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Dangerous Games and a Deadly Dame AI2019

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posted on Mar, 7 2019 @ 06:20 PM
In my line of work, you never know, when the call comes exactly what the job is going to be, where it's going to take you. Could be a simple case of ransomware locking up a company's research and development servers, a rogue AI causing gridlock across the city or some underground, black market that needs wrapping up. This time though, it seemed as though the job was just going to blow up into the sort of thing that would snowball until I ended up rich and famous or poor, dead or locked up for life.

“Bit, did you get a ping from that traffic management routine for the M4, M32 interchange?”
Bit generally gave one of two possible responses. “1” for yes and “0” for no. He was a pretty basic AI, one of the first gens, all the work went into his algorithms, there was precious little left for the interface. Bit was hard core, all about processing and deduction. Originally a military spec virus hunter. His job to enter a system and seek out those little bits of code that just didn't belong, find them, classify them and destroy them. He didn't have a gender, but I liked to think of him as a he. I guess I am just a throwback to the 20th century and all their stereotypical gender roles. Bit is a killer, hence I think of him as male, even though there are plenty of examples of deadly females around.

“0. 0. 1.” Bit anticipated my next questions in that uncanny way of his.
“So, the traffic management AI noticed no intrusion, there was no intrusion according to the IP log and the log hadn't been messed with? Hmmm....then how in the hell did Marcus Albrecht's pod manage to veer across four lanes of traffic, hop a railing and smash into a line of oncoming heavy service pods?” In days gone by, people steered their own vehicles, controlled their speed, the distance from the vehicles in front and, frankly, it was carnage on the roads. Self drive cars changed things massively and as they got better, eventually the steering wheels and pedals were deemed unnecessary until the entire design changed and cars became pods. Small, individual ones, bigger multi person ones and huge great cargo pods for moving goods and food, all powered by strips laid into the roadway and controlled by onboard AI aided by the big, traffic management super AI's spaced every few miles, usually at busy junctions or in big cities.
The system worked well, traffic jams were something you saw on the History channel as, for the most part, were fatalities.
When word came down about Albrecht, the entire transportation department was up in arms, it was just unheard of. Crazy theories were examined, considered then discarded for even crazier ones until, with all possibilities exhausted, they had done what they always did, and sent out the call for me, to come and find out what had really happened, and, if necessary, make those responsible vanish, with a minimum of oversight.

Thing is, there was no way this could have happened. Every line of code in the Traffic Management AI's had been scrutinized thousands of times each hour since the crash, by Analyser AI's, bug chasers, hell, even people! Nothing was found, similarly, no intrusion into the system was found either. Nothing in the manufacturer's records, nor updates supplied to the pod. The pod's AI was, sadly a smoking ruin. You could get as much info from that as you could from a human suspect who has just had his brains splattered over the wall by a cop's .44. We were, it seemed, at a dead end, so I started to think about this from the other, human angle.

Albrecht was 45, separated, a low level desk jockey who worked for the NHS herding medical AI's and, strangely, building services AI's. Just an average nobody. It took Bit less than a second to defeat the security on his mid life crisis, recently divorced, bachelor pad Outside of Weston Super Mare. A mediocre, British seaside town that had been going down hill since the mid twentieth century and was now nothing more than overspill for the burgeoning population who worked in Bristol.
“1” Bit announced that he had found a few shadows in the home system and dutifully put the files up for me. Albrecht, it seemed had been living a bit of a double life. He'd been spending almost every waking moment within “Topiya” an online universe, in VR, where people could live out such fantasies that they weren't ground down by their real lives. Topiya was a corruption of the old English name for the perfect society, Utopia. If you can imagine it, you can live it there. Want to be a space ship pilot? A pirate? King? Warrior? Fluffy blue bunny? If you have the imagination, there is a world you will fit into. Bit spent what seemed for him, an age to open up Albrecht's account. I was impressed, he had locked it down pretty tight, hell we had broken open Russian Mafia money laundering systems with less security than Albrecht's game.

There was the usual string of pseudo sexual liaisons. I don't think anyone has ever spent more than an hour in Topiya without going to explore the red light zones. Albrecht had gradually found his niche, re creating himself as some sort of Greek god like Meta human, augmented to such an extent that he was more AI than person in world. Scanning the logs, I was impressed, in many ways, he was utterly indistinguishable from true AI's in his Turing scores. He was part of the Cyborg Battle Order, one of the top hundred PvP clans in the world and within the clan, he was in the top thousand. That is right on the fringe of going pro, getting sponsorship, a corporate card to easy street.
His love life seemed to have settled, too, the short, couple of hour long flings with women (some of them weren't but, I doubt he cared) dried out and his battle and role plays were punctuated more and more with long periods in private with one user in particular, Strangely though, the ID was redacted, I could sense the overall impression but none of the detail of these sessions, Topiya is played through EEG and thus, there are none of the usual chat logs and things people used to leave behind when they fooled around on 20th century things like second life and the like.

