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The Worlds Within The Human Body

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posted on Mar, 31 2019 @ 01:05 AM
An excerpt from Zhuan Falun (from Talk 2 - The Third Eye):

"So Daoists consider the human body a small universe, and that makes a lot of sense. They’re not saying that its compositional structure is like the universe’s, they’re not talking about the form our body takes in this material dimension. We want to ask this: what’s the material body’s state below the level of cells as today’s science understands it? There are all kinds of molecular particles, and below molecules there are atoms, protons, nuclei, electrons, quarks, and the smallest microscopic particle that’s been researched so far is the neutrino.

So what’s the absolute smallest microscopic particle? It’s just too hard to research. In his later years Shakyamuni said, "It is so large that it has no exterior, and so small that it has no interior." And what’s that mean? It means that at the Tathagata level, in terms of largeness, you can’t see the edge of the universe, and in terms of smallness, you can’t see the smallest microscopic particle of matter. That’s why he said, "It is so large that it has no exterior, and so small that it has no interior."

Shakyamuni also put forth the theory of 3,000 boundless universes. He said that in the Milky Way galaxy of our universe there are 3,000 planets that have beings with carnal bodies on them, just like the human race. He also said that a grain of sand has 3,000 boundless universes like this one in it, so a grain of sand is like a universe, with intelligent human beings like us in it, and there are planets like this one, and mountains and rivers.

Sounds hard to believe, right?! If it’s true, then let’s think, isn’t there sand in those universes? And in each of those grains of sand, aren’t there 3,000 boundless universes there, too? Then isn’t there sand in those 3,000 boundless universes? And in each of those grains of sand, aren’t there again 3,000 boundless universes? So at the Tathagata level you can’t see the end of it all.

The same goes for human molecular cells. People wonder how large the universe is. I can tell you that this universe does have boundaries, but even at the Tathagata level it still seems like it’s boundless and infinite. But the inside of the human body, going from its molecules down to its microscopic particles in the microcosm, it’s as large as this universe. I know it sounds hard to believe. In the extreme microcosm of what makes up a human being, or any being, his nature and the unique elements of his being have been formed.

So our modern science’s research on this is still miles away. The level of our human race’s science and technology is pretty low when you compare it to that of the beings of higher wisdom on other planets in the greater universe. We don’t even have the ability to break through dimensions that exist at the same time and in the same place, while the flying saucers from other planets can just go and travel in other dimensions, even the concept of space-time changes, so they come and go in the blink of an eye, and it’s so fast nobody can explain it."

I recommend downloading the full book, it has incredible insights into life, mankind, the universe and our purpose here:

posted on Mar, 31 2019 @ 02:22 AM
a reply to: LitriumGem

Yes the quantum physic is an amazingly interesting subject.size is a concept that is not fully understood by human brain...We have no absolute small as we have no absolute big.I am not sure how far it goes both sides and I know this has been occupying a lot of peoples minds for centuries...That fact makes us think that how inferior we are compared to the size of whole galaxy,and how stupid are our problems ,prides,joys,etc,etc.

posted on Mar, 31 2019 @ 08:48 AM
I knew I was the centre of the universe...

actually, when you think about it, in an infinite universe, we are all the centre..

Not sure what to make of this, really.

posted on Mar, 31 2019 @ 01:23 PM
Humans understand their scaling quite well... almost too well some would argue.

The reality that humans have next to no clue about the scales of the nano and universal is too large of a coincidence to push the concepts of videos like this aside:

So yeah... the human being may be nothing more than a smart cell... with the miraculous ability to be able to choose whether we serve life as a red cell or a white cell!

