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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -Q-

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posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 09:22 AM
Routes of trafficking certainly are being shown the LIGHT,
DOJ, DEA crackdown on I-75 "drug pupline"

FYI it is a highway that runs from Florida to Detroit Michigan (bridge and car tunnel to Canada) then up to northern Michigan, Sault Ste Marie ... Soo Locks, another international bridge. Highways 2 & 28 shoot to northrn Wisconsin I-94 also merges/intersects with I-75.... It starts in Port Huron Michigan (international bridges and rail tunnel) and runs thru Chicago...quite a WEB
ETA I-69 runs from Port Huron to mexico NAFTA super highway I-69 crossed 75 and 94
International trade HUGE
Remember NAFTA lol. drug mules

And drugs isn't everything being trafficked....we all know that

"Apparently Fentanyl - from our sources - gets imported from China into Canada and comes down across our northern border and apparently it's more accessible, cheaper and then gets brought down the I-75 corridor and into Tennessee," said United States Attorney for Eastern District of Tennessee, Douglas Overbey.........
" It could be undercover operations, it could be the use of confidential sources, we also do wiretap investigations where we're listening to peoples phone calls in order to determine their methods and practices and then we position ourselves to arrest them," Agent Pritts added.

U.S. Attorney Overbey confirmed the indictments of 41 individuals as a part of that justice.  

Godspeed..... Things are changing for the better ![editb
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posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 09:33 AM
a reply to: Sabrechucker

Thank-you. I thought the Declass needed Barr and Coates to release. I didn't know Q said it was Barr and Horowitz. That's more re-assuring. (I'm surprised Coates is still there. He's almost always against the President)

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 09:34 AM
a reply to: pavil

Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "only" pavil! The fact is that countries and companies DO tap these undersea cables and access other countries data.

Under POTUS new regime it's easy enough to just stop FVEY access in your local Alphabet Agency environment but they still have access remotely via the undersea cables.

Somewhere in this thread is detailed a type of military submarine that has the ability to TAP these cables mid ocean - why design such capability if accessing the data on them is not necessary.

GCHQ created a specific site at Bude:

Cable interception

In 1963, TAT-3, an undersea cable linking the United Kingdom to the United States, was laid from Tuckerton, New Jersey, US to Widemouth Bay, Cornwall, just 10 kilometres (6 miles) south of the site at Cleave Camp.[5] The British General Post Office (GPO) routinely monitored all communications passing along the TAT-3 cable, forwarding any messages they felt were relevant to the security services.[5]

The site at Cleave Camp presented an opportunity to monitor submarine cable traffic from the nearby landing points, while at the same time intercepting communications meant for the commercial satellite ground station at Goonhilly Downs.[4]

The TAT-14 undersea cable landing at Bude was identified as one of few assets of "Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources" of the US on foreign territory, in a diplomatic cable leaked to WikiLeaks.

ETA - Just seen the below reference to intercepting Blackberry cooms from Bude:

The activities of GCHQ Bude usually remain classified, however, partly in response to concerns expressed by some European Union (EU) member states that Morwenstow is responsible for industrial espionage and the interception of civilian communications, a report by the European Parliament (referenced below) was made public in 2001 that provides some details about the station. The Intelligence Services Act 1994 grants GCHQ the power 'to monitor or interfere with electromagnetic, acoustic and other emissions and any equipment producing such emissions, and to obtain and provide information derived from or related to such emissions or equipment'. This includes BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and audio messages.

Didn't Hillary use a Blackberry phone?

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posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 11:03 AM
a reply to: pavil

pavil, I've had a thought about who Godfather III could be...

The current British Monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.

The next in line is Prince Charles, who would become King Charles III!

Prince Charles had a close relationship with his Godfather, Earl Mountbatten of Burma, who set up Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Phillip and who tried to get the House of Windsor renamed House of Mountbatten.

Prince Charles beloved godfather killed by IRA

Earl Mountbatten was knight of the following:

Knight of the Garter (KG) 1946[130]
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB)
Knight Grand Commander of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India (GCSI)
Knight Grand Commander of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire (GCIE)
Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO)
Knight of Justice of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (KStJ)
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic (Kingdom of Spain)
Order of the Nile, Fourth Class (Kingdom of Egypt)
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown (Romania)
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Star of Romania (Romania)
Chief Commander of the Legion of Merit (United States)
Special Grand Cordon of the Order of the Cloud and Banner (Republic of China)
Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour (France)
Grand Commander of the Order of the Star of Nepal (Kingdom of Nepal)
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the White Elephant (Kingdom of Thailand)
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of George I (Kingdom of Greece)
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Netherlands Lion (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Aviz (Portuguese Republic)
Knight of the Royal Order of the Seraphim (Kingdom of Sweden)
Grand Commander of the Order of Thiri Thudhamma (Union of Burma)
Grand Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog (Kingdom of Denmark)
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Seal of Solomon

That's a lot of powerful positions in the Orders of a LOT of countries. Almost seems like he was the liaison point between them all... or perhaps the over-ruling head?
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posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 11:05 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Good info, thanks for taking this several steps further! Had a feeling this ran deeper. I was also searching for alternate but related terms on "Red Wave" but came up dry and I missed "Blue wave".

