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The amazing story of Kasper Hauser

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posted on Apr, 5 2019 @ 11:27 PM
Welcome back to cake's myriad of mysteries-okay that's a working title.

Last time I covered the Dyatlov pass in my last thread, this time I will tell you the story of Kasper Hauser, a boy who's life started and ended in mystery.

For those who aren't familiar with the story, one day in the 19th century a young boy wandered into the streets of Nuremberg, disheveled and appeared to mentally and physically disabled. Now that's not too interesting, but what to come is.

It turns out that Hauser may not have been the poor boy he appeared to be, as this letter hints that he might me more blue blooded than folk thought.

The missive claimed that its author had no blood relation to Hauser even though the author had raised him as a son. It also noted that since 1812, Hauser had not gone “a step from the house, in order that nobody might know where he was brought up.”

And according to the rest of the letter, Hauser maybe have not have been a vagabond, but a VIP.

It ended ominously with the author stating that “it would cost me my neck” had he escorted Hauser to Nuremberg himself.

Now to me that sounds like the kid was of some importance. However did not deter locals from gawking at his seemingly obvious retardation. He refused to eat anything but bread and water, preferred the jail cell, and could only mutter a few words. However through divine intervention or an Oscar winning performance, his condition improved rapidly

As the “forest boy” learned to communicate effectively, he began to weave a strange tale about being brought up in a prison. He claimed to have never seen the face of the man who brought him to the outskirts of Nuremberg, saying that he had been forced to look at the ground the whole journey before being handed the letter and left alone.

So after his rehabilitation, he was taken in as a ward, and became a well educated and artistic, then after a fee years well...this happened. He staggered home with after a near fatal stabbing. His ward suspected him of carrying out the attack on himself, however Hauser's apparent last words were "I didn't do it myself".

Now debates have raged about his origins-he could've been a Bavarian Aristocrat, maybe even royalty, however recently (if you call 1998 recent) discovered that Hauser's blood did not belong to royalty.

So who was Kasper Hauser? perhaps his retardation was a ruse to protect his identity, whatever identity that was. Clearly he was important to someone, but who? Perhaps his tombstone sums up his strange tale.

"Here lies Kasper Hauser, enigma in life, mysterious in death."

It's an interesting tale if you look further into it, but cake needs to use the fire escape to find more mysteries.

posted on Apr, 6 2019 @ 12:19 AM
The answer may lie within ...............


t was said that a child would be born that would unite all Europe without a war, but through love. This child would be a spiritual master, similar to Jesus, and therefore would be THE enemy of the Jews.

This child was born on the day of Michael, the 29th of September 1812, in Karlsruhe as the son of Grand Duke Karl and his wife, Stephanie de Beauharnais, the adopted daughter of Napoleon, and therefore was the successor to the throne of the House of Baden - the GERMAN EMPEROR!!

But the Illuminati Freemasons and the Black Nobility knew about him and had to make this child disappear. The French Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasons kidnapped the boy, but they couldn't just murder him. If they would have killed the physical body, the vehicle of this soul, the soul would simply have chosen another body, maybe one year later, and would have taken the throne anyway. So they had to keep this soul trapped in the body and prevent it from taking on its task. Therefore, the Freemasons kept the child somewhere in normal conditions until the age of two and a half, when the child showed its first signs of memory (that's the time when the soul gets fixed within the physical body).

posted on Apr, 6 2019 @ 03:27 AM
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

Maybe he was the dark secret of someone who "was with" someone who married into the royal family?
What would a human in their 20s really want to do? # more.
That's what I would have gone for. You?
I'm older now

But remember to live in a time when hunting was entertainment.
Sometimes maybe the theatre. Opera is hip and modern.
You have money free time a castle with many different rooms.
I don't believe purity was a thing. But humans in their 20s are horny.

posted on Apr, 6 2019 @ 05:54 AM
a reply to: Peeple

I also thought of the bastard theory, a young baroness may have had an affair, Hauser being the product. Maybe this man who escorted him was his possibly his father.

The basis of this thread came from a forty year old book in my "library" so I googled the story to see what facts were concrete, and the facts very rarely strayed from my source material.

Whoever Hauser was, I dare say someone wanted him dead.

posted on Apr, 6 2019 @ 06:11 AM
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

Death by stabbing? You can for sure say someone wanted him dead.

posted on Apr, 6 2019 @ 11:16 AM
Could be an outcast Rothschild too 😎

posted on Apr, 6 2019 @ 12:02 PM

Now debates have raged about his origins-he could've been a Bavarian Aristocrat, maybe even royalty, however recently (if you call 1998 recent) discovered that Hauser's blood did not belong to royalty.

Well that is pretty iffy.

Differing DNA analyses In November 1996, the German magazine Der Spiegel reported an attempt to match genetically a blood sample from underwear assumed to have been Hauser's. This analysis was made in laboratories of Forensic Science Service in Birmingham and in the LMU Institute of Legal Medicine at the University of Munich. Comparisons with descendants of the princely family proved that the blood examined could not possibly stem from the hereditary prince of Baden.[32][33]

In 2002, the Institute for Forensic Medicine of the University of Münster analyzed hair and body cells from locks of hair and items of clothing that also belonged to Kaspar Hauser. The analysts took from the items used in the test six different DNA samples, all of which turned out to be identical, but they differed substantially from the blood sample examined in 1996, the authenticity of which was therefore questioned.

The new DNA samples were compared to a DNA segment from Astrid von Medinger, a descendant in the female line of Stéphanie de Beauharnais. The sequences were not identical but the deviation observed is not large enough to exclude a relationship as the difference could be caused by a mutation. (The mitochondrial DNA which was examined is passed only through the female line and thus cannot change except through mutation.)

On the other hand, the relatively high similarity by no means proves the alleged relationship, as the "Hauser samples" showed a pattern that is common among the German population.[34] The House of Baden does not allow any medical examination of the remains of Stéphanie de Beauharnais or of the child that was buried as her son in the family vault

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