ALL cells provide a service to life, both good and bad. Let us cells be reminded of how one human can NEVER be universally better or worse than our fellow humans. We are ALWAYS both equally right & wrong on these journey's through infinite realities.

posted on Apr, 1 2019 @ 12:37 AM
a reply to: shapur

Agreed Shapur, the silly wars and power struggles are so pointless when viewed from a cosmic scale but mankind always seems to repeat the same mistakes.

a reply to: gallop

Interesting you had that insight Gallop, I think when Tolkein was talking about 'Middle Earth' he was alluding to this same premise:

Also, I found another Buddha Law lecture excerpt where Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) mentions exactly what you intuited about earth and humans being in the central position:

“The Buddhas, Daos, and Gods that we know, we humans, and all matter that we see exist in dimensions that contain countless universes—innumerable universes—that can’t be counted even with the unit of zhao. This cosmic expanse is that enormous. This is one independent system. Then beyond this expanse there exists a larger cosmic body, which is another independent system.

Then beyond that system there exist larger, even larger, and even larger, larger systems—this is how immense the cosmos is. And in the microscopic world it’s extremely, extremely, extremely microscopic. Where we humans live is just about at the central position—whether viewed from a macroscopic perspective or a microscopic perspective, the human world is almost in the middle."

a reply to: ttobban

Awesome video Ttobban. I've seen some of those images but not all of them, amazing stuff. I found another Buddha Law Lecture excerpt from Master Li Hongzhi where he talks a little more on this topic of macrosmic and microcosmic dimensions:

"This universe is quite complex, and it’s so complex that, besides humans, even Buddhas, Gods, and Daos are amazed by it. And humans’ understanding of the universe is limited to only one layer of its existence. As I said before, of the surface of matter that humans are able to understand, the largest particles are planets and Milky Ways, and the smallest particles include—that is, those that can be known through the use of instruments—molecules, atoms, nuclei, neutrons, electrons, quarks, and neutrinos.

What’s smaller down the line is unknown. But [what is known] is so very far away from human beings’ original matter and from the original matter that forms living beings. Even [what is known] is reduced in size by countless hundreds of millions of times, by countless and countless hundreds of millions of times, but it’s still not the ultimate end.

So, that’s how microscopic matter can be. And yet, the more microscopic the matter is, the larger its volume is as a whole. You can’t view one single particle alone. That one particle is only one point of its whole volume, but it is one whole entity. So, the more microscopic the particle of matter is, probably the larger the surface of the whole entity is.

When the particles that form the matter are large, the plane formed may not be proportionately large. Humanity only understands the dimension made up of molecules, and yet they are content with what they have achieved and are constrained by various definitions in empirical science, and are unable to break through them.

For instance, the air, water, steel, iron, wood, as well as the human body—everything within the space you live in—are made up of molecules. You are as if living in a sea in the realm of molecules or in a three-dimensional picture made up of molecules. A spaceship, no matter how high it can fly, is unable to go beyond the dimension made up of molecules; a computer, no matter how advanced it is, is no match for the human brain.

Of course, it’s not that human society has made no breakthroughs at all; it has come to understand molecules, atoms, quarks, and even neutrinos. But what science is able to see is only a point, not entire planes, where particles of various sizes exist. If they were to see such planes, humans would have seen really existing scenes of other dimensions in the universe.

And that atom is more than an individual particle that humans see. Even with an individual particle, if it can be enlarged and then seen, if it can be enlarged to the size of a small planet, beings, matter, water, plants, and all forms of material existence on that object made up of atoms can be seen. But humanity cannot make that breakthrough.

Actually, humans live between two particles: the molecules that form everything and planets, the largest particles we can see with our eyes. So [humans] live between molecular particles and planets. Of course, if I don’t talk about it today, scientists won’t realize it.

Humanity hasn’t been able to come up with the idea that planets too are particles. And these countless planets form even larger particles, which are various Milky Ways, and in turn, galaxies form an even larger scope of the universe, but that is still not the largest particle. Of course, the concept I’m talking about may have suddenly pushed your thinking to a very high realm.

If your body is as large as the body made up of the particles at the level of planets, when you look over at the Earth, does it look like a molecule? Viewed from humans’ perspective on matter, planets are indeed a layer of particles. This is talking about it from a macroscopic perspective.

