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Turkish President Erdogan airs mosque shooting video at rallies, threatens New Zealand, Australia

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posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 12:19 PM
a reply to: sapien82

I'd be all about that.

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 04:12 PM

Erdogan sees himself as another Suleiman rallying the Muslim world against the infidel.

Elections in Turkey next month I think. He plays the West against the East for his own gain.

He has no respect for the rule of law.

On US soil his bodyguards got away with beating protesters. No charges were laid.

Fancy that

Erdoğan's bodyguards in violent clash with protesters in Washington DC

I have to disagree on this one, the twitter video shows the "security detail" as the aggressors jumping the line to go out and kick the shIt out of some people.

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: projectvxn

He lets illegals get into Europe through Turkey. Then its Europes problem.–Turkey_relations

Is Turkey going to join the EU?
Since 2016 accession negotiations have stalled. The EU has accused and criticized Turkey for human rights violations and deficits in rule of law. ... On 26 June 2018, the EU's General Affairs Council stated that "the Council notes that Turkey has been moving further away from the European Union.

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 05:03 PM
a reply to: JBurns

Whilst I agree with you as to his motives you think that it would be wise to plant the US flag in Turkey? Russia is already encircled with Nato/US bases. Nothing would galvanize Russia more to side with China and India ( still wary of post colonialism ) in forming an alliance to repel the US if they attacked Turkey.

Much has been discussed as to whether the US can sustain 2 fronts for lengthy periods.

I'm pretty pissed as to how we were used by the US in firing the 1st "navy rights of passage" by Bishops rhetoric shots at China.

Between you and I, ATS, I would love nothing more than to see him try to force our Air base out. The terms "unparalleled resolve" and "total, unmatched

Well I dont think you speak for a war weary American Nation. Would a false flag be needed to justify another coalition of the unwilling.

Do you think Americas wars for profit have helped the world in general, or just a select few. I mean lets face it its not about democracy or freeing people from dictators.

We live in an information age not the McCarthy era.

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 05:11 PM
a reply to: lamphead444

Have you ever been to Turkey? They are friendly to tourists and just want to get on with life.

Erdogans thugs quell rebellion like some of the beatings given by US Police to their own citizens.

A little history of betrayals is in order....
Betrayal of Arabs after first World War set stage for turbulent century

Over the past century, the Middle East has been racked by nearly constant conflict, but the frontiers of the region’s modern states have remained fixed, at least in part due tosecret deals made by the British and French well before the outcome of the first World War had become clear....

In spite of the qualified commitment to Arab independence, Britain’s Sir Mark Sykes opened talks with France’s Georges Picot May 16th, 1916, with the aim of betraying the Arabs, abrogating the McMahon accord, and carving up Ottoman domains between their faltering empires. Encouraged revolt At the Versailles peace conference in 1919, TE Lawrence, the British army officer who had encouraged the Arabs to revolt against the Ottomans, tried and failed to overturn the Sykes-Picot agreement.

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: JBurns

Just ask Saddam how well it worked for him

What the Saddam that rose to power with the help of the CIA? until he threatened the Banker money printers with a gold based Dinar?

Give me a break.

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 05:43 PM

War with Islam may be inevitable when you have this guiding US policy.


Huntington is credited with inventing the phrase Davos Man, referring to global elites who "have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite's global operations". The phrase refers to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where leaders of the global economy meet.[19]

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 06:32 PM
a reply to: hiddenNZ

The picture of the gun and the Greek word Turkofagos - not Turkish.

perpetrator of the atrocities is Australian and from TNH’s research, he does not appear to have Greek roots, the bizarrely specific and weighted words he inscribed on one of his instruments of death are hard for anyone to believe upon sight. It’s especially hard to fathom anybody who is not Greek, or of Greek descent, to know and use these terms in such a manner

Most Greeks are more concerned with the EU and their struggling economy at the hands of the Troika and the selling of their National Assets to appease the Bankers.

Take note of the above link.

This smells unlike a lone wolf action.

Most Greeks are wary but have moved on from the last conflict with Turkey. Cyprus war in 1974 comes to mind.

The term Turkophagos would be from the WW2 older Greek generation who had these terms from early childhood spoken by their parents born in the 1800's.

Thats a big red herring for me and doesn't pass the smell test.

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 06:54 PM
a reply to: gort51

This was the first real terrorist threat in Australia.

You forget about the Eureka blockade?

