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LIVE UPDATES: 2 police officers shot in Henry County [Georgia]; Teen held hostage

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posted on Apr, 4 2019 @ 05:49 PM
LIVE UPDATES: 2 police officers shot in Henry County; Teen held hostage

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - A gunman suspected of shooting two police officers in Henry County remains barricaded in a home with a teenager who is considered a hostage.

When Channel 2 Action News at 4 started, negotiators were still talking with the gunman in a bid to get him to let the 16-year-old go, authorities said.

"We're hoping he was going release the 16-year-old. He said he would, and we're just standing by waiting," Henry County police Capt. Joey Smith told Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Mark Winne.

The officers have been taken to the hospital and are stable and expected to recover.

Rumors that it is a domestic incident.

As far as at the scene:

"We do not want to make a dynamic entry into the home," Smith said. "With communication with the individual, at least he's talking -- that's helpful. We're going to wait as long as we can."

Prayers up for everyone involved.

ETA: More from the NY Post:

Henry County police officers went to the home about 20 miles south of Atlanta on Thursday morning and found a gunman barricaded inside with the 16-year-old, they said.

Detectives think the incident began as a “domestic situation” and that there may be another victim, a woman, inside, said Henry County Police Captain Joey Smith.

Two male cops in their 30s forced their way into the house and were shot by the gunman, said Smith. One of the officers was shot in the hand and the other in the hip and upper torso.

Cops in Georgia shot by gunman holding teen hostage

This has been ongoing for a few hours now.
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