People often talk about going up to heaven, but where is heaven? Where is “up”? In this universe there is no such concept as “up,” “down,” “left,” “right,” “front,” or “back.” Going up can be “up,” but is it also “up” when you go down? This universe is round, and the Earth lies almost at the center. Its left-hand side is up, its right-hand side is also up; what’s down is up and the top is also up. Then this leads up to a heavenly secret. As I said just now, the smaller the particle, the larger the plane.

In fact, when a being is able to enter into a more microscopic level, it is already in a larger, higher place: it is in heaven, because the more microscopic the particle, the higher the level. This is a very vast perspective. The perspective on the universe I just explained is only one way—one perspective on dimensions. There are more complex ones.”

posted on Apr, 1 2019 @ 01:50 PM
a reply to: LitriumGem

Cool debate... I love this subject, and I am glad to see it discussed!

Viewing the matter formed, regardless of size, starts to become less of a concern when factoring in that all matter is formed by way of frequency/vibration. The nano scales are just beyond comprehension when we get realities where we are able to count electrons in an atom, yet that very electron can be measured and found at any given point in the electron field. It's just a far too bit of a higher frequency to understand a world where a single electron can be counted individually yet found at any point in the atom... there's just nothing that will ever be able to view that scale on the frequency plains we live upon.

Viewing illustrated concepts like the Mandelbrot Set draw this concept out the best... for me at least. The human being is somewhere many layers deep in the Mandelbrot Set. The reality that there are infinite levels of infinite quickly rush forward a reality of human limits. Humans can verify the Mandelbrot Set to a point, but it requires the leaning onto mathematics to trust any further beyond... this occurs on both the macro and nano scales.

Ascension in terms of the human are to include pushing and exploring the barriers of frequency. Higher dimensions surround our entire being... both the inner and outer human envelope this reality. Aspects of ascension occur even as we discuss the subject. We open our realities to higher planes of frequency based existence by way of including realities of unknown proportions into our being & existence. The human as an individual entity becomes automatically less relevant as soon as we learn of the universes that encompass our entire being. If realities remain untapped, so be it that ascension stalls as well. We include more realities to our being, and frequency limits start to expand. Ascension is obtained by going both outwards and inwards at the same time

It seems as if our concepts of ascension align quite well. I may just include that the frequency limits expand to new limits once we go extremely small or extremely large. It's my belief that Pineal Gland function once served humans to read and examine higher planes of reality, but extreme calcification of the Pineal Gland caused poor reception/learning capabilities at the least. Oddly, Pineal Gland de-calcification has been my primary goal to learn more about such matters.

I say it all the time... heaven is real when one becomes born as a human. The millions of galaxies within us and that we encompass many galaxies within us is all the God/Unknown I will ever need to remain thankful and happy in life. The human element is trillions of miracles all bundled up into a meat sack of atoms. It's a very small list of ingredients that form all matter. In the end, it's how the ingredients within a given environment of Ether come together that forms matter.

posted on Apr, 3 2019 @ 01:40 AM
a reply to: ttobban

Tobban in regards to the Pineal Gland and the 3rd Eye, this is covered in great depth in the book link to Zhuan Falun in my initial post, I think you would find it a fascinating read.

You also touched upon Quantum Physics and the Uncertainy principle that many scientists are now talking about. It's interesting because you mention that if you could definitively pinpoint each individual electron in the 'electron cloud' you could see it's position. This is exactly what a Falun Dafa mentioned when he wrote an article on this, here's the excerpt:

"Another thing I’ve enlightened to is what quantum physics refers to as uncertainty. Quantum physics states that the location of electrons at any given time is uncertain. In my understanding, this uncertainty relates to the differences in time. It is not the location of particles that is uncertain, but because of the time difference between our dimension and the dimension of the atom, we can’t see it. If the atom was magnified to the size of the solar system, the location of every electron would be as certain as the location of every planet. From our dimension, it seems that the electrons rotate very fast, but from the perspective of the atomic dimension, it is just as slow or as fast as the revolution of the planets around the sun. "

Full article:

posted on Apr, 5 2019 @ 11:57 AM
a reply to: LitriumGem

Thanks a bunch for the read... I will certainly read it!

