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The Curious Case of Felix Sater

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posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 02:02 AM
National Emergencies Act

The Act empowers the President to activate special powers during a crisis but imposes certain procedural formalities when invoking such powers. The perceived need for the law arose from the scope and number of laws granting special powers to the executive in times of national emergency. Congress can terminate an emergency declaration with a joint resolution signed into law.[1] Powers available under this Act are limited to the 136 emergency powers Congress has defined by law.


The Global Magnitsky Act extends the sanctions stipulated by the original Magnitsky Act to human rights violators outside of Russia. Unlike the first law, this second law does not require the president to impose any sanctions. Instead, the global version gives the president the legal authority to institute a travel ban and asset freeze on human rights violators in any country, while leaving the president with the discretion to determine whether to do so.

Here is Section 301 of title 3

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 12:18 PM

originally posted by: jadedANDcynical
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

I'm still here, all of the single stars you've gotten are from me.

Imho, this is the most interesting and important thread on ATS right now even though it's probably the least responded to other than the OP adding additional info.

This thread should be on the front page but sadly the algorithm won't be triggered to place it there.

It's kinda strange, isn't it? I'm not sure what to think of it. I wanted to get all of my Sater research "out there" but I assumed there would be at least some interaction/interest here on ATS. It's been almost eerie quiet on this thread so much that I worry off and on if I'm messing with things I shouldn't.

But I've started and like to finish things I start.

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 02:01 PM
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

It's been almost eerie quiet on this thread so much that I worry off and on if I'm messing with things I shouldn't.

You've presented a ton of well sourced information so I think part of it is that it is just too big for most yo get their heads wrapped around all of it, but one would think that there would be at least some of the usual members who have to comment on anything Trump related. It has been very very quiet in here though, so I just don't know what to think.


Looking a bit at some of the recent companies you've mentioned @ Open Corporates, there are 83 companies that return as results when searching for, "barrick gold," many of which are listed as branches of this one:


Company Number
Incorporation Date
16 November 1953 (over 65 years ago)
Company Type
California (US)
Registered Address

United States

Agent Name
Agent Address
Directors / Officers


Now, Harken Oil & Gas also has several entities associated, the one in Texas is listed as a branch of the one in California. Neither of these show any specific persons as agents or officers, but this one does:


Company Number
Incorporation Date
3 September 1980 (almost 39 years ago)
Company Type
Profit Corporation
Mississippi (US)
Branch of Delaware (US) company
Agent Name
Agent Address
Inactive Directors / Officers

ALAN G QUASHA, director
DAN MCFARLAND, treasurer
GEORGE W BUSH, director
JAYNE E FORD, vice president

As an aside, at the time I registered as a member here at ATS, I had been a property manager for Public Storage. Well before my resgistration, at one of the properties which I managed, an officer of the company of Enron rented a large storage unit in which they stored hundreds and hundreds of file boxes.

There was a steady stream of shredding trucks that came in, about 3x a week and they would empty out the storage unit only to have it filled up again the next day by an equally steady stream of rental trucks bringing in more and more files. Now, this may have been completely innocuous, or it may have been related to the financial shenanigans in which they were embroiled. I can only imagine what sort of information/evidence that was destroyed never to be seen again.

Anyway, great thread, please keep it going!

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 06:30 PM
So, the Global Magnitsky Act was passed on Dec 9, 2016, making the Magnitsky Act (attributable to Russia only) effective on a global scale. And then a year later Trump uses it amongst these other powers when issuing this Human Trafficking Executive Order.

While I'm nowhere near laying all this out as far as research yet, anyone lurking out there who wants to help me out (JAC?) can begin digging into connections of the names on Trump's Executive Order.

Dan Gertler; Sergey Kusiuk; Goulnora Islamovna Karimova; Slobodon Tesic, and Artem Chayka

I haven't seen anyone yet start running down connections to these names but I have a gut feeling it's the right direction to go. Here's a thread to skim through from last year that tells me it's a strong hunch...

Also, Grassley's letter of names combined with the Executive Order names listed according to this guy's research thus far, he states paints a clearer picture. I'm just not there yet in making those connections.

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 06:42 PM
For now, because the Magnitsky Act ties into all of this and was one of the invoked powers of Trump's Executive Order on Human Trafficking, let's run through an order of events here, shall we?

1995 - Bill Browder does business in Russia for the next ten years, beginning 1995.

1996 - Browder and Edmond Safra founded Hermitage Capital Management in 1996 for the purpose of investing initial seed capital of $25 million in Russia during the period of the mass privatization after the fall of the Soviet Union. Beny Steinmetz was another of the original investors in Hermitage. The hedge fund became one of the most important investment companies in Russia and later became famous in connection with the Sergei Magnitsky affair.

Mid-90s - Sater is in Russia hobnobbing with Russia military, etc. with a telecommunications company maybe working for the CIA during this time

1998 - Russia global financial crisis hits in August, which had severe impacts to neighboring countries

1999 - Edmond Safra, Browder's partner, died in an arson fire Independent article

2000 - Browder investigation Carnegie Endowment

In October 2000, Browder's investigation pinpointed seven dubious transactions that stripped enormous value away from Gazprom. These seven companies - Purgaz, Rospan, Tarkosaleneftegaz, Sibneftegaz, Achimneftegaz, Vostokgaz, and Severneftegazprom - were worth $5,805 million to Gazprom, but were sold away for a total of $325 million between 1997 and 2001, a lost value of 5,480 million dollars. In losing these assets, Gazprom lost just under 10% of its total reserves, a quantity comparable in size to Exxon-Mobil's entire reserves worldwide.

Browder was recommending deep forensic investigation into Gazprom, recommendation to Russia.
2005 - Bill Browder was kicked out of Russia; Browder was refused entry to Russia in 2005 as a threat to national security; he has said it was because he exposed corruption.

2007 - Magnitsky case; In a nutshell, a Russian-owned real estate firm, Prevezon Holdings, allegedly used laundered money to acquire New York real estate. The money was believed to be the product of sham lawsuits in Russia and elsewhere; the scheme was discovered and reported by investor Bill Browder and Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. Details came out through 2008, but charges were turned against Magnitsky.

2009 - Sergei Magnitsky died in jail; he was Browder's accountant/auditor and represented his company Hermitage Capital and held Power of Attorney; conducted an investigation into massive tax fraud related to it

2012 - Magnitsky Act passed; branded 18 Russians as human rights abusers and allowed for sanctions to be passed on limiting financials and travel; Browder lobbied for Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act, a law to punish Russian human rights violators, which was signed into law in 2012 by President Barack Obama.

In 2013, Browder was tried in absentia in Russia for tax fraud, convicted and sentenced to nine years in prison. Interpol rejected Russian requests to arrest Browder, saying the case was political.

2013 - Preet Bharara DOJ Magnitsky Act case against Prevezon Holdings for $230 million tax fraud case; Denis Katsyk owner, and son of Petr Katsyk; Bill Browder convicted of tax fraud

1/27/14 - Parliament Assembly, Council of Europe, Report addendum
Section 3, Conclusions
27. The above-mentioned new developments in the Magnitsky case lead me to draw the following conclusions:
The laundering of the funds that can be traced back to the fraudulent US$230 million tax refund denounced by Mr Magnitsky has involved a large number of European States and now even the United States of America. Given the complexity of the criminal investigations required and the obvious need for international co-operation, the Assembly should also seize the Committee of Ministers in order to ensure that this important affair is included on the agenda of intergovernmental co-operation and that the Assembly receives a reply from the governments.
The Russian authorities have not made any progress in investigating the matters highlighted in the main report and in the draft resolution adopted by the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights on 4 September 2013. On the contrary, one of the main suspects – Ms Stepanova – has recently been exonerated by the Investigative Committee, without reference to the suspicious circumstances surrounding the disbursement in record time of a record amount of tax refunds into freshly opened bank accounts of criminals known as such by the authorities, with a small and ill-famed bank that closed soon after the receipt of the funds and “lost” all records.
28. Regarding the consequences that should be drawn from these conclusions as to whether the time has now come to call for “smart sanctions” against the perpetrators and beneficiaries of the crime against Sergey Magnitsky, I prefer not to take position myself at this stage but to leave this to the discussion that we will have in the Assembly during the January 2014 part-session.

