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what?disposal for good?

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posted on Mar, 22 2019 @ 12:34 PM
That was a good pull back there.
Almost cost a life.

Nevermind, I have new info.
They need our help.

How could we possibly help them?

There is a barrier on our side that they can't disable from the outside.
They said in 2017 will be able to send message.And in 2018 rest will follow.

When will they arrive?

2021 is the plan.

And if we fail?

2031 is the end.

Fast delivery.

If we can do it from below it can be rerouted to 20.

Who did the math?

They send one of their own.


If you are interested in that you should go check out on your own I'm not going back.

I have calculated your numbers and every method I used it was 44.
Worst of all when ever I would think of it I would first see 44 somewhere.
Except one I got 39.
But I cannot be sure of the formula.
But that time also it was 19:44 when I was done.

I was hoping for 36.

I don't know who's input was from the other side.but when they did me it was ok.
No reason to question far.

What is their current position?

They are behind the cartoon place.

Why didn't they get closer? This is so far.

They say old hidden will be able to go arround current so they decided to use it again.

We will need some help from the ground to go low only.i heard from last guy it's a must to have a group.

We could use some of other groups but they must not know all details for the events. Especially when they arrive.

And we must be sure that they got compensation for the favour. Or else.
I don't whant to go trough it again because we missed something.

So when will we begin?

I will start this week and by the end of next month I will have a setup ready.but I'm not sure if all will be legit.
And regarding dummies we will use 68%.
32 must be buried deep so no one can replicate.

Shall we go for 6 lies?

I would go for all 8.

You know 7 is the limit.

Yeah I know. I will do it in the way they cannot decode in time to stop.that is all that I can.but one time they will be able.

Well I wouldn't be worried about that.if we pull that trough they will be very busy for long time.

Sand will only left like last time.

I wish it was just sand.than none of this would be happening. This time I hope they will close it for good.
I been homesick for last 17 years.

They will close both places,they promised no excuses this time.but must be done from ground.than they will decide if they are coming here as the saviour or we are going there as the refuges. Either way someone will get here for next stage.

If we fail what is their card?

Repeat but from 98.

And if we cheat?

45.but warm.near the red line.
I have seen the report and it says 100%
But I didn't know who.

Check the last one.

1985.closed for Update.
-11+6. It was exactly 34 years ago.

It could be anybody from 70ies.

I know just 4,who is 5th?

New guy who was in loop.
But he has no clue.
He ended in by chance.and you know math.
There is virtually no chance to get there by luck.

Well if it was luck I sure hope it's not gonna run out.but if it wasn't might be something from above. Nothing is ruled out even the cutting.

He is civil society and the situation in the house is checked. He has the ingredients on both places. Even the white cat blacked.

The other day surveillance caught black cat infront of him and the net input from wave scan said something like hahaha nice try.
But in other language.

He is seeing it here?

Yes he is overdue for transport.
Got like army of them carried arround.
He seen the other side and can't forget.

And he is not affected?

No he took something up when he stumbled on the makes him adjustable day and night.even the wifi scan of the house show that he has set disposal unit in the right he caries them but when they begin to warm him too much he dispose them on 3 places.

How did he managed to do that?

Old school Q-nick.
He seen it all behind TV. When it was BW.
He even remembered julieva and connected all in the secound.he offered to try to brake in and leave door unsecured for all sides.
Didn't ask any in return. Just to be deleted.

So a volunteer that knows the job.
That is something to celebrate.
He must be crazy as # to do it for all.
Are you sure he is not a junkie that wish to die?

Pretty sure. He was at 50:50 and presence was detected near him.we noticed something black but only for the 0.3 s.

What class is he?

69.but with cheats.

How many?

So far 3.but as the report says anything is possible even 23.and it include only f b and c.f a is impossible to calculate. It might be able to aces 11 there and we got info from 17 they will deploy all 6 when he is up. it would be over in the week if he starts on 0102.

I don't think he will start on the birthday.
Rule is 40 day after.
And 4 week for final report to 21.

If he update M34TP?

Then 17 will be free to come and do the pick-up.

Make sure all is recorded in spectar and wave so we can cover our assess if he fails.

If he fails someone else will pay.

Sure enough. What will we do with M?

