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Idealizations, Idols, and Hell

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posted on Mar, 29 2019 @ 07:44 PM
There is only one truth, and one reality. Yet many people live by their own idealizations.

This is what the ancients called 'idols': $hitty value systems that could never work/help in times of real suffering. Problem is, the easy-going egotist has really never been strained sufficiently to know how that is. He believes himself to be stronger than he is; the ontology of how his 'being' arises - ala YHVH - is not recognized to be a function of the physical objects - particles/atoms/molecules etc - which make him up (Elohim). Did you know your physical brain actually entrains with other physical brains? And this is what you experience as 'understanding'? If you understand, the events which make up your particular brain regions are synchronizing with other external events. The modern neurosciences are now studying this synchronizing process between brains-in-interaction. What greater evidence could there be that the mind you have is a function of the 86 billion neurons processing information/energy in your head?

YHVH actually IS Elohim, whether or not you'd like to acknowledge that or live by that truth, under real stress - understood as OVERWHELMING emotion - this is what happens. Your Being buckles when it isn't in symmetry with the world. But there lies a greater problem - an epistemological one. Evil action creates guilt. A human self who refuses to acknowedge that it is a DYADIC phenomenon carries the effects of immoral behavior in its brain-processes as dissonance/entropy. A 'de-synchronization' arises in relation to salient external cues which trigger recollection. The egotist can't stand this, so he tries to lessen his burden by 'thinking only of the now'. But what a pathetic cop-out! You seriously under-estimate what your burden is if you think "thinking of the now" means that the events/phenomena which make up your brain-mind will simply go away when you die. This is another fantasy the religiously-egotistical indulge in: death is the end. Is it? YOU THINK SO?!!!

Love tells me otherwise. Maybe the egotist confuses WHAT HE WANTS with what is? If the weightiness of the unconscious guilt/shame is too much, wouldn't death seem like a blissful end to it all? It would; and yet, the situation seems quite the opposite to a person settled and relaxed into the biology of love. Death does not seem like the end, but the return to the point/symmetry from which you originated: love. That is, you return to love, since it is in the biology of recogniton dynamics - of loving-kindness - that the brain grows and the brain is shaped. Yes/No; if yes, the system grows, if not, the system is interrupted and searches for soem form of loving recognition.

Ideals are always created through recognition, but some ideals - uh um, william blakes fetishization of sex, for instance, or crowley, for the most disgusting egocentricity imaginable - carry so much entropy - so much suffering/collatoral damage, that the egotist really has no freaking clue what suffering is coming their way. The "I" that seeks to make itself at the expense of another I, will necessarily lose that I, since the only true "I" is the one formed in the context of the principle of Love - or the "We". The psychology of your mind completely reflects the structure of the interpersonal interaction. You could not have a self outside the context of "I-Thou", yet plenty of simpletons succumb to this fiction, going through life suckling energy from various different systems - from the physical environment, or emotional (other people). They convince themselves that they are "vampires", and that they they "thrive from negativity". What simpletons! Cognitve science does not take for granted the role/value knowledge plays in relaxing stress. To be afforded or encouraged by other people into the idealizaiton that "enduring suffering makes you stronger" is itself a form of safety. Knowing IS SAFETY. Yet does the ignorant egotist bother to consider what sort of nightmare will come their way?

I do not profess to know how hell exists, but I am convinced that there are no free lunches, and if one person steals energy from another person, that thief will receive precisely what he needs to learn - via negative experience - why his behavior is so unconscionably wrong.

To think. This is what the egotist - the traumatized mind - needs to STOP DOING. The ontology of their self-organization is a confusing, blizzard of a mess; they are caught in the cob-webs of idealization; asymmetry, symmetry, back and forth, the oscillating pendulum is not 'outside' but the very connection patterns of their brain. The beginnings of life indelibly set in brain circuits, which are continuously 'regulated' with new, grandiose fantasies. Humans with the same needs promote the same fantasies in one another; back and forth, they fetishize their 'familia' - their name - like mafiosi, they think only they and their own exist, and that the other humans who suffer from thier wanton fetishization of their self are somehow 'outside' their ontological framework. Do they not-notice that they runaway from the truth out of fear? And that running will only add to the ultimate effect - their suffering? A self which refuses to change wil undoubtedly have their self stripped from them; or perhaps they will be born again and again into the lowliest of positions until their karma is sufficiently "repaid".