3/4/14 - Delays in getting documents from Russia for Prevezon case Source

3/21/14 - United States requested of the Russian government, pursuant to the U.S.-Russia mutual legal-assistance treaty, records, including Russian bank records, related to the fraud scheme. Turns out it was Denis Katsyk's personal family lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya who worked on the Russian's response which came in August.

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 06:52 PM
August 2014 - Source

U.S. received the Russian government’s response, including a 14-page document from Russia’s chief prosecutor, denying the request. As the basis for that decision, the response cited purported investigative findings that cleared Russian government officials of Browder’s allegations and that pinned the fraud scheme on personnel associated with “Investment Company-1,” including specific allegations against that company’s chief executive officer, identified as “CEO-1” and Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

Nawaday, a partner at Kelley Drye in New York, had previously worked as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York, where she had helped run a curious civil forfeiture case in which a Russian-owned real estate firm, Prevezon Holdings, allegedly used laundered money to acquire New York real estate. The money was believed to be the product of sham lawsuits in Russia and elsewhere; the scheme was discovered and reported by investor Bill Browder and Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

At the George Mason conference, Nawaday related an astonishing story about the Prevezon case, one she also discussed in detail this evening on a special edition of the Lawfare Podcast:

As Nawaday recounted, U.S. prosecutors had submitted a request to the Russian government for records pertinent to their money laundering case against Prevezon. The Russian government responded, refusing to provide documents, asserting that there was no connection between the tax fraud scheme and the allegedly fraudulent New York real estate purchases, and suggesting that Browder should be investigated instead. What Nawaday didn’t know during her time at SDNY was that her opposing counsel in the case, a woman named Natalia Veselnitskaya, had an extensive role in preparing Russia’s response to the SDNY’s document request, and that her role was memorialized in a series of emails between Veselnitskaya and Russian officials.

If the name Natalia Veselnitskaya sounds familiar, that’s because she’s the same Russian lawyer who showed up at the infamous Trump Tower meeting, at which she discussed “adoptions” with senior Trump campaign officials, having gotten the meeting by promising dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of the Russian government’s support for Trump. Whether Robert Mueller will show any kind of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in its 2016 election interference remains to be seen. What this indictment clearly shows, assuming the government can prove its case, is that Velnitskaya was definitely colluding with Russian government actors in the Prevezon case.

Nawaday said she was first shown the aforementioned emails as part of MSNBC’s reporting for a story in April 2018 by Richard Engel about Velsnitskaya’s connection to the Kremlin. Nawaday told MSNBC she was shocked by the emails, calling them “profoundly troubling and inappropriate.” She noted that the content, if confirmed, raised “serious questions about obstruction of justice.”

The subject of the indictment is not the Trump Tower meeting, after all. The case against Veselnitskaya was also not brought by Mueller, but by prosecutors in Nawaday’s old office—suggesting that the matter may simply involve misconduct unrelated to L’Affaire Russe. Nawaday says she doesn’t know of any connection.

June 2016 - NBC News

Starting in 2014, Simpson and Veselnitskaya had both worked on the same side of the Prevezon case, in which the Justice Department accused the Cyprus-based Russian company of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars via New York real estate. Beginning in 2016, Simpson was working with a former British intelligence operative on another project — the Trump dossier.

The information that a Russian lawyer brought with her when she met Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016 stemmed from research conducted by Fusion GPS, the same firm that compiled the infamous Trump dossier, according to the lawyer and a source familiar with the matter.

In an interview with NBC News, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya says she first received the supposedly incriminating information she brought to Trump Tower — describing alleged tax evasion and donations to Democrats — from Glenn Simpson, the Fusion GPS owner, who had been hired to conduct research in a New York federal court case.

A source with firsthand knowledge of the matter confirmed that the firm's research had been provided to Veselnitskaya as part of the case, which involved alleging money laundering by a Russian company called Prevezon.

This account casts Veselnitskaya's activities in a new light, challenging the notion that she was simply carrying talking points to Trump that originated with the Russian government.

Veselnitskaya told NBC News she has been cooperating with the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is investigating how the Trump dossier was compiled.

June 2016 - The Hill

In sworn testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Simpson admitted he dined with Veselnitskaya both the night before and the night after her infamous meeting with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower in June 2016.

Simpson insists the two dinners sandwiching one of the seminal events in the Trump collusion narrative had nothing to do with the Trump Tower meeting, a claim many Republicans distrust.

Dec 2016 - Global Magnitsky Act passed

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 07:04 PM
July 2017 - Browder testified to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election through use of persons in Washington, D.C.

10/19/17 - Canada enacted its own Magnitsky Act, which allows for the freezing of assets and visa bans on officials from Russia and other nations considered to be guilty of human rights violations, and prohibits Canadian firms from dealing with foreign nationals who have grossly violated human rights.

10/21/17 - Russian government attempted to place Browder on Interpol's arrest list as part of a criminal conviction for tax evasion. After a protest by U.S. Congressional leaders, his visa was restored the following day.

1/9/18 - Battle between Bill Browder and Fusion GPS
Business Insider
Feinstein, unilaterally released the transcript of an interview the committee conducted last August with Glenn Simpson, a Fusion cofounder.

In the interview, Simpson said his work for the American law firm BakerHostetler — which was representing Prevezon, a Russian holding company the US government accused of laundering money into New York City real estate — was focused "on trying to get William Browder to testify under oath about his role in this case and his activities in Russia."

Browder, a wealthy investor who renounced his US citizenship in 1998, has characterized Fusion's work for BakerHostetler as a "smear campaign" and tweeted on Tuesday that Simpson repeated "old and false Russian government attacks on me and Sergei Magnitsky."

"He then whitewashes his accused Russian money launderer clients who received money from the crime Sergei Magnitsky was killed over," Browder continued. "Glenn Simpson admits in his testimony to a number of facts that show he was part of the Russian anti Magnitsky lobbying campaign in D.C. that were summarized in our DOJ criminal complaint about his conduct filed in 2016."

In December 2016, Browder lodged a formal complaint with the Department of Justice alleging that Fusion's work for BakerHostetler on behalf of Prevezon violated disclosure requirements.

That complaint caught the eye of Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who in March wrote a letter to the acting deputy attorney general at the time, Dana Boente, demanding to know whether the Justice Department was investigating whether Fusion violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

3/2018 - Bloomberg

A Russian-backed company involved in a decade-long drama that touched the highest levels of the U.S. and Russian governments has finally agreed with the U.S. on how to pay a multimillion dollar settlement of a U.S. lawsuit.

Prevezon Holdings Ltd. will make good on its $6 million obligation using escrowed funds from the seizure and sale of New York apartments, according to a filing Wednesday in Manhattan federal court.

7/30/18 - OCCRP

Two Ukrainian banks took part in a tax fraud scheme involving Russian government officials that defrauded Russian taxpayers of US$230 million, laundered them through various banks and fake companies and transferred them to the West,

Bill Browder, the foreign investor who had hired Magnitsky persuaded several Western governments to introduce a law that bars individuals involved in human rights abuses and corruption from entering their countries, using their financial systems or owning any assets there. The law was named the Magnitsky Act.