It stays in their domain.we can't do anything about least it will be empty so it will not spill here anymore. Maybe 2023 we will be allowed to visit.maybe not if they chose star wars.its not our business. We will be gone if he is what it seems.

That place even empty gives me a creeps.
I'm happy we could push it that far away but I will rest when it's in their hands.What will they use it for?

I think they will set different game elsewhere and use it for we did.
Maybe even try it up?

And if it goes out of hands?

They would never make such mistake.
They contained it in the first place when leak was detected. And you know what they risked to go low.

But what they got in return is priceless.

I believe they wouldn't share your enthusiasm. Can you imagine way of changing forever? It must be awful.
I'm 40 and if I could change without notice.
I would Done it in the blink.
Forget it it won't happen to you.
That place is sealed for good.

I must go now.when we connect you will have onscreen in real-time so don't forgetto add 6 because he can't.

What do you think he can't.?

He promised not to take any more on his own.

I don't believe it.
If that is true than I'm ready to die.
When we are done with this,if we are still here
I whant to meet the guy in person.
He might be the last one here.

For longer than we expect. Next 2030.
No time to do it in the year. You know the cycling
So next one will be 54 at the time.

If he stays alive he could offer it on the market.maybe even consider MR.P.
Is it allowed to spill?

Nobody will believe, or undestand.
Only insiders.

.nsa headquarters in the h2o.

Mainframe unit 10-10.88
Oldest online.
awaiting user name.
Login sucess.
Visual data rerouted to satellite.
Back links codes deployed to 9 6 3.
Starting protocol aka Ghost in shell.

We are in.
Send him packets so he can start decode.
We will see if he will even notice.
If he starts on its own it will be promising.

Somewhere in Croatia 2019.:
5 minutes later.the guy in the house at 82 picks his phone and starts to write a message.

Back to headquarters h2o facility BT-₩

After 6 hours he is still writing.

Yes he is overdue like I said.

What when they leave?will he stop?

I don't think he cares about that.
He is like programed to do this.he even tried to take different codes and was not even warned.but he dispose on 3 places outside house.even find one 77 spot.dogs shoved him.

Are you saying he is talking with d

posted on Mar, 22 2019 @ 12:41 PM
Are you saying he is talking with dogs?
What is this Dr.Doolitle?

He is not talking to them but looks like he can understand their behaviour when that is in question.

Mainframe stoped sending data.he is done?

Probably gone to sleep. It's night time there.

When is he up?

At 05.05 like clockwork and he don't even use watch.

Are you sure that he is even human?

We have his only blood result from 97.
If he wasn't switched from that time.

Did we had any reports of acess from that area?

Last time 1936.and the one that used was gone it can't be same guy.

What if he had acess to 5th and they could use TT?

How could they return him to 3 year old?

You don't whant to know.type 19 can do that.

Only time he was in contact with outside was 91.and it was his 8.later only 4.ours.
Twice.he even waved last time.dunno how he looked up right on time.

Must have been 6 and 7 ready.thats how.
Check the record and see if we can find something new with his input.use local weight and combine with ours to criss cross .maybe we can pull some already.

Mainframe message :
Q-R alfabet C. 30.

We should send one of ours for backup.

It's arranged. He is there already. First contact was light was approved
In 2018.
Seems that he is waiting someone to ignite but he has no outside contacts.even the equipment is cleaned recently.
He is preparing for it.
Soon he will go up.we are having free ride with this guy.maybe even a movie after.

What if he change his mind?

I feel he won't.
But if he does he is on his own like before.
We can't do anything about that.
This must be clean 200%.or all goes to wind.

Next day

He is up.

Send him link to www to see if he is gonna bite.
He is looking at it but not opening.
Scrolling down.up.he is out.

Looks like he don't care.

Maybe he seen what he needed.

From the headline?

Why not.i seen it before.

Remove the fake info from Ats.
Somebody could hook on it.

Mainframe message :
22:24 pm.36%.LoG.
Entry point asigned to user ☆☆☆☆
Weight 51.
Auto Add 6.
Message out.

He is going up.
Run real time analysis of the input.

He is programing ai level 7.
He is in.
We cant track him further he is at 8.
If he fails the test tonight?

Well than he becomes transport.
Don't worry, not our job.
His Base crew is waiting behind the locked.
If he fails we don't even need to wash hands.

End of the first part.


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