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Cardinal Robert Sarah Warns That “Islam Will Invade The World"

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posted on Apr, 11 2019 @ 12:23 AM
The trouble with Islam is that its failings are institutional. Mohammad himself claimed secular authority and lead armies into battle.

The Koran teaches the place of women directly in its pages.

Xians have, in the past, done all the same stuff, but they are NOT COMMANDED TO by their religion.

That means XIanity CAN change and stop doing those things. Islam CANNOT change. Mohammad declared quite clearly that he was to be the last prophet. Nobody was to change any of the laws he laid down.

I'll work with a bad person who is willing to, and able to, change.

While we are on this topic.... Atheists have done quite a lot of bad things also. To EXACTLY THE SAME DEGREE as xianity's god commanded Xians to do the bad stuff they did, the athiests' god also commanded them to do bad things. (That degree being ZERO).

Sometimes people just plain do bad things.

originally posted by: Ligyron

Why are you people so afraid of Muslim people? I don't get it. Due to my line of work(archeology) I got to visit and live in several Muslim Countries and got to meet a lot of Muslim women and men, it's true that Muslim women are dominated and sold off like cattle by their fathers, but for a very, very long period of time(since the first man got to walk) men have being selling women, and I don't see you guys picking up arms to help women on a global scale.

It's true that that happens in the former Soviet states too. Efforts are being made to stop it, but it's still happening. ...

So why are you guys so worried? And if you are so worried about the continuation of the ''white European'' race - how come you ain't making babies?

Eh, now that women are able to have standards you guys are coming to realize you are not good enough to breed necause they don't want to marry and make babies with the ''average ''European or American man?

If we try to outcompete over breeders, then the whole world will die out when the top soil of all the over-taxed farms erodes.

The first world is trying to preserve some sanity within its borders, but first world countries can't regulate their own population unless they stop the influx of overbreeder nations trying to send their economic refugees.

They are reaping what they have sown. (And what they've sown is too many sperms and eggs.)

Honduras, for example, has gone from 6.54 million people in 2000, to 9.26 million today. 20 years time to grow by 46%.

Stupid, ignorant, savages. (I don't know what else to call people who can't even do basic math.)

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