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Early videos of Palestine-Israel

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posted on Mar, 2 2005 @ 04:53 AM
I downloaded a collection of videos of early Palestine/Israel and have posted them for anyone else who may be interested in them,
They are in Italian unfortunately and I don’t speak the language so I was only able to understand a little of what they were saying.
If anyone else has early videos of that region I’d appreciate a link.

Newspaper Light A0439
Date: 00/09/1929
Duration: 00:00:15
Assigned title: To New York political dissent for Palestine
1929-09 political dissent for Palestine in New York, Israel (silent) A043905.wmv 628KB

Newspaper Light B0888
Date: 20/05/1936
Duration: 00:00:34
Proper title: Palestine. Jaffa.
Assigned title: After the first days of the serious disorders anti-Semites and antibritannici that have stain with blood Palestine.
1936-05-20 Aftermath of revolt in Jaffa Palestine, Israel Italian B088802 0.99MB

Newspaper Light B0963
Date: 30/09/1936
Duration: 00:00:54
Proper title: Inghilterra.Southampton.
Assigned title: The embarkation of 10.000 soldiers English for Palestine, following the Arabic revolts.
1936-09-30 10,000 British soldiers embark for Palestine, Israel (Italian) B096302.wmv 1.52MB

Newspaper Light B1295
Date: 27/04/1938
Duration: 00:01:20
Proper title: Palestine
Jerusalem Tel Aviv
Assigned title: New actions of terrorism
1938-04-27 New acts of terrorism Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Palestine, Israel (Italian) B129501.wmv 2.76MB

1947-04-03 Postwar period, turbid in Palestine, Israel (Italian) I005204.wmv 1.55MB

Date: 22/08/1947
Duration: 00:00:41
Proper title: Palestine: attack! The express Cairo-Haifa derails it operates some Irgun.
1947-08-22 'Palestine attack' Cairo-Haifa train derails, attacked by the Jewsh group Irgun, Israel (Italian) I007203.wmv

Date: 16/01/1948
Duration: 00:00:53
Proper title: After the decisions of the U.N.: in Palestine the continuous war.
1948-01-16 After UN decision, violence continues in Palestine, Israel (Italian) I011302.wmv 1.51MB

Date: 19/03/1948
Duration: 00:00:51
Proper title: Palestine without peace
flames in Jerusalem
Abstract: Attacks and contrattentati in Palestine between the Arabic part and that Israeli: it will be the beginning of a long chain.
1948-03-19 Palestine without peace, flames in Jerusalem (italian) I013203.wmv 1.57MB

Data: 10/06/1948
Durata: 00:02:41
Proper title: From our special envoy in Palestine.
Assigned title: Arab-Israeli war.
Abstract: The Italian mission comes through thin Lebanon in Palestine. Service from Jerusalem divided between Arabs and Israelis.
1948-06-10 Arab-Israeli war, Palestine, Israel (Italian) I016202.wmv 4.6MB

Date: 27/08/1948
Duration: 00:00:53
Proper title: Palestine: the count Bernadotte continues his/her work.
Assigned title: It operates diplomatic of Bernadotte in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv: I meet with the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Moshe Scharett.
1948-08-27 Count Bernadotte in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with Moshe Scharett, Israel (Italian) I018402.wmv 1.58MB

La Settimana Incom 01080
Date: 09/04/1954
Duration: 00:00:55
Proper title: Palestine without peace
1954-04-09 Palestine without peace, Israel (Italian) I108002.wmv 1.5MB

The Week Incom 01221
Date: 11/03/1955
Duration: 00:00:31
Proper title: Incidental lla frontier between Egypt and Palestine.
Assigned title: You meet in the region of Gaza to the border among Israel and Egypt.
1955-03-11 Gaza, the border among Egypt and Israel, Palestine (Italian) I122101.wmv 1.12MB

Kaleidoscope Slap C1278
Date: 00/01/1961
Duration: 00:00:43
Proper title: Objective on the chronicle
Assigned title: Palestinian Stunts of reactors
1961-01 Nuclear reactor in Israel (Italian) KA127802.wmv 1.38MB

posted on Mar, 2 2005 @ 04:56 AM
Here's the website I pulled the files from:

If any of the links I posted are broken just let me know.

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