OCCRP partner Slidstvo.Info obtained evidence that US $97 million of the Magnitsky case money passed through Ukrainian banks ARMA and Legbank. Transactions data was provided by the Russian center "Dossier".

5/16/19 - US Treasury

Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated five individuals and one entity pursuant to the Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012 (the Magnitsky Act). In addition, the U.S. Department of State issued its annual submission to Congress on the U.S. Government’s actions to implement the Magnitsky Act.

“Treasury continues to impose costs on those involved in the detention, abuse, and death of Sergei Magnitsky, and is committed to addressing broader human rights violations across Russia,” said Sigal Mandelker, Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. “We are focused on holding accountable those responsible for atrocious acts within Russia, including the extrajudicial killing of Boris Nemtsov and the pervasive abuse of LGBTI persons in Chechnya.”

As a result of today’s actions, any property or interests in property of those designated within or that come within U.S. jurisdiction are blocked, and transactions by U.S. persons involving the designated persons are generally prohibited. Today’s action brings the total number of individuals or entities designated by OFAC pursuant to the Magnitsky Act to 55.

Here is an undated Panama Papers article regarding The Magnitsky Act." target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">Source

The people suspected of pulling the strings are still at large. But the search for the missing money continued by others after Magnitsky’s death, and is ongoing to this day. The Panama Papers, the database sent to Süddeutsche Zeitung by an anonymous source, now show that there are apparently connections between this web of money transactions and shell companies that Magnitsky uncovered, and one of the best friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin, namely cellist Sergei Roldugin.

...Magnitsky, who had uncovered the tax refund scheme in the first place, was arrested just a few days after having sought charges in this case. Interestingly enough, the policemen who had been accused of tax fraud by Magnitsky were the same to arrest Magnitsky. The authorities accused Magnitsky of having orchestrated the supposed tax fraud himself. He died prior to a trial under circumstances that have never been fully disclosed.

...The cellist Sergei Roldugin is godfather to Putin’s oldest daughter and was responsible for introducing the president to his future wife. According to the Panama Papers, the International Media Overseas, one of the many shell companies of Roldugin’s network, finalized a contract with the shell company Delco Networks, one of the shell companies allegedly utilized to transfer the diverted Russian taxes of the Magnitsky case in early 2008.
Research of the OCCRP has demonstrated that several million dollars of the presumed tax evasion case, spearheaded by Magnitsky, were transferred to the Delco company. But what happened to that money? Who received it in the end? That has, to this day, not been uncovered.

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 07:05 PM
Glenn Simpson testimony re: Fusion GPS/Russia

MR. SIMPSON: As it happens, Felix Sater was, you know, connected to the same Russian crime family that was at issue in the Prevezon case, which is the dominant Russian crime family in Russia and has a robust U.S. presence and is involved in a lot of crime and criminal activity in the United States and for many years was the — the leader of this family was on the FBI most wanted list and lives openly in Moscow as a fugitive from U.S. law for a very elaborate stock fraud.

MS. SAWYER: Who is that individual and family?

MR. SIMPSON: The first name is Semyon, the last name is Mogilevich. Mogilevich is sometimes referred to as the brainy Don because he runs very sophisticated schemes including, according to the FBI, involving natural gas pipelines in Europe, and he's wanted in connection with an elaborate stock fraud called YBM Magnex that was took place in the Philadelphia area.

You know, Russian organized crime is very different from Italian organized crime. It's much more sort of a hybrid kind of thing where they're involved in politics and banking and there's even a lot of connections between the mafia and the KGB or the FSB and cyber crime, things that the Italians sort of never figured out. Stock fraud in particular was the big thing in the U.S. In any event, all of that entered into my thinking when I saw that Donald Trump was in business with Felix Sater in the Trump Soho project and a number of other controversial condo projects.

MS. SAWYER: And what, if anything, did you conclude about the connection between and in the business dealings that then Candidate Trump had had with Mr. Sater?

MR. SIMPSON: Well, somewhat analogous to the Browder situation I found it notable this was something he didn't want to talk about and testified under oath he wouldn't know Felix if he ran into him in the street. That was not true. He knew him well and, in fact, continued to associate with him long after he learned of Felix's organized crime ties. So, you know, that tells you something about somebody. So I concluded that he was okay with that and that was a troubling thing. I also, you know, began to — I keep saying I, but we as a company began to look at where his money came from and, you know, that raised a lot of questions. We saw indications that some of the money came from Kazakhstan, among other places, and that some of it you just couldn't account for.

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posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 07:38 PM
Another connection I want to point out to Sater based on this referenced 9/11 report is on [p. 224] where it names Neil Bush, who we know Sater has worked with/for at some point as noted earlier in thread.

One of the chief oligarchs associated with the Yeltsin Family was Boris Berezovsky, who would later become a business partner with Neil Bush in a company called Ignite.

I also want to point out the high strangeness that hasn't been pointed out regarding recent reports of Felix's testimony being private now because the DEMOCRATS balked. I'm not sure what we can all agree on that this tells us, but the Party demanding full transparency over all grand jury evidence and materials regarding the Mueller investigation balking at Sater testifying publicly is an interesting detail.

Felix Attorney Robert Wolf Spoke to Mother Jones Friday

Sater’s attorney, Robert Wolf, spoke to Mother Jones after Sater did not appear for his scheduled closed-door testimony before the committee on Friday due to what Wolf, in a statement, said were “unexpected health reasons.” Sater’s no-show drew an announcement by the committee that they would subpoena him. Wolf called that decision “entirely unnecessary.” Sater told Politico that he had missed the interview because “he was feeling ill and slept through his alarm on Friday morning.”

Wolf told Mother Jones that Sater was disappointed when the panel postponed the April 10 hearing. “It was the most important day of his life,” Wolf said. “He was looking forward to it. He was proud to speak about his patriotism and his national security work. He was happy to answer any question they asked.” Wolf said had Sater had offered to appear in an open hearing on subsequent dates the committee offered and that he had also asked that Friday’s scheduled hearing be conducted in the open.

“I was always willing to testify publicly,” Sater told Mother Jones Thursday.

Patrick Boland, a spokesman for the committee, declined to comment on why Sater was not asked to testify in open session.

I would love to hear any kind of logical explanation from any Democrat as to why this is the case, and of course, why the DIA and national security are also being thrown out there as reasons.
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posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 10:41 PM
Now to attempt to do an overall, where are we now? recap in chronological order and try not to miss anything. Once I've done that, I'll try to move on to the next set of stuff in the next couple days.

