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Tulsi Gabbard Is The Best Democrat Running

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posted on Apr, 25 2019 @ 11:51 PM
a reply to: Blue_Jay33

Really ? That's like saying Her Crap Sandwich is more Edible than All the Other Crap Sandwiches the Dem Presidential Hopefuls are Selling . Problem is , it's STILL Crap ..........

posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 12:30 AM
a reply to: Blue_Jay33

If that's the best the dems have, they've set the bar pretty low.

Cheers - Dave

posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 11:24 AM

originally posted by: Breakthestreak

originally posted by: rickymouse
She sounds like a decent candidate. But I already made up my mind never to vote for another Democrat for Congress and for the White House. I may not vote for the Republican if I do not like the candidate, but will never vote for a Democrat anymore.

I don't care if Jesus is running on the Democratic ballot.

The vast majority of former dem-voters are most definitely with you.
It would be almost immeasurable how many dem-voters have sworn off the dEms for life due to the antics of the last two years.

‘Pathetic’ , that’s their platform summed up in one word.

I have been discussing this with people who were strongly Democrat in our area, people I know well. They are disgusted with the actions of the Democrats in congress. The Democratic congressmen are starting to cut their throats now, the big change in the local people has happened in the last six months. After the Mueller report came out most have now started to shun the Democrats, they still do not admit they were believing Democratic lies, but they now are complaining of what the democratic party did. These are people who always voted Democrat all the time. These are the moderates. The Democrats and News attacking Trump with lies and deception actually was increasing the shift to people leaning to the moderate right.

I cannot understand why the Congressional Democrats could not see this coming, they were following the wrong leader.

My view on politics I see here locally actually is a good gauge to the overall country view on things I have noticed. I speak to lots of people. Even both of my daughters are starting to lean a little more conservative now and leaning right, abandoning the Democrats. Even my wife's best friend who was a stout Democrat and argued with her Republican leaning family members has now got disgusted with the Dems and is turning more conservative. She is now getting along with her brothers and sisters better, all of which owned farms and small businesses and leaned conservative and Republican. At least those stupid Democrats united her with her family now. There is some good to what the Liberals did, it is reuniting families and promoting conservative measures to the majority of the country.

Thank you stupid Democratic leaders and MSM for bringing the country to a more conservative, Republican backing stance.

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posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 01:57 PM
Second on Andrew Yang being the best. Tulsi is great too but more a politician than Yang.

I would be fine with Tulsi as president since she is capable of going against her party. As is Yang.

posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 02:37 PM

originally posted by: Blue_Jay33

Biden, has a proclivity towards a smelling hair fetish of women and touching them against their will.

Why does the right keeping harping on this? I mean Trump has been accused of so much more yet you guys love him and elected him, So why is this type of stuff and issue with him?

There was also the pedo, Roy Moore, that was celebrated and cheered on to win, so why Biden an issue for you guys? It sounds like he is the republicans kind of person.

As for me, Joe can go and I'm not sure about Sanders.

posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 03:19 PM
a reply to: W0LF3

Why does the right keeping harping on this?

I could post a dozen plus videos of touching and smelling that crosses the line in public with the camera's rolling
What goes on in private ?

This will suffice


And you can even buy a shirt from a link to support "Uncle Joe" on Amazon, this is so funny, next generation trolling has arrived and it is glorious.
Shirt That Pretends To Support "Uncle Joe"
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posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 12:10 AM
I figure Gabbard as a foregone conclusion, with the current dem freakshow just illuminating her appeal. Meanwhile she lets the pack self destruct. Hindu, moderate, female, vet. The rest are a diversion.

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 12:41 AM
She's my rep in Congress. I voted for her.

She's a smart wahine. But not ready.

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