Alas, this world is still chugging along, but the gravy train will eventually come to a stop, at which point, the weak selves will be naturally de-selected, whereas the strong, coherent, intelligent, and spiritually aligned selves will carry the species forward into a truly new world order.

posted on Mar, 29 2019 @ 07:57 PM
I didn't read past your first sentence. Anyone who concretely believes in what you wrote and speaks it as if it's gospel (and as if they ACTUALLY KNOW it's true) doesn't deserve my eyes/brain, past that first sentence.

posted on Mar, 29 2019 @ 09:27 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Logically I agree. There is only one full measurement of all thing that is correct that includes information on all the states creation have been in on Planck Quantum scale that includes all entanglement. That is truth. Everything else is a false faith/simplification.

Let's call the vibrational energy in the human nerve system that creates bliss feeling spiritual water/chi. People who play manipulation games and are not keeping track of their karma and take responsibility will not reach the higher energy level that is needed for bliss states.

Let's assume the energy density you need to enter low level bliss state is 0.5. I have meet a soul with extreme succubi behavior that can push 0.2 with Reiki. But that is temporary energy they push and they are not wells of energy so they drain themselves when they push. And normally they need to steal the energy from someone else.

Beings who prove what they are and clean up their mess have access to more energy density in their bodies.

I assume by you writing that you have figured out how dangerous it is karma wise to be on the top of a power pyramid feeding on all other souls.

posted on Mar, 29 2019 @ 11:53 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Words and books will only get you so far. In trying to understand your own slow process in healing you have created in your mind a "higher reason" to save the world.

Take care that you don't lose yourself to the ego in trying to "save the world"

but the gravy train will eventually come to a stop, at which point, the weak selves will be naturally de-selected, whereas the strong, coherent, intelligent, and spiritually aligned selves will carry the species forward into a truly new world order.

A New World Order made in your idealized image. Where have I heard those well meaning intentions before, why does it smell suspicious.

YHVH actually IS Elohim

YHVH is actually the demiurge. We can play with symbols and word salads from across philosophies and religions till the cows come home.

death is the end. Is it? YOU THINK SO?!!! Love tells me otherwise

We hope death is not the end, it would suggest that all life is futile, if no continuity. This is where you're missing the point of living in the Now. One who dwells too much on the Past or the Future, forgets to pause and smell the roses.

Why haven't you kept up the exercises of forgiving yourself? Being grateful and living in a state of Grace?

My mind is at peace today - thats not to say I won't stub my physical toe tomorrow. Then I hope to accept the pain of my carelessness and "let go". I'll work hard to not let my physical toe "become the drama that my ego-self wants it to become"

Fresh air, friends, a bottle of wine, exercise, helping others, community will help you farther in recovering than more books. Be honest, you know this deep inside

posted on Mar, 29 2019 @ 11:57 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

but the gravy train will eventually come to a stop, at which point, the weak selves will be naturally de-selected, whereas the strong, coherent, intelligent, and spiritually aligned selves will carry the species forward

How quaintly Darwinian of you.

Nietzsches' Übermensch?Übermensch

Nietzsche introduces the concept of the Übermensch in contrast to his understanding of the other-worldliness of Christianity: Zarathustra proclaims the will of the Übermensch to give meaning to life on earth, and admonishes his audience to ignore those who promise other-worldly fullfillment to draw them away from the earth.[6][7] The turn away from the earth is prompted, he says, by a dissatisfaction with life that causes the sufferer to imagine another world which will fulfill his revenge. The Übermensch grasps the earthly world with relish and gratitude.

Zarathustra declares that the Christian escape from this world also required the invention of an immortal soul separate from the earthly body. This led to the abnegation and mortification of the body, or asceticism. Zarathustra further links the Übermensch to the body and to interpreting the soul as simply an aspect of the body.[8]

posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 12:41 AM
Truth is a very vague word when it lack emphasis behind it.