1940s-60s German-American banks rivalry of sorts.
1971 - President Nixon took the U.S. gold off the dollar and gave American banks an advantage of German banks for the next couple decades.
1972 - Sater family emigrates from Moscow in first wave of Jews allowed to leave Soviet Union during Cold War. Lived in Israel for a year before coming to the U.S./Coney Island area
1981 - Trump FBI memorandum states he is considering building casino in Atlantic City he knows is a mob-influenced area and wants to know how the FBI thinks he can protect his brand and family's reputation. Trump is in agreement to having undercovers in his casino and there are mentions of the FBI developed a plan around being able to have this kind of access to a thriving new casino in Atlantic City, but the memo offers no other follow up details if it happened or not
1984 - Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City open
1985-87 Mafia Pizza Connection Trial led by Rudy Guiliani; convictions on all but one of 22 defendants
1986 - Sater starts working Wall Street this year (think Wolf of Wall Street period); He's at Broadchild Securities Corp. (2 mos.) and then Pace Rooney, Inc. (6 wks)
1986-87 - Sater has his first 9 mos. gap in employment on FINRA from 6/19/86-3/12/87
1987 - Sater starts working again at Shearson Lehman Bros (little over 3 mos.) Leaves for Moseley Securities and stays thru March 1988
1988 - Sater has his second 9 mos. gap in employment on FINRA from 3/9/88-12/20/88; Comes back to work for Shearson Lehman Hutton Inc. barely stays 2-3 weeks but moves on to Gruntal & Co where he remains until...
1991 - Sater gets in bar fight at El Rio Grande and loses his stockbrockers license for causing the guy to require over 100 stitches; mug shot of Sater not publicly available and was not provided when requested by someone else online
Somehow between 8/29/91 and 10/9/91 he shows in FINRA as working for both Gruntal&Co. and Lehman Bros. at the same time.
1992-93 - Sater stays employed at Lehman Bros. until March 1993 even after losing stockbrocker license from earlier bar fight
1994 - Elopes to Vegas to marry his wife, Viktoria, before starting prison sentence finally for the bar fight two years prior. We know from the FBI's 1996 report on Semion Mogilevich they also had a multi-agency meeting in Moscow this year to discuss him and his organized crime organization, but the report was lacking in a lot of actual details.
1995 - Sater is released from prison. The stock fraud pump-and-dump $40 million scam he is later charged with being involved in using White Rock and State Street companies was being ran from 1993-96 according to FBI reports and articles. Sater was in prison most of this time, but not in the beginning when it allegedly started or the end, when arrests came down. But when they came, Sater had already left for Russia. A lot was happening in Russia.
1996-98 - Sater is reportedly in Russia with his own telecommunications company selling voice and data and perhaps working for the CIA; per his own story, is recruited by Martin Blane of Blane International Group during this time in a men's restroom in Moscow; a time in Russia where it is a "lawless version of capitalism"

Through connections on Wall Street, Sater started a telecommunications company in Russia selling transatlantic cable for voice and data transmission from the newly democratic countries of the former Soviet Union to AT&T. During that era, the once-powerful ­Soviet military and intelligence services were in disarray. Large swaths of both were being privatized. A bevy of former military officers and intelligence operatives went to work for businessmen—some legitimate, some with ties to organized crime, all looking for a piece of the new Russian economy. One man, a senior Soviet military intelligence official in ­Afghanistan during the Red Army's occupation, took an interest in Sater and his telecom company.

1996 - Sater leaves behind the infamous "gym bag that squealed" when he left the U.S. for Russia filled with documentation they needed for their case in this scheme which brought down some serious Mafia players
1998 - Sater gets call in Russia from FBI Agent Leo Taddeo stating he will be charged in the stock fraud scam case. Sater reportedly returns to the U.S and turns state evidence against NY's Genovese and Bonanno crime families in the stock case

1998 - IMF caves under pressure from Clinton administration despite earlier reports of funds corruption, misuse and disappeared money and continued in authorizing $22.6 Billion package to Russia, of which the first installment of $4.8 Billion was sent on 8/14/98 and immediately disappeared through maze of shell companies and foreign bank accounts. No one was ever prosecuted.
1999 - We have the looming money laundering case linked to Bank of New York and allegedly Semion Mogilevich; Sater's been trying to help the FBI/CIA recover lost Stinger missiles they don't want falling into the hands of terrorists.

More detail regarding the 1999 case in an old Washington Post article from that
Washington Post

1999 - Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev links to Russian/Israeli organized crime.
2000 - Muhktar Ablyazov forms anti-Nazarbayev political party in Kazakhstan; President George W. Bush gets elected in Supreme Court ruling
2001 - 9/11 WTC attacks destroy evidence related to gold/money laundering/financial crimes investigations which had been ongoing. Some news organizations and TV anchors like Peter Jennings did 2-day segments regarding this lost evidence.; German banks were helped by the impact to American banks, what was expected to happen to the dollar, and lost evidence tied to Duetschebank, German bank implicated in money laundering investigation. FBI focus post-9/11 was terrorism.
2002-03 - Work towards Trump Bayrock Camelback property development potentially in Phoenix AZ doesn't come to fruition
2004 - Orange Revolution in Ukraine ousts Viktor Yanukovych; 9/11 Commission Report is released to the public
2005 - A one-year letter-of-intent deal to develop Trump Moscow project with Bayrock never goes anywhere; Muhktar Ablyazov also somehow becomes the Bank Chairman of BTA Bank after his anti-Nazarbayev political party is disbanded before the presidential elections; this is also the year Frank Giustra/Bill Clinton/Sergei Kurzin all end up in Kazakhstan on what was described as a large dinner party and a "propaganda tour"; two days later Giustra's newly formed uranium company Urasia Energy is the proud owner of uranium mining rights in Kazakhstan paying $425 million in a set of two separate deals, one for $75m and one for $350m

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 10:46 PM
2005 - Paul Manafort begins his lobbying work for Oleg Deripaska on Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Putin candidate ousted during the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine, "Party of Regions"; we know based on reports Rinat Akhmetov had introduced Manafort to Yanukovych somewhere around this time; Deripaska is believed to have introduced Manafort to Konstantin Kilimnik in the mid-2000s, also
2006 - Frank Giustra donates $31.3 million to Clinton Foundation; Hillary is Senator of NY at this time
2006 - FBI Director Robert Mueller opens investigation into uranium smuggling/corruption from former Soviet Republics; Manafort gets a 10-year multi million dollar contract from Oleg Deripaska
2007 - Sater meets Ablyazov-Khrapunovs at their children's wedding, according to BTA Bank lawsuit, and Sater had known the Khrapunovs for a year or two longer. Which puts him in this Kazakhstan circle around 2005-06
2007 - Rosatom is established. Head of Rosatom is Sergey Kiriyenko, the former PM of Russia (1998) during Bill Clinton presidency and in the middle of Russia's financial crisis of 1998
2007 - Bayrock does partnership with FL group/Russia ties according to lawsuit.
2007 - Head of Kazatomprom, Mukhtar Dzhkishev, meets with Bill Clinton at his Chappaqua, NY residence regarding working out a new business deal with Giustra. This same month Uranium One purchases Urasia Energy, Giustra's company in an odd reverse merger with Giustra and associates maintaining 60% controlling interest; Giustra also announces recurring commitment to donate $100 million and half of future profits to the Clinton Global Initiative (or Foundation), resulting in est. $145m in contributions at that point to-date. (Did he think/know Hillary was planning to run for President the following year?
2007-08 - Uranium One begins purchasing U.S. mines acquiring sites in multiple states including Wyoming.
2008 - Looming global financial crisis; Mueller is also notified (we know now) of alleged corruption and bribery at this time involving Uranium One and Rosatom in state of Wyoming and elsewhere; Sater is outed as having a "criminal past" in a news article after hiding under the radar working in Trump Tower and doing deals; this kicks off litany of lawsuits over the next decade
2009 - Barrack Obama is sworn in as President and then Hillary Clinton becomes Secretary of State and Eric Holder Attorney General. By June of 2009, Rosatom secures 17% ownership stake in Uranium One
2009 - Kazakhstan government arrests head of Kazatomprom (Clinton's guest in his NY home) on charges related to the Uranium One deal corruption. His arrest jeopardized the sale of Kazakhstan's uranium to Rosatom. Clinton State Dept. intervened. Hillary threatened to withhold financial aid to Kazakhstan and the Rosatom deal went through. Hillary intervened multiple times on deal through late 2010 to make sure it went through

WikiLeaks revelations cable leaks dating from 2009 sent to Clinton now confirm she knew of Moscow's nuclear ambitions via Rosatom in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and knew the GRU was directly behind those nuclear ambitions

