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Giant Winged Creature Sighted Several Times In Alaska

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posted on Mar, 25 2019 @ 07:35 PM

originally posted by: All Seeing Eye
I made my choice a long time ago, my divine creator. He goes by many names..........

So, their the ones muddying the research waters. And like everything else, time will allow those waters to become clear again!

Funny how " Tartuarus" can be both Heaven, and Hell, at the same time

Good to read that you made your choice. If true, out of curiosity, have you recently been reliving certain parts of your life that you never thought could happen again ?

Sooner or later all humans will know the truths and the lies that their handlers (leaders) have preached them.

Tartarus: Depends upon what a spirit exists as: Angel or non-corporate state = no problem. A Rapha in wraith form actually finds that depressing, dismal, prison very relaxing . All other physical forms are totally screwed.

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 04:28 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

a possible explanation is that flew up from the north poles entrance to inside the earth.

posted on Apr, 5 2019 @ 06:03 AM
You never saw a goose with 10ft wing span. Hyperbole. You saw a big goose sure. I've seen big geese and eagles too. They DONT get that big. Just a fantasy bud. Bubble burst.

a reply to: rickymouse

posted on Apr, 5 2019 @ 07:12 AM
Ever seen a Turkey Vulture? damn things are ugly as sin and about 5 ft tall. I damn near wet myself when I came out of the house one day and had one standing next to the porch. It was about 3 feet from me eating a dead squirrel. They are huge and very quiet,which also fills my nightmares.... So yeah big birds do exist.

As far as a thunderbird lore, I think those sightings were in the western America, and cyclic, like every 20 years, I remember a thread that had some pics and I remember the other thread looking for pics.

posted on Apr, 5 2019 @ 09:47 AM
a reply to: Rob808

Those three geese were real big, they were flying towards our car from a pond on side of the road. They made the other geese in the pond look like babies. They looked like canadian geese, but maybe there are swans or something that look like Canadian geese that I do not know about.

I have only seen about five huge birds around here in my life. They all had about nine to ten foot wingspans,

Usually a big bird will have about a six foot wingspan around here. So these birds caught my attention.

It is possible for there to be a genetic line of any animal that has a growth factor stick on and increases the size of the animal. In humans that creates giantism, abnormally big people. In deer, it creates trophy bucks. I have seen a huge buck, the biggest deer I have shot was a ten pointer that was around two hundred thirty pounds when dressed, but that was nothing compared to a big buck I and others saw one year, it must have been about a three hundred pounder dressed weight, I had my sights on a huge doe, trying to grow horns on that doe when I heard it nearby and I froze, it must have been a twelve pointer or more with a massive spread on the horns. The footprints were the size of moose prints but definitely deer. When I got back to the meeting area the guys would not believe me but one of the hunters that were camping there said they saw this on the power line and all the campers took off. I actually tracked those two deer to the power line and it circled back and went within fifty feet of their campsite, crossing the road and going the other way.

I froze when I saw that deer, I have never seen a deer that big. I hope it got to breed for years to spread it's genetics so there were lots of huge deer in that area.

Mutations can occur in animals that make them huge, usually it runs in families, but sometimes it just requires two mutations to line up that are non dominant to occur. So big people pop up randomly because those genes are not really rare, but they are not common. Seeing three of those huge geese together was not something a person would expect to see in a lifetime.

No bull, I did not measure their wingspan, just guessed at what they might be using references, they probably were a minimum of nine feet, but since there were three of them one had to be at least ten feet. one was flying side ways, it did not seem to have a swan neck, I assumed because of their markings they were canadian geese. I spent a real lot of time out in nature, more than most people have, I have seen some weird stuff in my life.

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