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CDC director planning to travel to DRC as country battles Ebola outbreak

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posted on Mar, 3 2019 @ 09:10 AM
link /cdc-director-planning-to-travel-to-drc-as-country-battles-ebola-outbreak/

Redfield will make the trip with the director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, according to a WHO statement. The CDC would not confirm Redfield’s travel plans. “To protect the safety of CDC staff, including leadership, we don’t confirm travel or discuss specific locations of deployed staff members,” spokeswoman Kate Grusich said in an email.

This is good news that they're going to need to sort the ebola problem out so that it cannot get out of hand in the world . From further reading , and not from any medical qualification , were it not for the new vaccine being used there , this time the pandemic would have reached far larger porportions already , and that there was recently a failure to stop the spread into drcs larger cities . The numbers are reportly low still , about 557 deaths so far at this point , 888 infected , 8 months old.

American involvement in stopping the spread has been withdrawn due to hostility towards them . There have been comments that the local population mistrust the Americans to the extent that they see them as there to spread the actual disease ?! That must be if true a quite difficult myth to dispell , especially if it draws fire on them as it does . We could maybe help to dispel it , tell them that when these visitors - the men in charge- go there then it is to help secure the world from disaster , the Congo too .

The CDC was forced to withdraw workers from the outbreak zone last year amid security concerns in the region, the scene of intense local conflicts. Those concerns have persisted; this week, two medical groups that were running the operations in the area decided to withdraw their personnel following attacks on Ebola treatment centers.

A spokeswoman for the WHO said the itinerary for the upcoming trip is still being finalized, but a statement earlier this week from the agency said Tedros, as the director-general is called, will visit the outbreak zone — specifically two cities where the treatment centers were recently attacked and burned. This will be at least the fourth visit to the outbreak zone by the director-general. It is not clear if Redfield will accompany Tedros to those cities, Katwa and Butembo, where most of the Ebola transmission is now occurring in the outbreak, now in its eighth month. A State Department bar on U.S. government employees working in the outbreak zone is still in effect.

Here's a small point for us though ,

In an interview in October, Redfeld said that, in discussions with other Trump administration officials, he argued that American experts should stay in the outbreak zone, despite security risks, but was overruled.
The CDC director said he would like to see “a small footprint of CDC employees” back in the area. He added: “I’d be happy to be one of them.”

And When does one over-rule the advice of the Director General of the Centre for Disease Control ? Ahmm , can we maybe get Mr.T to let that particular guy get on with his own job please , ... or when is that ?


More staff may be heading to DRC soon. In early February, Redfield issued a call to agency staff for volunteers for “extended deployments” to DRC, surrounding countries, and to WHO headquarters in Geneva. “We are in need of CDC staff with experience working in Africa, knowledge about Ebola, and ideally advanced French language skills,” he wrote.
and let's bestow blessings upon all the staff who are prepared to go and clear the problem of ebola or any other dangerous pandemic , good old healthcare workers in general in fact and we're as a human race we're lucky having a vaccine that apparently works now as well .
Again we're hearing of the problem with treating ebola in the drc is attacks on medical staff and treatment centres , and that's now happening in cities . It sounds like a difficult problem , and some people would prefer a military invention of some kind to stop this.

posted on Mar, 3 2019 @ 09:44 AM
Often a vaccine will help some people, it will do nothing for others, and it can harm some by causing an improper reaction. They have always distorted the effectiveness of vaccines, many people do not get sick from Ebola, their immune system does fight it properly. Some people do have a problem with immunity to Ebola though, the vaccine will help those people but doesn't do much for those who already have immunity, their immune system gets ramped up by the vaccine though, prepared in advance for the illness. Some people can be carriers of Ebola without actually getting sick or fighting it, but there are very few in this class from what I have read. There presently is no test for whether someone needs the vaccine or not, so I suppose that if the risk is there and since this disease is bad, I would say I would try the vaccine if Ebola was in our area....but it is not...I will not take a vaccine if there is no risk.

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