posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 04:16 PM
Seems they were hedging their bets.

Some Senate Republicans have been getting rides on an aircraft tied to the controversial executive training organization in Halfmoon whose inner circle appears to be getting increasingly involved in politics.

The Republican Senate Campaign Committee lists $34,763 in five "in-kind" donations -- air transportation -- and four monetary donations totaling $31,600 over the last year-and-a-half from two women, who list the address of 1471 Route 9, Suite 202, Halfmoon.

The women, Sara and Clare Bronfman, are sisters with deep ties to Nxivm Corp., according to former associates. Nxivm has run Executive Success Programs, an executive training business, in the Capital Region for several years. The business has been trying to expand in Halfmoon and has been working with the town on gaining approvals.

NYS Senate Republican Campaign Committee - $31,600
National Republican Senatorial Committee - $2,500

posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 05:57 PM

originally posted by: XCrycek

originally posted by: Quantumgamer1776
a reply to: Sillyolme

What do you consider real news?

RT isn't real news.
Where is the proof that it's Hillary?
WHERE? Other than a Putin mouthpiece called RT claiming that it is.
It's time to put up or stfu.
Now I know that you posted it as a conspiracy, but GD I want to see some proof of all these aligations for once.

The political donations (both parties) are old news. As are the Clinton Foundation donations.Salzman and the Bronfman sisters even sat on the board for the Clinton Global Initiative ($15,000 minimum by invitation only).

Only things new are: 1) the 2016 HRC donation, which is hardly surprising since they donated in 2008, as well, and 2) the evidence of illegality supplied on the court documents.
This is only shocking if you haven't paid any attention.

You can fall back on "just because someone tried to buy influence it doesn't mean it was for sale", I guess.

But the fact CGI and the Clinton Foundation dried up after she became politically irrelevant strongly argues against that (though that's not "proof" of wrong doing on their part).
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posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 06:03 PM
a reply to: Phage

There are (were?) plenty of old media stories connecting them to both sides of the aisle, especially in Buffalo at the state level. Roger Stone was connected as well.

posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 06:13 PM
a reply to: Phage

does this mean democrats are innocent and it was all those nasty GOP guys?

posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 06:17 PM
a reply to: network dude

I don't think so.

I think it means that the NXIVM folks made political contributions. Some, apparently, illegal.

posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 07:10 PM
a reply to: Phage

And why was it illegal? Glad you asked! Because apparently it was in return of favors?

Now what kind of favors I don’t know but since there’s evidence of immigration fraud in the process as well, I’d think the Obama administration was letting some things pass by when they actually knew it was happening...

Pretty sure that’s illegal and those people will need to be held accountable.

posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: vinifalou

And why was it illegal?

You didn't bother to read it? It was illegal because it involved "bundling" of donations with a promise to reimburse the donors.

At trial,the government intends to introduce witness testimony and documents demonstrating that in 2007, the defendants and their co-conspirators were involved in an illegal scheme to exceed contribution limits to a presidential primary campaign. Witness testimony, corroborated by documentary evidence, will demonstrate that at least 14 members of the Nxivm community, including at least five defendants and co-conspirators,made the maximum campaign donation to a primary campaign with the understanding that they would be reimbursed by Bronfman or Nancy Salzman.

But yes, campaign contributions are often made in hopes of reciprocation. Especially large ones. Sad, but true. Probably why they made those contributions to Republicans too.
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posted on Apr, 28 2019 @ 01:45 AM
Double post
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posted on Apr, 28 2019 @ 01:45 AM

originally posted by: Wardaddy454

I know! Piefrog fencing, just what came to my mind!

posted on Apr, 28 2019 @ 02:07 AM

originally posted by: Sillyolme
a reply to: LSU2018

Oh nonsense..... someone would have made this up if Hillary had won. This and a lot more.
The list of things that people believe about Clinton is long. Preposterous and long.

Hillary's past, and Bill's also show a very long pattern of all kinds of schemes that were most always exposed about the Clintons. Burying one's head in the sand just isn't going to make it go away. You are right about the "Preposterous" part.

It is certainly all of that.

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