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Notre Dame on fire in Paris

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posted on Apr, 23 2019 @ 04:24 PM
a reply to: alldaylong

Very could well be but the fact that it is inside a larger pattern of not just French but global church vandalism and burning, as well as the fact that they had multiple redundancies in place and none of them worked, still seems suspicious to me. I am on the fence, but I am tilting more towards the side that the system was hacked or allowed to fail.

posted on Apr, 23 2019 @ 05:13 PM
a reply to: chris_stibrany

As anyone who has set fires knows

I wouldn't know, as i'm not a professional arsonist !

This has been a week now
the timeline indicates that

The smell of smoke was at first called in at 6.20
Early evening Mass was underway,
but the Cathedral wasn't evacuated
as no real, or mortal danger was ascertained

At this point a Church Warden probably went to investigate
(Hence the vids and photos of 'some Dude' on the roof)

At 6.40, a second call was made
the fire crew arrived 10 mins later
(6.50, or there abouts)

By the time of their initial assesments
-more help, clear the area, creation of a security zone -
the water couldn't have been deployed before at least 6.10/.20

As you say, the beams and joists are in wood
ancient wood : old, dessicated wood, good for tinder
It would take very little to set them ablaze

Given the tools being used
at the very least
these kinds of things :

They would'nt need to be left 'on'
Just still plugged in...

Old buildings (i work in one)
without a circuit breaker
only need a very small overcharge
to either provoke a blackout
or at worse, a very localised fire
(quick, find an extinguisher !)

Maybe it's all down to a trainee
"Compagnon de devoir'
who didn't unplug his tool
Which seems a likely turnout

No conspiracy
neither terrorist nor religious

TheJesuit will be along soon
to catagorically affirm that
the worker was called 'Jamel'

or some other such nonsense

posted on Apr, 23 2019 @ 05:37 PM
a reply to: Cassi3l

On every work site that fallow EU standards as France would. I don't think they would hook up many el-tools to a single 25amp fuse to over load the cables.

Unles they were Polish workes who have no knowledge of how el-power works.

The only way the fire would start by elektrisity is if a singel junction box is hooked up to a 25 amp fusebox with a lot of power tools hooked up to the junction box. And you would have to use a few of them to overload the junction box cable that is hooked up to the fusebox. Fire would have been caused by the cable that leads from the junctionbox to the fuse box being overloaded, and the current would fry the cable isolation and start to burn. But you have to use the tools to be able to overload the cable so that the electric current burns through the cable-isolation and starts a fire.

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