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Donating blood is both racist and xenophobic

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posted on Mar, 7 2019 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: r0xor

All our blood services to my knowledge are run by the NHS so nope you don't get paid
There may be some private places perhaps that do....I've never heard of any personally

posted on Mar, 7 2019 @ 05:46 AM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport

Who goes to reply, but looks at their clock and thinks "Whew, it's 45 past, I'm gonna be OK!!"

just as an aside.

from 28-33 it's like donating blood AND pulling teeth at the same time.

posted on Mar, 7 2019 @ 08:54 AM

originally posted by: Mandroid7
a reply to: mysterioustranger

Yeah, not to mention some people would wear a disguise and drain all their blood for cash.

That really was true in the early '80's...then you needed i.d. and your donor card to even take a seat.

Addressing repetition frequency of plasma donating...they would actually call me to come in as my tetnas levels are high...and burn victims need it for fighting skin graft infections.

Some days I'd be pale like a vampire walking the U of Mich campus!
edit on 7-3-2019 by mysterioustranger because: No coffee...

posted on Mar, 7 2019 @ 09:08 AM

originally posted by: Bluntone22
a reply to: SocratesJohnson

If I recall correctly there is a shortage of black blood.
Apparently black folks don't donate blood as a rule.

I'm not sure what it is about African decent blood that makes it different..

Blood is blood. It is typed and coded...and red. For every human. We all bleed red.

What can be race specific is the same markers regarding the potential propensity of a black person to sickle cell anemia...within their communities.

With's thought black to black only would replace the non healthy markers within that disease and could be supported and/or replaced in S. C. Anemic patient.

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