2009 - Rod Rosenstein, then the U.S. Attorney for Maryland, is made aware there is an undercover FBI informant/government whistleblower William/Bill Campbell reporting on bribery corruption regarding Uranium One/Rosatom deals; opens investigations; even though we are aware Mueller had himself opened an investigation into uranium smuggling/corruption back in 2006 is (due to leaked WikiLeaks cable) traveling to personally deliver 10-gram sample of uranium to Moscow which had been confiscated off smugglers in Georgia. (On an interesting side note, this detail wasn't known until eight years later in May of 2017, the exact day this was leaked by WikiLeaks Robert Mueller was appointed by Rod Rosenstein to be Special Counsel for the Russia investigation)

2009 - Ablyazov-Khrapunovs flee Kazakhstan; BTA Bank is in trouble
2010 - Reports and FBI arrests/roundup of Russian spies targeting Hillary Clinton; 10 arrested and swapped quickly with Russia; This is the infamous "Russia Reset" period.; Bill Clinton collects $500k for a speech he gives in Moscow

2010 - Hillary Clinton and State Dept. push Russia-U.S. tech partnerships in helping build "Russia Silicon Valley" and many Silicon Valley and Moscow deals are inked

CFIUS offically approves U1-Rosatom merger in Oct 2010. Bill Campbell's allegations as an informant/whistleblower was never reported to CFIUS

2010 - (sometime) Sater shows back up at Trump Tower after being "gone" and ends up close to Trump again two offices down rent-free with a business card carrying a title of Senior Advisor; after four years of Manafort lobbying and political consulting work, Viktor Yanukovych wins the 2010 Ukraine Presidential election over his opponent Yulia Tymeshenko, whom he jailed the following year.

2010 - BTA Bank restructuring deal wipes out 2/3rd of their $16 debt, resulting in "$7.7 billion dollar haircuts for foreign investors"

2011 - Mueller gives his "Iron Triangle" speech warning of organized crime impact and "long-term" strategies being developed to tackle those threats; Sater continues to battle Bayrock lawsuits and attempts to unseal his identity as an informant

2012 - BTA Bank has to restructure ANOTHER $11 billion in debt, further accuses Muhktar Ablyazov who had fled the country three years earlier of embezzling at least $4-$6 billion according to various reports

2013 - Carter Page shows up in FBI records (made public later) as the "Energy Consultant" and "Male-1" who passed on binders with hidden recording devices to Russian spies in the US helping the FBI NY office get recording access they had never gained before;
2014 - Sater appears to be the FBI asset in the same Russian spies Burakyov case complaint taking Russians out for casino tours and trying to pass them on info relating to sanctions

2013 - DOJ represented by Preet Bharara of Southern District NY Office issues lawsuit against Prevezon Holdings under Magnitsky Act for money laundering of $230 million which had allegedly been sent to them through a larger volume of money laundered

2014 - Painful Russian sanctions are imposed by the U.S. after Russian annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine

2014 - Boston FBI Office issues warning especially direc2014 - Boston FBI Office issues warning especially directed to MIT regarding partnering with Russian companies. Citing intelligence and spying concerns.

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2014-16 As reported by NYTimes on 6/1/18, FBI and Justice Dept. unsuccessfully tried to turn Mr. Deripaska into an informant helping him with his visas/entrance into U.S. for his business in exchange for information on Russian organized crime

"The attempt to flip Deripaska was part of a broader, clandestine American effort to gauge the possibility of gaining cooperation from roughly a half-dozen of Russia's richest men, nearly all of whom depend on Putin to maintain their wealth."
Interestingly, the article names two of the FBI players working on this effort as Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele.

"The systemic effort to win the cooperation of the oligarchs, which has not previously been revealed, does not appear to have scored any success."

"In Deripaska's case, he told the American investigators he disagreed with their theories about Russian organized crime and Kremlin collusion in the campaign," a person familiar with the exchanges said. The person added that Deripaska even notified Kremlin about American efforts to cultivate him."

Per the article, Ohr/Steele first started discussing cultivating Deripaska on 11/21/14, roughly 7 mos. before Trump announced his candidacy

2015 - Trump announces run for Presidency; Loretta Lynch testifies in her confirmation hearing regarding keeping Sater's records sealed for so long and speaks highly on his behalf regarding assistance on financial crimes and bringing down organized crime members along with matters of national security

2015 - Sater/Cohen are also working on a Trump Tower Moscow deal during this time period; Russian lawyer to Katsyk family, Natalia Veselnitskaya, is also representing company being sued by U.S., Prevezon Holdings, as Denis Katsyk is the company's owner; Prevezon engages Fusion GPS to do research on Bill Browder, who had lobbied Congress from 2009-12 after Sergei Magnitsky's death to pass the Magnitsky Act being used to sanction the Russians in these cases

2016 - Paul Manafort on Trump campaign (made his "pitch" to Trump at Mar-a-Lago Feb 2016; attends Trump Tower meeting in June; in April is when he emails Kilimnik "How do w euse to get whole?" and "Has OVD operation seen?" What the operation is isn't clear, but the word operation stands out. The initials OVD match Oleg Deripaska's.

At some point, FBI obtains FISA warrant on Carter Page regarding concerns he is a "Russian agent" (claims which were never proven true throughout entire Mueller investigation/report);
Natalia Veselnitskaya met with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS before and after the Trump Tower meeting attended by Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr, and Paul Manafort; the documents gathered for the meeting were provided by Fusion GPS;
Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele to continue work on the Steele Trump dossier which had been started earlier before Fusion GPS and the Democratic Party got ahold of it.
Bill Browder also lodged complaint with Justice Dept. that Fusion GPS may have lobbied for "Russian interests" in campaign to oppose pending Global Magnistky Act.

Dec 2016 - Global Magnitsky Act is passed.

I'll add more in a couple days.
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Wow, phenomenal thread!!

I haven't read all through it but did you catch this story? Sorry if you already added.

From May 1, 2019.
Trump, Khashoggi, Deutsche Bank, & Chabad Lubavitch

An unofficial investigation into RussiaGate has uncovered a shocking and previously-unknown new connection— a CIA-connected man who became instantly famous after the Boston Marathon bombing — involved in recent allegations against Trump associate Felix Sater that he laundered $440 million of stolen money for billionaire oligarchs in Kazakhstan through American real estate.

When Donald Trump filed suit yesterday to keep his business dealings with Germany’s criminal Deutsche Bank secret, it prompted a review of notes for clues that led to long-unanswered questions about why Mueller’s investigation showed no apparent interest in linking crimes Deutsche Bank was committing while Trump was doing business with the bank with a man with whom he had clear ties: Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

Another revelation sheds new light on suspicions about the connection between Felix Sater and the ultra-orthodox Jewish Chabad Lubavitch sect.

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Goulnora Islamovna Karimova:

Karimova (pictured, left) with former US President Bill Clinton at an AIDS charity fundraising dinner in Antibes, France in 2009

Billionaire 'princess' daughter of former Uzbek president 'who was locked up in

Running down the other names and will post what I find.

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originally posted by: EndtheMadnessNow
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

Wow, phenomenal thread!!

I haven't read all through it but did you catch this story? Sorry if you already added.

From May 1, 2019.
Trump, Khashoggi, Deutsche Bank, & Chabad Lubavitch

An unofficial investigation into RussiaGate has uncovered a shocking and previously-unknown new connection— a CIA-connected man who became instantly famous after the Boston Marathon bombing — involved in recent allegations against Trump associate Felix Sater that he laundered $440 million of stolen money for billionaire oligarchs in Kazakhstan through American real estate.