Look at the word terrorism and how its been hijacked for the narrative

the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians,in the pursuit of political aims.

he rebellion was the culmination of long-standing grievances on the part of the miners, or “diggers,” over exorbitant prospecting-license fees, brutal police procedures for collecting those fees, lack of the vote, and lack of representation in the Legislative Council.

Troops and police surrounded the 150 diggers who were within the structure on December 3. After refusing to come out, the diggers opened fire on the government forces. The ensuing battle lasted for 15 minutes and ended with the rout of the diggers. Although there is some uncertainty concerning the death toll, it is generally believed that 22 diggers and 5 troopers were killed. Lalor escaped and remained in hiding until amnesty was declared. None of the rebels accused of treason was convicted. The Eureka Stockade rising accelerated the enactment of reforms, which followed in 1855.

When the State does it, it is never painted as terrorism.

Just denying ignorance; as we have seen "words do matter"

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 07:03 PM
a reply to: JBurns

it is the United States after radical muslims slammed four airplanes full of worthwhile-Americans into the centers of American commerce. THAT is real terrorism.

With ties to Saudi Arabia -

9/11 report's classified '28 pages' about potential Saudi Arabia ties released

^The last time this happened (one of those times Arabs attempted to carry out their threat of wiping Israel off the map)

Do you hold Israel to the same level of account after the USS Liberty sinking act of Terrorism?

thought not.

JUNE 8, 2018
Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty: A Half Century Later, Still No Justice

After more than two hours of unremitting assault, the Israelis finally halted their attack. One of the torpedo boats approached the Liberty. An officer asked in English over a bullhorn: “Do you need any help?”

The wounded commander of the Liberty, Lt. William McGonagle, instructed the quartermaster to respond emphatically: “# you.”

The Israeli boat turned and left.

A Soviet destroyer responded before the US Navy, even though a US submarine, on a covert mission, was apparently in the area and had monitored the attack. The Soviet ship reached the Liberty six hours before the USS Davis. The captain of the Soviet ship offered his aid, but the Liberty’s conning officer refused.

In Assault on the Liberty, a harrowing first-hand account by James Ennes Jr., McNamara’s version of events is proven to be as big a sham as his concurrent lies about Vietnam. Ennes’s book created a media storm when it was first published by Random House in 1980, including (predictably) charges that Ennes was a liar and an anti-Semite. Still, the book sold more than 40,000 copies, but was eventually allowed to go out of print. Now Ennes has published an updated version, which incorporates much new evidence that the Israeli attack was deliberate and that the US government went to extraordinary lengths to disguise the truth.

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 07:14 PM
a reply to: CriticalStinker

I mean, it's almost 20 years after 9/11 and we've bombed 7+ countries

911 Afterwards - Gen. Wesley Clark "Take out 7 Countries in 5 Years"

Dick Cheneys golden gift to the MIC and his Halliburton mates

posted on Mar, 21 2019 @ 08:06 PM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

Thanks man. I'll check that out.

You won't catch me supporting this corporate socialism circle jerk in the name of "patriotism".

Patriotism isn't blind support, it's holding your elected employees accountable.

posted on Mar, 22 2019 @ 07:07 AM
a reply to: Schmoe1

probably not legal at all , but how good would a website be where everyone in the world can go on then pay whatever they want to take out the worlds most wanted , or criminal , or evil people list

then the assassins would have no option but to take on the job, there are like 3.2 billion people online
so even if 50% voted , and paid 1 dollar each that's 1.5 billion for a target !

would a world class assassin turn down 1.5 billion to take out Kim Jun Un
or Erdogan , or some other 3d world dictator piece of # ?

Maybe having these evil people see this website will make them go " wow the world hates me that much" maybe I should change

posted on Mar, 23 2019 @ 05:08 AM
Pa reply to: r0xor

It was very obvious what Netanyahu intended when he made his statement. Unfortunately there are liberals so caught up in their false “reality” that cannot accept anything said at face value and instead have to twist the statement around by either taking the statement out of context or by alleging what was said means something entirely different from its original intent. Being American we are confronted by this every single day via the liberal MSM’s “fake news”. There is reality in the content of what Netanyahu spoke about. Certainly there are individuals who choose violence as an expression of their political views at both extremes of the political spectrum. But it is also true that the purveyors of radical Islam espousing a their political ideology of hate choose violence and terrorism as an expression of their views far more than any other group in recent years. To many non-Muslims the failure of the so called “moderate” Muslims to speak out vociferously against violence and terrorism committed by radical Muslims is viewed as tacit acceptance and approval of such bad acts. Why are so many Muslims unable or unwillingly to speak out against violence and terrorism?

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