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Sergei Polunin Take me to Church

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posted on Apr, 20 2019 @ 07:57 AM
I first would like to preface this thread by sharing a coupleof relevant facts about myself.
I am a born metalhead, give me The Dillinger Escape Plan or Poison The Well and I'm good to go, other genres of music are fine too, a good song is a good song regardless.
Of the arts dance is about the one thing that I've never
warmed up too, dancers always strikes me as overly pretentious and act like they are Gods chosen.
Secondly just a friendly warning, if you are somehow not yet comfortable with your sexuality this video may leave you a little sweaty and anxious, sometimes this can manifest in a negative fashion.
Personally I have no issues with admiring the male form and can admit that knowing full well that I have absolutely zero desire to have anykind of sexual contact with one.
I only share this because the nature of the video may raise these questions in some.

Anyway as I already said, dance, and especially ballet, generally inspire little but contempt in me which is why I found this video so compelling.

Sergei Polunin is a Ukrainian and was at one time the top rated ballet dancer in the world.
His nature ultimately clashed with the conservative world of ballet and he ended up leaving his position as the lead dancer with the Royal London Ballet.
His controversial statements and choice of tattoos (he recently had Putins face tattooed on his chest!lol) had sensitive types giving thier fainting couches a serious workout, even though he was just stating his perfectly valid opinion as he saw it.
Via Instagram..
“Man up to all men who is doing ballet there is already ballerina on stage don’t need to be two. Man should be a man and woman should be a woman. Masculine and Feminine energies creates balance. That’s a reason you got balls. Same think Outside ballet, Man what’s wrong with you? Females now trying take on the man role because you don’t # them and because you are an embarrassment.”
So, an interesting character and also an insanely talented one. I recently came across this video and can honestly say that I have never been in awe of the movement of any human like I feel watching this.
It was apparently his "last dance", farewell to ballet, and it to me is mesmerising. The sheer strength, coordination, and contempt for gravity is of such rare talent and style that I have now, after many years of contempt, an appreciation for the beauty of movement in the hands of ademigod.

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posted on Apr, 20 2019 @ 08:21 AM
Didn't want to create any expectations about the video before viewing but I need to draw attention to the superhuman movement he does at approx 2.18.
I've never seen anything like it before and would never have believed it to be possible.
His way of just hanging in the air ignoring gravity shows his mastery of technique, flawless!

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posted on Apr, 20 2019 @ 08:24 PM
Beautiful. His jumps reminded me of Baryshnikov. He definitely has more finesse but not the obvious masculiity; and he is prettier. Thanks for the share. Big ballet fan here.


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