When Donald Trump filed suit yesterday to keep his business dealings with Germany’s criminal Deutsche Bank secret, it prompted a review of notes for clues that led to long-unanswered questions about why Mueller’s investigation showed no apparent interest in linking crimes Deutsche Bank was committing while Trump was doing business with the bank with a man with whom he had clear ties: Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

Another revelation sheds new light on suspicions about the connection between Felix Sater and the ultra-orthodox Jewish Chabad Lubavitch sect.

Hmmm. I've been wanting to dig more into Port Chabad but haven't gotten there yet. I'm intrigued by who I know are members. What is also interesting to me is how many times Khashoggi is referenced in the 9/11 Commission Report v2008, along with the current news surrounding his nephew. Why this seems important is Felix doesn't do much with Twitter. Anything he has posted as far as pictures with people like David and Victoria Beckham, Bill Clinton, and others seem to perhaps be purposeful.

What stood out to me recently though is he retweeted an article regarding Jamal Khashoggi.

Here's the article he retweeted.

Khashoggi may have been inspired by Gezi, but back then he could also afford to alienate Turkey’s leader. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah was still alive, Saudis and Qataris were working together in Syria, and the Muslim Brotherhood was running Egypt. Khashoggi himself was in a good position in Riyadh, but his connections were not to Mohammed (at that time an adviser and then chief of staff to his father) but to the “Faisal clan — Turki and his brother Saud al-Faisal, the longtime Saudi foreign minister,” according to Maggie Mitchell Salem, one of Khashoggi’s friends, who spoke recently to David Ignatius of the Washington Post.

But the geopolitics shifted quickly. Morsi was toppled by the military in the summer of 2013, one year after being elected president. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who was working with Erdoğan in Syria, died in 2015. And Mohammed, who became the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia, joined Egypt and UAE to pursue a war against the Muslim Brotherhood everywhere in the region. A war of regional hegemony erupted between two Sunni camps: Turkey and Qatar on one side, and Saudis, Egyptians and Emiratis on the other.

Then this further down

In November 2017, the crown prince began his purge, arresting more than 200 princes, ministers and businessmen and holding them for weeks at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh on anticorruption charges. Khashoggi’s ties in the palace were cut. The purge swept up Prince Alwaleed bin Talal too, a Saudi billionaire who two years earlier had provided Khashoggi with financial support to establish a new television channel in Bahrain. The two had become so close that Khashoggi posted pictures that he took of them traveling together to Paris and Bahrain. When Crown Prince Mohammed arrested Alwaleed, Khashoggi spoke up. In his Washington Post column, he compared the ruler’s actions to Putin’s.

Yet what I find interesting regarding all of this is the facts:
1) we know Adnan Khashoggi, Jamal's uncle was no good guy
2) Mohammed bin Salman appears to be trying to lead Saudi Arabia away from terrorism and even oil; pushing this "city of the future" leading the country away from oil dependence
3) Adnan passes away in 2017; Jamal is critical as a journalist regarding bin Salman following the "Saudi purge"

While it is easy to assume bin Salman is responsible for Khashoggi's death, I find it suspect the CIA benefits from his disappearance given what he may know of his uncle's work post-death, and the CIA is the one citing the responsibility with "high confidence" at Saudi Arabia's feet even with no body. For all anyone knows, he's hiding out somewhere.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 11:11 PM
Before I continue down the Sater saga, here's a quote from him

"I have risked my life to try to protect our country for over 20 years in situations and places that would make your hair stand on end," he said. "The insinuation that I would get together with anyone, especially Russia of all places or any other country in the world, for the detriment of our country is not only insulting but laughable." - Associated Press, 03.24.19

I stumbled across an interesting account during all of my queries which really made me realize I'd walked into a real #storm. This guy doing his piece of research knew it, too.

This thread may be eerie quiet but at least if y'all see me randomly stop posting without saying I'm done, you can come search out what happened to me. Kidding. I think getting this stuff all out online in one spot though, covers me. Why hurt me if I've already added all of this to the world wide web?

Anyway, I have a strong hunch all of these a$$holes are already in enough trouble than to worry about my dumb thread. LOL


What I didn't know until I started reading this guy's experience was Gruntal&Co where Sater ended up working most of his time during his pre-bar fight Wall Street years was Mafia-Milken linked.

For those of you going Milken-who? here's the scoop. First of all, even if I didn't know who this guy was, he looks like someone I'd punch in the face, no questions asked.

But here's the start of this guy's tale. I can't paste it all in here, so you are forced to read in full if interested enough. I'm going to post enough of the beginning so you "get it" as far as relevance