The primary reason I theorize on these subjects is simply attempts to stretch the limits of possibilities. The limits beyond human comprehension are a reality on both the nano and macro scales, so then the theory measure falls back to more simple patterns within the parameters of lives as we know it.

Dimensional time and space then becomes the focus for me, which is mentioned in your post. Instead of trying to locate the specific location of electrons, it seems that electron clouds oscillate many many more times and in a wider band of amplitude. If true, then it would help answer to why electrons can be counted and measured when time gets frozen within the 3rd dimension, but immeasurable once time is factored into the equation. This video has a solid demonstration of what I mean by this.

Another element of dimensional links that video touches on is the differences between 2D & 3D realms. The 2D living ant will never understand this miraculous 3rd dimension. All of these tidbits of patterns causes a stir of thought once including the thought of 3rd dimensional life operating no differently on our limitations of dimensional awareness. Not much differently than the ant, if 4th dimensional time and space can't be viewed than we always remain stuck in a sea of theory.

If the atom was magnified to the size of the solar system, the location of every electron would be as certain as the location of every planet.

So yeah, it seems my thoughts align well with the links you offered. The one link of information that I may alter any would be to trade out magnification for amplitude and time constraints combined. Rather than looking at size wholly, it just falls to a theory that matter forms life outside the 3rd dimensional time and space... matter which encompasses all dimensions below it... lower dimensional limits simply remain blind to the higher realms of matter within time.

I will also link here a little toy that fascinates the hell out of me. To me, the central magnet represents higher unknown dimension. The planetary magnet (outer) represents lower known dimension. The smaller magnets on the perimeter of the central magnet represent the ability to harness the placement of electrons. It seems this little toy may represent what will happen when humans can steer electrons to the location within space time that they wish. This feat would then show to unlock the harnessing of both time and matter placement within it. Such a feat would mean that higher dimension has been manipulated by a lower dimension.

The feelings that higher dimensions are NOT to be messed with or altered allows for me to focus on the quality of my life and what good I can provide life in general. It's why I say that the 4th dimension is time, and the 5th dimension is the Inner. Being that the human composition is formed of perhaps millions of universes, it seems a more fulfilling life stems from turning inwards instead of outwards. Pineal Gland function steers the Inner, so it's importance is immeasurable to me.

Thanks again for the links and information... it is very much appreciated!
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The Ancient Secrets Of The Flower Of Life, by Drunvvalo Melchizedek is a book that drastically altered my perceptions of life and dimensions. I can't even explain why, but "The Inner" kind of told me to link it... hahaha. Perhaps you find it of interest yourself?
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posted on Apr, 14 2019 @ 08:38 AM
a reply to: ttobban

You're welcome, I feel you will find the book very insightful. Thankyou also for the book recommendation by Drunvvalo, I haven't heard of this book and will be checking it out.

Some interesting points you bought up about dimensions and how we cannot access them in our daily perceptions of the world. Here is another quite interesting lecture excerpt from Master Li Hongzhi about the brain and how many dimensions exist within it:

“The human mind is complex. I’ve spoken with you before about how a person’s brain is merely a processing plant. A person is born from his mother’s womb, with his parents’ flesh and blood, and then grows by consuming earthly foods. And at death, whether he’s buried in the earth or cremated, he turns to dust. The brain itself, strictly speaking, is not the origin of one’s thoughts.

Don’t people have a soul? Doesn’t a person’s body also consist of a part that is at various microscopic layers and that isn’t in the surface dimension? All of those can generate thoughts. Some people have said that the human body is a miniature universe. Think about how many cells are contained in a person’s brain. And how many molecules make up those cells?

And how many even more minuscule particles make up those molecules? Each minuscule particle, as positioned in space, looks as does a celestial body to the human eye. Everyone looks outwardly. Every planet in this greater universe has life on it, only it’s not in this surface dimension and thus it’s invisible to you. America’s space technology is said to be so advanced, yet when they land on other planets they see nothing there but a desolate world.