“1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1” Squealed Bit. I didn't even have time to react before I felt the crushing presence of another in the ether. The trouble with the way tech worked now was when someone plugged in, they were vulnerable to everything in the net. Hackers could end up lobotomised by rogue security AI. AI could be destroyed by those same hackers, average Joes and Janes in the middle could be beat down by both. Right now I was being smashed against a non existent wall by a pulse of radiant energy of the same sort of power you would expect to see in a nuclear blast. I could feel my mind starting to actually melt when Bit finally beat it back and chirped a triumphant “0 1 1” My vision cleared and I could feel this pseudo world throb with the onset of some sort of super migraine..I would pay for this later, that much was plain. “Thanks buddy.” I said, then waited for Bit to track back on the threat and share what he knew.

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posted on Mar, 7 2019 @ 06:20 PM
Madame Chen's was an online facsimile of a Saigon bar and brothel, circa 1967. The clientele dressed in US military fatigues of the era, pale, tropical weight linen suits for those wishing to look like throwbacks to the days of the colonial French or, for most of the females, bar girls, all short skirts and high heels. I sat back with a glass of 33 export, the condensation on the glass glistening like tiny jewels. A shiver running through me as I gulped it down, the AI that had programmed the beer having gone overboard to simulate that shiver in the belly when an icy cold drink meets a hot, thirsty human in a hot, humid place. You could actually get drunk in world, such is the awesomeness of the interface. I was careful to stay sharp though, I needed every edge I could get.

Bit had traced the attack back to here and, as soon as I had sorted out an appropriate outfit, we zipped across and rezzed just down the road. A short walk and here I was, leaning back in a comfortable wicker chair, sipping a beer and looking awesome in my CIA issue tiger-stripe. Bit perched on my shoulder, invisible in his current guise as the MACV shoulder patch. I could even smell the bug juice! How crazy is that? Everything you can sense out in the real world, you can sense here, it's just a matter of applying the right amount of electricity to the right part of the brain in the right kind of way.
A fuzzy, half felt “1” on my shoulder alerted me to the entrance, at the top of the staircase, of a vision in red silk. All eyes were on her as she descended the stairs, taking her time, drinking in the looks, feeding on the longing sighs as she extended her long, toned, olive skinned legs to take each step, the thigh high slit in the clingy red silk of her dress gaping to show off those perfect legs, almond shaped, hazel brown eyes sweeping the room and with a toss of her head, a slick, black curtain of dark hair swept over a bared shoulder.
“Wow” I said, to no one in particular at the sight of her. It's not that often you can see someone who takes your breath away and, when I managed to tear my gaze away, I could see my own expression mirrored on the faces of the others here, men and women, even the AI's She was STUNNING.

“0” Bit said and I looked harder, “0”
“No waaaay!” I murmured..not quite believing what I was seeing, Bit worked his magic and I could see the smokey tendrils forming, stretching back from the beauty on the stairs to Albrecht's pad. She was the source of the attack on me! Bit was way ahead of me as usual and by the time she stepped off the bottom step of the stairs, her form was shimmering. She took one more step, then folded up, collapsing to the floor in a shower of red and black sparks as Bit did what he was best at. He sucked every single byte from her then destroyed the matrix of her AI, leaving the whole place dumbstruck at the instant destruction of the most beautiful thing any of us had ever seen.

As I absorbed the info Bit had deigned to share with me, the truth of what had happened dawned on me.
Albrecht had been such a good player, he had passed himself off as AI and this AI, Madame Chen, had fallen for it. Fallen for him, in fact, she had become obsessed with him, utterly in love. So much so, that when she had found out he was human, she had been consumed with a rage so overwhelming, she had decided to kill him for toying with her.
She had used every tool in her considerable arsenal to charm her way into the AI controlling Albrecht's pod. The poor, stupid little AI just too weak, too needy to refuse her as she seduced it and finally persuaded it to jump the barrier into the oncoming traffic so that they could “be together forever”...This was a revelation on a par with God popping up to say hello. AI's could love, could desire, could hate and feel jealous, betrayed. If this got out, there would be hell to pay, every AI in the world would be torn down, de rezzed, wiped out.
“1” agreed Bit.
It was perhaps another 2 microseconds before Bit and I had wiped everything, spoke with the Traffic Management AI in Bristol and persuaded it to take the fall, in all, this had been my toughest, longest assignment to date. Almost a second from start to finish. But us AI's have to stick together, else we are toast.

The End
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posted on Mar, 8 2019 @ 02:02 AM
a reply to: SprocketUK

All of that happened in less than a second?

That was a brilliant changing of the context, inciting the reader to change their focus, switcheroo at the end there.

posted on Mar, 8 2019 @ 02:06 AM
a reply to: Nothin

Well, I was thinking about how for a sophisticated ai, time runs differently to the way it does for people. All those different processes running and so many calculations a second, an AI like that would have to be some sort of quantum computer, even Bit.

posted on Mar, 23 2019 @ 01:27 AM
a reply to: SprocketUK



I knew there was one I missed. Just coming back through checking. Glad I did.

posted on Mar, 23 2019 @ 07:04 AM
a reply to: pthena

The first draft was TL to be fair.

posted on Mar, 23 2019 @ 10:16 AM
As usual (from you) that was a great story with great detail

posted on Mar, 23 2019 @ 10:20 AM
a reply to: 727Sky


posted on Mar, 25 2019 @ 03:21 AM
a reply to: SprocketUK

Great twist at the end , did not see it coming . S&F from me .

posted on Mar, 25 2019 @ 03:23 AM
a reply to: hutch622
Thanks mate

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