It was 2006, I was still working for Columbia University, and the former spy was rambling on about Gene Phillips, secret meetings in Costa Rica, a guy working out of the Israeli embassy in San Jose, a Goldman Sachs alum involved with Stinger missile sales to Pakistan, and something about REITs and mortgages – none of which was of particular interest to me at the time. I ignored that former spy. I thought he seemed a bit suspect, and I escorted him out of my office, thinking the meeting was nothing more than a strange occurrence. Days later, I had forgotten completely about the former spy, and had resumed work on my story. I thought the story would expose a big scandal, but I didn’t yet know what I was getting into. I figured the scandal was pretty straight forward: a network of hedge funds using unscrupulous tactics (like planting false stories with compliant journalists) to attack public companies, most of them companies in their earlier stages of development. In my spare time, I had begun looking into the Mafia’s involvement in market manipulation, but I didn’t yet know that the Mafia had anything to do with the Milken network. I figured maybe I’d write a separate story about the Mafia. But I never wrote that story. And I never produced the story about the Milken network and compliant journalists that I had promised to write for the Columbia Journalism Review. I did not write those stories because soon after my meeting with the former spy in September 2006, there were some additional strange occurrences, the first of which was a call that I received from a Mob enforcer who knew something about the death of a notorious short-side market manipulator named Alain Chalem, who had been murdered execution-style in 1999. I agreed to meet the Mob enforcer, whom I will not describe in detail because it would reveal his identity. Indeed, I do not want to describe him to you, because he haunts my thoughts, he is a nervous twitch, something unsettling. In short, if I were to tell you that he had white eyes, sharp teeth, and rabid drool dripping from his mouth, it would only be a slight exaggeration. This rabid dog-man was a close friend of Alain Chalem, and he had been with Chalem on the night before Chalem’s murder. On that night, according to the rabid-dog man, Chalem had met with a man named Mikhail Sheferofsky, and there had been an argument concerning a naked short selling scam that Chalem was running with the Russian Mob. Indeed, Chalem had been part of an extensive Russian Mafia market manipulation network that involved the Russian government. But I didn’t know that yet. I did some research on Michael Sheferofsky, but I didn’t find anything right away, so I returned to my work investigating the Milken network. I had no idea at this point that Sheferofsky was, in fact, an important member of the Milken network. At any rate, I was now spending most of my time making calls, asking sources what I thought to be fairly innocuous questions about SAC Capital, and relationships among some hedge funds and corrupt financial journalists. At this point, I knew that SAC Capital chief Steve Cohen was a close associate of Milken, but I didn’t yet know that he and Russian Mafia boss Felix Sater (the guy who escaped jail time by telling the Feds he could introduce them to his contacts in Russian intelligence and Al Qaeda) had been among the select partner-traders (along with the other Milken cronies I mentioned before) at the Milken-financed Mafia brokerage Gruntal & Co. In addition to my inquiries about SAC Capital, I had also just told a CNBC spokesman that I had information that Milken’s most famous criminal co-conspirator, Ivan Boesky, was back in the game. CNBC’s Jim Cramer (host of “Mad Money”) had once planned to run a hedge fund out of Boesky’s offices, and by this time I had established that Cramer was helping the Milken network manipulate stocks. I didn’t yet know at this time that Boesky had spent a year in Iran currying favor with the Islamic regime. I didn’t know that after prison, Boesky had moved to Russia, where he cemented ties to the Russian Mafia, including Felix Sater’s associates in the Mogilevich organization. And I didn’t know that Boesky and Ali Nazerali (hedge fund partner of Osama bin Laden’s favorite financier) had met recently at the offices of Lines Overseas Management, an off-shore hedge fund and brokerage outfit. Though the former spy had told me about the Milken meetings in Costa Rica, I did not yet know that Nazerali had attended them. But I had recently met the former spy and the rabid dog-man, and I was making a lot of phone calls about Ivan Boesky and SAC Capital. After one long day of work, I headed to my neighborhood bar for a drink, maybe two. While I was sitting at the bar, three guys in slick suits entered and sat down next to me. One of them announced that he was a former employee of Ivan Boesky – Michael Milken’s famous criminal co-conspirator. I thought, “Wow, what luck! I will have to ask this guy some questions.” But before I could get a word out, this supposed former Boesky employee proceeded to tell me a story about a guy who was savagely murdered after he was caught peeking into the dressing rooms of the ladies underwear department at Saks Fifth Avenue. As soon as he finished telling this strange story about the underpants murder, the supposed former Boesky employee and his friends, having never ordered a drink, got up and departed. This, it seemed to me, was a strange occurrence. Indeed, it crossed my mind that I might have been threatened. Telling a story about an underpants murder at Saks Fifth Avenue was a peculiar way to convey a threat, but anything seemed possible. I asked a bartender if he knew who the guys in the slick suits were, and he said: “No, and I don’t wanna know, either.” That was not encouraging, but I shrugged it off. I finished my drink, and by the next day I had determined that there was no way I had been threatened. I thought maybe I was losing my mind, so I tried to keep it together, and I continued the investigation. Still, I told some people about the encounter, marveling at how strange it was that this supposed former Boesky employee would have told me about an underpants murder in, of all places, Saks Fifth Avenue. Some people remarked that SAC Capital, the hedge fund I had been investigating, was often referred to as “Saks”. So maybe I’d received a coded threat from SAC Capital. After all, I was closely collaborating with Patrick Byrne, who at this point had become quite famous for his crusade against “miscreant” short sellers who were manipulating the markets. And Patrick had issued a coded threat of his own, publicly announcing (in an interview with BusinessWeek magazine and in other forums) that he was going to — hint, hint — “sack up” to the name of a big hedge fund that was clearly a central figure in the criminal network. Everyone except me seemed to know that Patrick’s “sack up” hint was a reference to SAC Capital, sometimes known as “Sack,” other times known as “Saks.” As it happens, SAC Capital is now (as of this writing in 2011) the principal target of the largest insider trading investigation ever conducted by the FBI. Of course, for one to think that it is possible he has received a coded threat, is for one to think that he is not thinking straight. So at this point I was in a state of some confusion. This state of confusion only worsened when, a few days later, I received what seemed like another threat. It was Halloween day, and I was in Chicago, visiting family and taking care of a five-year old. I had just handed the child back to his mother, and had gone into a big chain book store to do some work on my laptop. I was, at this point, no more than three weeks away from publishing my first story about the Milken network of hedge funds. Or so I thought. While I was typing in the book store, an ordinary looking guy in khakis sat down next to me and announced, apropos of nothing, that everyone should take better care of their relatives. This was followed by a long silence, after which he said that it so happened that he had seen me with one of my relatives, and I should take better care of this particular relative. Then the man made a somewhat dramatic display of slamming a book on the table. It was one of those thick, encyclopedic books with glossy photographs. On the cover, the book said, in big letters — “THE MAFIA”.

posted on Jun, 26 2019 @ 12:07 AM
Here's another excerpt much further down. And here he seems to be speaking of events which occurred in 2006 or later.

This was almost certainly because Gary Weiss and Berezovsky were old friends. At a minimum, Gary’s other close friends, such as Russian Mafia boss Felix Sater, are on extremely close terms with Berezovsky. At one point in the 1990s, Felix brokered a deal for Berezovsky to buy Salomon Brothers, then one of the biggest investment banks in America. In the end, though, the deal didn’t happen.

This stood out to me because Berezovsky was a name I already knew from the 9/11 report. He's referenced in there

So you definitely need to at least skim that journalist/author's account in full to get an idea of where I"m coming from. Here's one other excerpt from her story I want within this thread to make a point and it is further down in their taie, speaking again directly about Sater.

So, yes, after I was jumped, and after Kingsford Capital paid off my employers, I went into a sort of temporary seclusion.

A few weeks into my convalescence, U.S. Senator Orinn Hatch summoned my colleague Patrick Byrne to his home in Utah. The first thing the Senator said when Patrick walked through the door was that he was worried. He had looked into some of the people Patrick was calling attention to, and he was seriously alarmed because he thought Patrick might be murdered.

A month or so after that, an offshore businessman who had provided some information to our investigation received in the mail a beautiful, lacquered, Russian matryoshka doll. And inside this doll, there was a slip of paper. On the paper was the letter “F” — with a cross on it. The businessman knew right away that the letter “F” stood for “Felix” – Felix Sater. The businessman said he had called Felix Sater to see what the deal was with the doll. And after talking to Felix, the businessman invited Patrick Byrne to a greasy spoon diner in Long Island. It was urgent, said the businessman — so Patrick made haste.

And when Patrick arrived at the diner (along with two other people, who can testify to this) the offshore businessman, discarding with formalities, said, “This meeting can be very short. I have a message for you from Russia.” The message, said the businessman, was this: “‘We are about to kill you. We are about to kill you.’ Patrick, they are going to kill you – if you do not stop this crusade [the investigation into destructive market manipulation], they will kill you. Normally they’d have already hurt you as a warning, but you’re so weird, they don’t know how you’d react. So their first step is, they’re just going to kill you.”

According to the businessman, this threat had come straight from the mouth of Felix Sater. At almost precisely the same time that Felix delivered this threat, the corrupt journalist Gary Weiss wrote a blog stating that Felix seemed to be basically a good guy who had obviously reformed since the days when he was nothing more than a small-time “penny stock” fraudster (as opposed to a top boss in the Russian Mafia who seemed to have ties to Russian intelligence and Al Qaeda).

This has been a consistent pattern ever since Weiss wrote his “Mob on Wall Street” article. He covers up, and at times assists, the crimes of his sources (such as Felix Sater, Anthony Elgindy, and Manuel Asensio), while trashing their enemies.

At the time when Patrick received the death threat, we had no idea who Felix Sater was. Now, of course, we know some things about Felix. We know, for example, that he is a Russian Mafia boss affiliated with the Mogilevich organization, which stands accused of everything from market manipulation to attempted sales of highly enriched uranium to Al Qaeda.

We know that in the 1980s Felix was a trading partner of Steve Cohen (future head of SAC Capital, also known as “Saks”) at the Milken-financed Mafia brokerage, Gruntal & Company.

We also know that Sater now runs Bayrock, an outfit that has a partnership with Apollo, the fund controlled by Leon Black, who is one of Milken’s closest associates. Apollo employs Milken’s son, Lance.

Bayrock’s former CFO, Jody Kriss, has filed a lawsuit in which he claims that Felix once threatened to torture him to death, and that Bayrock is (according to Kriss) is a massive money laundering operation.

A source close to Bayrock has told us that Felix has laundered money for Steve Cohen.

We also know that one of Bayrock’s other partners is The Sapir Organization, run by Russian Mafia boss Tamir Sapir, who used to run what he has called a “Crazy Eddie’s” for Russian spies – a one stop shop where KGB operatives in New York could buy high-tech electronics equipment.