I'm not Jewish, but imo Yahweh is contradictory to Buddha, even though Buddha not a god. Yahweh all about ego to the point he the definition of it, where if he had an actual image it would be in the dictionary, right beside Sunday.

However, it what makes Yahweh so interesting, like the epitome of reality, there's only one God or odd. Oddly enough, the Hebrew God sounds more of a literary one, like a figure of speech, like Zeus with fire and doesn't focus on imagery or art for the matter, compared to Christianity or some sects of Islam.

Plato also believed in the Artisan( and would have possibly rejected gnostics) who called many things, like Sameal for he was blind in his own ignorance... paradoxically innocently enough.

If it makes you feel any better, some ancients worshipped the phallus. Now theres an idol to wonder!?
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posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 05:51 AM

originally posted by: Astrocyte
There is only one truth, and one reality.

What IS is.......... this that is IS.

What is present is what there is.

The egotist can't stand this, so he tries to lessen his burden by 'thinking only of the now'.

How is it possible to think about now?
What is happening is ungraspable but there isn't anything other.

Thinking occurs now.

If thought speaks about another time (past/future) then that thought is (separate) self serving......ego.

No one exists in what is happening.
Someone appears to exist in time and someone appears to die in time.

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posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 05:54 AM

originally posted by: Specimen
Truth is a very vague word when it lack emphasis behind it.

What is happening is true - what is not happening is not true.

Can what is happening be any different than it is?

A thought that speaks of tomorrow is true.... because the thought is happening.... but what the thought says about tomorrow is not true.... because tomorrow is not.
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posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 07:54 AM

originally posted by: Astrocyte
Love tells me otherwise.


“People don't need enormous cars; they need admiration and respect. They don't need a constant stream of new clothes; they need to feel that others consider them to be attractive, and they need excitement and variety and beauty. People don't need electronic entertainment; they need something interesting to occupy their minds and emotions. And so forth. Trying to fill real but nonmaterial needs-for identity, community, self-esteem, challenge, love, joy-with material things is to set up an unquenchable appetite for false solutions to never-satisfied longings. A society that allows itself to admit and articulate its nonmaterial human needs, and to find nonmaterial ways to satisfy them, would require much lower material and energy throughputs and would provide much higher levels of human fulfillment.”

― Donella H. Meadows, The Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update

“The most damaging example of the systems archetype called “drift to low performance” is the process by which modern industrial culture has eroded the goal of morality. The workings of the trap have been classic, and awful to behold. Examples of bad human behavior are held up, magnified by the media, affirmed by the culture, as typical. This is just what you would expect. After all, we’re only human. The far more numerous examples of human goodness are barely noticed. They are “not news.” They are exceptions. Must have been a saint. Can’t expect everyone to behave like that. And so expectations are lowered. The gap between desired behavior and actual behavior narrows. Fewer actions are taken to affirm and instill ideals. The public discourse is full of cynicism. Public leaders are visibly, unrepentantly amoral or immoral and are not held to account. Idealism is ridiculed. Statements of moral belief are suspect. It is much easier to talk about hate in public than to talk about love.”

― Donella H. Meadows, Thinking in Systems: A Primer

posted on Apr, 9 2019 @ 05:11 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Mister Crowley
What went down in your head?
Oh, Mister Crowley
Did you talk to the dead?
Your lifestyle to me seems so tragic
With the thrill of it all
You fooled all the faithful with magic
Yeah, you waited on Satan's call
Mister charming
Did you think you were pure?
Mister alarming
In nocturnal rapport
Uncovering things that were sacred
Manifest on this earth
Oh, conceived in the eye of a secret
Yeah, they scattered the afterbirth
Mister Crowley
Won't you ride my white horse?
Mister Crowley
It's symbolic, of course
Approaching a time that is classic
I hear that maiden's call
Approaching a time that is drastic
Standing with their backs to the wall
Was it polemically sent?
I wanna know what you meant
I wanna know
I wanna know what you meant, yeah!

posted on Apr, 9 2019 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: FlukeSkywalker

Just as anyone who is so blind to the truth to judge those who know it well only deserves pity.
You have mine.
Remember, there are no atheists in one day you will know...unless you wake up before it's too late.


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