But it is not desolate there; it’s just that man’s technology is too shallow. How many planets are there in this universe? The cells, molecules, and more minuscule particles in the human brain have the same arrangement as that of the universe that we see, and even the sequencing is the same. How many particles are there in your human body?

How many planets are there inside your brain? If the lives on those minuscule particles (that is, planets) were to look upon the particles spread throughout the space of the brain, would it be any different from how human beings look at planets or the universe?

If you are to look at it this way, doesn’t a person’s brain contain a large universe? And how many beings, how many gods, and how many still greater beings exist there in those dimensions? Given that all of those countless beings have their own minds, where exactly do humans’ thoughts come from? It’s extraordinarily complex."

posted on Apr, 15 2019 @ 10:16 AM
a reply to: LitriumGem

Thanks again for the talk and info... I will be adding Li Hongzhi to my list of information too. I can tell I'd align well with the concepts of the multi dimensional, as too much of the mathematics line up to be patterned the same, just scaled differently.

To me, it seems as if all of these universes have a toroidal field or an aura per se... no matter the size. Couple the aura presence of formed particles/matter with the concepts that all life is formed by way of frequency, and it turns into a dimensional scaling of which the formed matter's 'antenna' for existing frequency correlates to dimensional awareness or understandings.

Frequency oscillates at its life's given parameters in both amplitude and oscillations per second (Hz). Even though humans have a large awareness of frequencies, to read the amplitude levels beyond our scale are inconceivable. The same goes for frequency limits. The brain acts as an MP3 player... not reading all of the unneeded oscillations in between our perceivable spectrum.

Not only do I feel that the body is a universe... I feel as if a single human encompasses a near infinite number of galaxies even. Humans are already nanobots on the grand scale... it is just hard to imagine. For humans to be creating on the nano scale when the entire Milky Way galaxy is nothing but a cell of an even greater life form starts to unravel just how small life can get. The scale of the human is already so small that its inconceivable. One has to include the realities that many levels of infinite exist.

When I compare humans to dolphins I form theories that relate to their sonar abilities to hunt for food. To me, all life that has a heartbeat is round... there exists no straight lines. All energy forms dielectric inertia and acceleration from a core of being trapped in frequency, which coexists with a field around it, which forms force and motion in relation to the inertia plane of existence. Humans can't read the round world, but are limited to the straight world... take all digital circuitry and electronics as an example. Humans look at the round world, and see the round frequency as a language thhat may never be understood. Dolphins on the other hand live the opposite existence. Dolphins can write and read in the round energy planes, but not the straight ones. Dolphin language alone is a dimension above and beyond human understanding. Humans can't enter into the added information oscillating across time.

Time would equate to being the fourth dimension to me then.

So, is the soul of the human simply an awareness that round life exists, but we can't channel any of the information on those field planes? I think the soul serves the round frequencies all around us, and that ancient humans Pineal Gland's were able to live by way of the circle... causing modern man to trade the circle for the straight line.

The magnetic flux lines of convergence and divergence form a grid of lay lines in relationship to the inertia plane and force and motion around it. If the grid breaks down, so does the formed particles & matter. If energy of that flux field changes of alters any... the frequency was formed by the life form omit an altered frequency. Dolphins can read those round waves that humans can't conceive. If humans had a better sense of sonar abilities, the frequency waves of round life would not be such a mystery I believe.

It's easy to read the straight line digital energy planes... they are on/off or 1's & 0's systems. These kind of debates would not be such a mystery had humans showed any of the abilities to read natural and round frequencies.

The limitations of human understandings cause God to be defined as 'Unknown'. I agree about the complexities you speak of. It's purely speculative on my part, but I feel the inner being that screams at us in silence is a higher form of our own selves... a higher dimensional self that can't manifest matter in a slow 3rd dimension. Dimensional Sim City, and we're the one's & zero's being played. Perhaps the reality of infinite levels of infinity show that I am both equally right and wrong... we just may never know?

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