Sapir’s partner in that business, recall, was Semion Kislin, who has been named as a close business associate of “Little Japanese” – the one-time top boss of the Russian Mafia in the United States.

The Sapir Organization is in the real estate business. Its large property portfolio was, for a long time, managed by Frederick Contini, whom the government has named as an associate of the Genovese Mafia family.

In 2008, Contini entered a secret plea to racketeering. He has also faced charges for stabbing a man in the face with the stem of a broken wine glass. Felix Sater, of course, was also once charged with stabbing a man in the face with the stem of a broken wine glass. It seems to be the thing to do.

So there was a few things within this account I already knew or had read elsewhere. But there were a few standouts in here that befuddled me. Couple notes/outstanding questions:

1. This is the first and only place I have ever seen Sater referred to as a "Russian mafia boss" because this simply doesn't ring true. It may be an assumption on behalf of the writer's due to the circles in which he has encircled himself, and perhaps a perceived level of respect he has earned. I'm going to need to dig back further within this guy's research to see when he first began writing regarding Sater to see where he sources this from, if anywhere.

2. How did Senator Orrin Hatch somehow get mixed up in this? And around a decade ago?

3. I never linked Sater to Steve Cohen until reading this, but yes, both Cohen and Milken are rich billionaire Wall Street #tards who would be neck-deep in this muck. So it fits.

4. "Bayrock, an outfit that has a partnership with Apollo, the fund controlled by Leon Black, who is one of Milken’s closest associates. Apollo employs Milken’s son, Lance" - Once I dig into Milken and his son and Steve Cohen within this thread in more detail, we will cover this - money laundering is the game; criminal cartels are creating billions if not close to trillions in illicit activities all being run by guys like these creating outrageous strategies for hiding money

a. as an aside, consider the large sums of money tied to the black market of not only the drug cartels, but human trafficking, trafficking of body parts, murder-for-hire, information is power, power is blackmail, the circle continues.

posted on Jun, 26 2019 @ 12:13 AM
5. Last but definitely not least, how do we reconcile this? IF this were remotely true, it would mean Senator Orrin Hatch would have known of Felix Sater and likely attributed him to being with Russian Mafia, yet never said anything during Trump's campaign? How do we reconcile any Russian Mafia Boss being called to a House Congressional Meeting to testify privately and oversleeping/missing it? After an investigation by a Purple-Heart earning Marine like Mueller and his team of cohorts don't write much that matters regarding Sater's messages to Cohen about "getting" Trump elected? Meh?

So I'd like to hear what others think but it was at points like this in researching Sater, my brain would start to hurt. Analysis and logic are my strong suits. Things which are illogical are annoying. I have to bend and twist them around to make them try to make sense but my brain stalls a lot trying this when it comes to Sater.

posted on Jun, 26 2019 @ 01:21 AM
So, for those who don't want to see me find Milken to punch him in the face, we'll just go ahead and cover Mr. Creepy-Face and what he would have been doing at Gruntal&Co while Sater was there 1988-91...


Before I start to go into detail regarding him, I want to say on a personal note my family was deeply impacted by the 2008 "financial crisis" which is a nice short way of saying "everyone else got #ed but the banks" but anyway... while I have no tangible proof I would not blink an eye if I learned down the road he had a heavy hand in causing a large part of that fornicating mess that hurt a lot families. Either that, or the men who had a hand in it learned from him.

Michael Milken
Michael Robert Milken (born July 4, 1946) is an American financier and the mastermind of one of the largest swindles in American history, a "junk bond" scam that partially instigated the Savings and loan crisis of the 1980s. He is noted for his role in the development of the market for high-yield bonds ("junk bonds"),[2] and his conviction following a guilty plea on felony charges for violating U.S. securities laws.[3]

One extremely well-known facet of high-yield bonds, or junk bonds, is that they are particularly vulnerable to stressed market conditions like those that emerge during a depression or recession, such as the recession of 2008. This vulnerability to stress in the market, as revealed by many studies, is indeed more pronounced in the junk bond market than with investment-grade bonds.
Source: Investopedia

Time Magazine, Jan 2016

Remember junk bonds? They’re back. We haven’t heard too much the so called “high yield debt market” since the 1980s and Michael Milken. But the high risk, potentially high-return securities known as junk bonds are behind a good chunk of current market volatility. Many of them are in the energy sector, which issued lots of debt in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis and are now at increasing risk of being downgraded or even going bust as oil prices collapse. Indeed, as Moody’s recently warned, some of the world’s biggest firms, like Royal Dutch Shell, Total, and Chesapeake Energy, are among the 175 firms that are at risk of ratings downgrades thanks to plunges in commodity prices.

So giving that brief shoddy glimpse into the dark world of Milken, let's cover his crime

Milken was indicted for racketeering and securities fraud in 1989 in an insider trading investigation. As the result of a plea bargain, he pleaded guilty to securities and reporting violations but not to racketeering or insider trading. Milken was sentenced to ten years in prison, fined $600 million, and permanently barred from the securities industry by the Securities and Exchange Commission. His sentence was later reduced to two years for cooperating with testimony against his former colleagues and for good behavior.[4]

Supporters, like George Gilder in his book, Telecosm (2000), state that "Milken was a key source of the organizational changes that have impelled economic growth over the last twenty years. Most striking was the productivity surge in capital, as Milken ... and others took the vast sums trapped in old-line businesses and put them back into the markets."[5] Since his release from prison, Milken has funded medical research.[6]

LOL. The only reason I included that second paragraph is to point out how absurd it is. Anyway.
HIs charge was 1989. Sater started at Gruntal&Co in 1988.

Here's a tweet of interest Tweet link

So either Sater was allowed to run loose into the wild doing a bunch of bad shheet which is possible, or he's been undercover working financial crimes and an asset for the government intelligence agencies since before the stock scam, as he himself stated. It's hard to imagine he's a bad guy cut loose who was partnered with a higher Mafia guy [some would point to Trump] if we know from the Judge he was never investigating Trump?

What if he was investigating a huge criminal network including money laundering webs? Seems more likely to me. And his ties to Trump were then weaponized against Trump into an investigation in part due to Sater's Russian mafia ties. But Mueller didn't seem to care and now Barr is "investigating the investigation."

I'll continue more on Milken, Cohen, Leon Black, and others soon. We will take a look at this "Milken network" being called out by a journalist in the mid-2000s.

posted on Jun, 26 2019 @ 11:08 AM
Wait. Crap.
So I reread over this thread skimming it and realized I only briefly gleaned over a couple things regarding Carter Page and Sater linking to a Twitter thread. Hopefully any of you following along actually read that Monsieur America thread and his research which corroborates mine and saved me some thread space, because I'm going to jump right back into that briefly.

I had read back over all my notes on Sater and realized I needed to cover this part better and a couple things I missed before jumping into the whole money laundering Wall Street bankers financials crimes mess with Milken, Steve Cohen and the host of other names.

So, at the very beginning of the thread I copied an excerpt from Mueller's report regarding Sater's involvement in the Trump Moscow deal. The very one the Democrats point to and get all fired up.

Here's a visual of that whole relationship, per the wording I had copied on [p. 1] first or second post of this thread.

Here's what I want to highlight better regarding the chronology of all this before going back to where I was with Mr. Michael Milkin.

2013 - Carter Page is a one-man show "energy analyst" for his own little energy company and is used by the FBI to pass binders with recording devices on to the Russians they believe and then prove are spies working in the U.S.; later outed by James Wolfe through a reporter, Ali Watkins (later scandal)

At this point, I want to point to excerpts of Carter Page's written letter submitted before his testimony to the House in November of 2017. Source

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