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Will China be the reason that will bring about REAL UFO disclosure .

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posted on Apr, 2 2019 @ 05:59 PM

originally posted by: ufoorbhunter

originally posted by: Arnie123What proof is there that China will be the main power in fifty years? More so, why do they have to achieve supremecy before admitting Aliens?

It is my opinion that the 'aliens' visiting Earth are actually human beings in the future coming back on historical vacations. Also these future humans (greys) are probably of Chiese descent which fits in with the "main power" theory in the future they certainly look Chinese derived. Now that is why the West is so secretive about letting the UFO facts out of the bag because they know the future is Chinese

posted on Apr, 2 2019 @ 06:37 PM
I figure that China has already been paid off by the US to keep the cover on that face on Mars. NASA can fake pictures for us here on Earth, as long as they are the only ones taking pictures. But now to keep the secret they have to pay off China and the ESA and India. So they have already worked out a deal over that.

posted on Apr, 2 2019 @ 10:55 PM
a reply to: 2hooitconcerns

I'm pretty sure Aliens have abandoned US since it had went rogue on everyone since the 00's. So where is my spacecraft US? That you promised millennials would be riding in.

All other European countries have been crippled militarily by US aerospace companies either through merger or under NATO influence.
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posted on Apr, 3 2019 @ 03:26 AM

originally posted by: St Udio

No China will not be the reason or cause for the Acknowledgement of past/or/present 'off worlders' here on Earth

Antarctica will be.... (hint: that's why the Catholic Pope & the Orthodox Patriarch visited the continent)

3 minute video = pope tells patriarch to visit mystery in Antarctica, which he then visits the next day


I find it difficult to think of anything else than actual bodily remains of obvious aliens on display in their habitat which would motivate a Pope or Patriarch to go out-of-their-way to visit the Alien colony under Antarctic Ice... it's a crisis-of-Faith kind of thing the church leaders had to face.

A few of us have know for a very long time what has been sitting preserved in Antarcticas cities exactly where every accurate functioning working model puts them.....all those who have visited had fore-knowledge....there are Pre-Noahic remains to be found all over the Planet....they have never been fully hidden it is impossible to do.....we were simply lied to...and someone has to take the heat for that big time.

posted on Apr, 3 2019 @ 01:33 PM
I am a new account holder. However, not a new reader.

I myself also believe in the 'future human' theory, revisiting Earth.

LEVs storytime.

Human evolution. Our downfall... With 7.5 Billion humans overpowering mother nature, wasting away her natural resources, something has to give.
Society on Earth comprises of both males and females which are both needed to produce offspring as in what we believe to be 'as nature intended'. However, Homosexuality has been around for a very longtime, only really becoming accepted on a large scale in the late 20th Century. These 'same sex' couples are just as capable as caring for offspring. However, need outside help to reproduce. Here in the 21st Century we find Transgenderism becoming more understood, open and accepted. With Asia arguably leading the way. Some might say if Transgenderism had a Capital it would be Thailand.
My Grandfather passed away afew weeks ago in his sleep. He worked as a Scientist but that was about all any of his family knew about his past as he'd been retired for many years. I was tasked with clearing out his study, which I could only say was 'a mess'. I did however come across some of his diaries. To cut a long story short it was kind of a log of his time working with, yes you guessed it, 'little green men'. Well grey actually. Now it didnt talk about space vehicles or where they were from, but read more about why they were here. Using some kind of telepathy he was able to maintain contact with the 'Being'... "Why are you here?"

"There are multidimentional plains of existence. I come from one very similar to yours. Some of these dimensions are dark where as some are of light, some can be considered a future or a past. I basically come from your future. We came from a time where the evolution of man was at threat. The Male and female sexes evolved to slowly become one sex. Initially Trangerderism was misunderstood, but eventually became known as 'Mans' natural progression. Over many years different parts of the Earth evolved more rapid than other with Asia become the frontrunner. This ofcourse brought your planet back into balance with the slowing of reproduction bringing the population down. Possibly your 'Mother nature?' With the process taking many hundreds of years, some of the people in the west decided to leave the Earth. Starting with the Moon and then further. Initially humans stil had the ability to reproduce to carry themselves forward, but with the evolution in they're DNA, reproductive organs became obsolete and genetic engineering became necessary. This is why we are here. After thousands of years even the genetic engineering had started to fail. We returned to Earth in your future and found beautiful clear skies, blue oceans and lush green trees, but no humans. With the help of other species we discovered the ability to cross dimensions and decided our future can only survive if we use your timeline. This is why you are referred to as being 'so special' The ability to reproduce is the route to immortality. Not for the individual you see, but for the species.
There are other species intersted in the Earth. Some are dark wanting to use its resources. However there is another higher species which protects the Earth. These 'beings' of light explained to us we need to ask for your help and not just take what we came for. When asked why they were here, we were told this dimension is not quite the same as our own. Humans here posess what you call a soul. from what we can assertain these 'beings' of light are soul'like entities. We were told humans here are on the brink of spiritual transendence, so need to be protected. We wonder if you will evolve to become a 'being' of light? Did our species miss out by leaving our Earth in our dimension? We are here to ask for your help..."

My Grandad then just scribbled down some comments on how he found the visitors features similar to someone of Asian origin. Oval eyes and the such...

Thanks for reading guys and gals!

This is obviously a writing of fiction... ... Or is it?

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