I believe Hillary had a few Blackberry's - she had something like 7 or 11 devices at one time.

Speaking of submarine cables...

Google and other tech giants are quietly buying up the most important part of the internet

If you want to measure the internet in miles, fiber-optic submarine cables are the place to start. These unassuming cables crisscross the ocean floor worldwide, carrying 95-99 percent of international data over bundles of fiber-optic cable strands the diameter of a garden hose. All told, there are more than 700,000 miles of submarine cables in use today.

The internet is commonly described as a cloud. In reality, it’s a series of wet, fragile tubes, and Google is about to own an alarming number of them. The numbers speak for themselves; Google will own 10,433 miles of submarine cables internationally when the Curie cable is completed later this year.

The so called Internet "Cloud" is actually under sea. Obvious common knowledge to some of us but for those who may not realize, this 14 minute clip is worth watching (the water) to get a different view/learning of Internet "Cloud" and our 'surveillance state'. Passive Taps aka 'Choke Points'.

Note 'STORMBREW' and other codenames in the video clip below.

The Creators Project Behind the Scenes - Trevor Paglen's Deep Web Dive, 2016

The Creators Project travels to Miami to meet Trevor Paglen, an artist, experimental geographer, and counter-surveillance researcher most known for his long distance pictures of secret military bases, and his contribution to the Edward Snowden documentary Citizenfour. In Miami, Trevor takes his art to a new level, deep diving in the Atlantic Ocean to photograph NSA-tapped underwater internet cables. We get inside the struggle between the physical reality vs. abstract concepts of privacy and the vulnerability of our data networks.

When I was living in Hawaii back in the 90s I seen one of these giant undersea cables that partly washed up on a beach after a mild hurricane passed by the islands. This cable connected to Australia & NZ.

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 11:12 AM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

I found these useful Red Wave references:

Red Wave communications - video surveillance!

Redwave Networks Africa - telecoms/ISP

RedWave Radio - blog site with some interesting posts

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 11:28 AM

originally posted by: XAnarchistX
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

I mean, Trump has Rothchild Connections likewise...

From the link I posted which you replied, this link here...

Rothschild Passing Dynasty on to 7th Generation, Marking 200 Years of Banker Family Rule

[...] Trump’s Atlantic City casino operations were bailed out by Wilbur Ross when he was senior managing director of Rothschild Inc., where he worked for 24 years. Wilbur Ross is currently the Commerce Secretary.

Wilbur Ross was nominated by DJT.

More on Mr. Ross...

Before he was appointed, Ross was a banker known for restructuring failed companies in industries such as: steel, coal, telecommunications, foreign investment and textiles and who specialized in leveraged buyouts and distressed businesses.

In November 2017, leaked documents known as the Paradise Papers showed that Ross had failed to clearly disclose a financial interest in a Russian company during his confirmation hearings.

In the late 1970s, Ross began his 24-year employment with the New York City office of N M Rothschild & Sons, where he ran the bankruptcy-restructuring advisory practice.[

In the 1980s, Donald Trump was in financial trouble. His three casinos in Atlantic City were under foreclosure threat from lenders. Ross, who was then the senior managing director of Rothschild Inc., represented investors in the casino. Along with Carl Icahn, Ross convinced bondholders to strike a deal with Trump that allowed Trump to keep control of the casinos.

More at the Source

So, yes some financial tie to Rothschild via Ross but unless one digs deeper anyone can speculate to the left or right concerning DJT on his business dealings. To be fair yes, Ross does have a shady past and can only speculate as to why DJT noninated him for Secretary of Commerce.
On a positive note he needed someone that really understood the Rothschild banking cartel. Maybe the phrase "An enemy of my enemy is my friend", applies here.

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 11:39 AM

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 12:20 PM
a reply to: pavil
It will be interesting to learn exactly HOW the "5-eye" countries used U.S. equipment to conduct the actual spying.

Meanwhile, the thunder is getting louder, ahead of the big Storm's arrival!

Here is a response from V.P. Mike Pence yesterday, after Senator Grassley informed him that Obama's FBI tried to plant SPIES in the Administration, via his office, during the transition period.

