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The Black Vault – UFO Detector Software release

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posted on Apr, 26 2019 @ 02:43 PM
Hi Waterglass

I have a sky camera and got this vid
At first was thinking it was GOCE satellite falling or a Meteor
After checking with our weather station here found out
Our cloud ceiling was down to 6500 ft with no break
So this was to low to be a meteor

So still thinking it was GOCE satellite falling or a Meteor
So I sent vid to
Got this back form him

Thank you! Your movie is certainly not the usual. May I have a telephone # in case of need to interview you. Thank you. Dirk Ross....Tokyo

In the interview he said he would not put it on his website
because he did not think it was a Meteor
Few day’s later got this from him also

The address for sending the large video file is to Jodie Reynolds
At Jodie Reynolds Please do supply
her the correct time, date and your lat/lon so she can determine
if it was over your position during that window.
She has given permission to send and she will analyze the video.
Thank you! Dirk Ross...Tokyo

But he would not venture a guess as to what it was
She never did say what it was ??????? or give a guess
Here is the YouTube vid downgrade

So if your interested in analyzing my original 720x480 at 29.9 frame per/sec
it 270 Mb avi. file

I use UFOCapture software

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: Trillium

Based on my interactions of a UFO research group. They found triangles in my videos that I sent them. So I paused your video and took a screen shot. On my own I also saw triangles in the videos that I DID NOT GIVE THEM. Then I opened it up with Faststone Image Viewer software. I then made the screen shot into a negative and blew it up to 900%. The object seems to again have a triangular shape and I placed red lines to what I see as your object originally had two separate lights. Not all videos or pics or screen shots will have a triangle. Many have nothing or appear as a polygon. I have done this well over 100's of times. Your thing to me looks like a triangle. The really best way to do this image is to find someone who knows how to correct use Deep Sky Tracker software. What they do is to take each frame into video and then stack it. That's what the professional Astronomers do to clarify there pictures or videos

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posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 09:48 AM
Thank Waterglass for the quick reply

Sound interesting and may have to look in to this more

Over the year been told many time that the extra point off light is
a light artifact cause by cheap webcam Len optic.

Now over the last few year starting to think it is also
here why

Starting at Mag. -3 to -4 have extra light artifact

At around Mag. -6 to -7 I get 2 light artifact

At around Mag. -9 to -10 I get 3 light artifact

Upgrading to a 1080x740 next with better optic will see
what happen over time.

Here what a good Meteor Shower look like

Retiring next week so you will find me up here full time with a
cold one.

Thank again
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