“I was deeply offended to learn that two disgraced FBI agents considered infiltrating our transition team by sending a counter intelligence agent to one of my very first intelligence briefings only 9 days after the election,” Pence said in a statement to Axios. “This is an outrage and only underscores why we need to get to the bottom of how this investigation started in the first place.”

Source with more at:< br />
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posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 12:29 PM
a reply to: Justoneman

That was me, I always do my part.

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 12:33 PM
FYI Reminder: Trump Rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin tonight at 8pm Eastern (7pm G.B. time.)

Article: 2ee79efc.html

Live Stream:

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 12:44 PM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

RedWave Labs Ltd,
173 Curie Avenue
Harwell, Didcot, OX11 0QG, UK

"Curie" as in Curie submarine cable from link in my previous post.

Doing some searching on "BLUE WAVE" produced...

NSA’s TURBULENCE SIGINT Processing and Analysis Programs Revealed (Partly)

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 12:58 PM

originally posted by: pavil
a reply to: crankyoldman

I sure wish we could find out the Keystone, Snow White, Godfather III and Iron Eagle.

I've never heard good ID's of them.

Any theories?

Pav, it would seem the terms represent several things depending on the reference point on the map. The DJT tweets point in the direction of what it means at what time.

So Godfather can be Rudy G, Godfather III movie pope/money +more. Keystone can be SES or spyware and more. It all depends on the connections in that moment.

What is rather mind boggling is we see Keystone HERE as a malware version, but also as SES via their logo, Obama appointees as a economic growth blockade (DJT EO created a way to expel them). Keystone also pointing back to "Bridge" and even "Q" as in Qey.

All are valid access points to expose the system itself in part because the controllers have used the same symbols over time.

Everything has multiple meanings, life has multiple meanings all POV dependent. As we have observed here, when our collective POV alters, then new ways to view the drops emerges. Many of Rel's decode processes have fallen in at various points as we've opened up new realities - pretty damn cool that is.

No matter what, the drops and tweets can be read a many levels including levels we cannot see just yet.

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 12:58 PM
a reply to: crankyoldman

Had to stare at this one for a few minutes even though the obvious is in plane sight. Good one!

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 01:04 PM

originally posted by: pavil

originally posted by: Creep Thumper
a reply to: queenofswords

That's a Moleskine. You can get them at Barnes & Noble.

What's more interesting is the blue all-seeing eye paperweight, left screen.

Or the statue of Moloch.......sure it's the owl of Minerva.

Doesn't the CIA have more important things to do? Must be slow with no setting up President's for Russian Collusion.

To me, the message is that the alphabets play games with us and no longer give a crap if we know that. They're more interested in their global social experiments.

I don't like to use something the left likes to whip out all the time, but I sincerely believe the alphabets enjoy upsetting the applecart everywhere and part of their agenda is to spread discord because they like to watch the hate bloom and mature.

I think our military involvement around the world clearly proves this, as well as alphabets meddling behind the scenes that we cannot see overtly, but deduce.

Our entry into Iraq and Afghanistan was pretty blatant and, I think, completely unwarranted. We lost a lot of good people. For what? Profit. I don't think I have to point out who made out like bandits.

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 01:08 PM

originally posted by: pavil
a reply to: crankyoldman

I sure wish we could find out the Keystone, Snow White, Godfather III and Iron Eagle.

I've never heard good ID's of them.

Any theories?

I never saw "Iron Eagle", but I think the "Godfather III" reference relates to someone who has tried repeatedly to escape clandestine activities only to be pulled back in.

Who was Snow White? She was poisoned and in endless sleep. We're waiting for someone to wake her up.

Keystone is the toughest. We all know the purpose of a keystone, but the range of interpretations is pretty broad.

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 01:09 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

or maybe people keep trying to make excuses when Trump gets caught doing the same things as everyone else, plus I posted some other connections to look into, not just the one person

this delusion and constant defending and making absurd excuses for when Trump does exactly the same things like the people you all hate and supposedly this "Q" is fighting against

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 01:12 PM
a reply to: FlyingFox

I guess Acosta forgot what Strzok said to Page when she expressed concern that Trump would be elected.

He said, "We'll stop it."

If that ain't a nice, succinct way of saying "we're" planning a coup, I don't know what is.

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 01:15 PM
a reply to: Sabrechucker

You should probably be careful about what you ask of him. You don't want to dox him.

posted on Apr, 27 2019 @ 01:16 PM

originally posted by: Sabrechucker
a reply to: misfit312

Prince Henry's mother was murdered in a tunnel..all because she had him out of wed lock with a horse trainer.

Kentucky Derby coming up. I've long wondered who Markle really is.

Like a Hubbard-Clinton connection!

She was murdered because she was dating a Muslim and the UK didn't want that kind of mess to interfere with their politics and compromise their intel.
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