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UFO Time Anomaly Research.

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posted on Mar, 27 2020 @ 03:42 PM
a reply to: karl 12

This may be of interest.

Masters, Sarfatti and others are in it.

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posted on Apr, 13 2020 @ 05:47 AM
Dan Sherman (of Project Preserve Destiny fame) in his book Above Black :

"... ... Sherman learned that 'time' (as we humans know it) does not have the same meaning for "them". They still age as we do, but are not bound by the physics of time as we currently are. Their means of travel across vast distances is heavily-dependent on the manipulation of time. But not as we perceive it. [note: this might corroborate Oberth's observations that the Roswell craft behaved more as a "time machine"]

Sherman asked if they can travel through time (e.g., can they go backward-or-forward in time). He was told that it was not possible to witness a reality that occurred in some other time but the Present. In order to go back in time, one must assume that there exists a reference point from which to measure backward or forward. This is an impossibility. Essentially, they weren't able to travel through time but around time and from time. Sherman never really understood what this meant.

Their mode of propulsion was somehow they used "time" and electromagnetic energy. Also they said that our Sun was very unique. And that someday we would understand how it really worked and how we could utilize the same methods that they themselves use but on a smaller scale. ... ... ..."

More on the PPD/Sherman story is archived at .

And at the risk of discrediting my post, I might add that any "real" time-related research related to the fabled Project Looking Glass ( ) or even (dare I say it?) the Montauk Project ( ) would be due a look-see.

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posted on Apr, 19 2020 @ 08:12 AM
Most scientists acknowledge the probability of Alien life in the Universe. However, they are skeptical of the notion that they have visited Earth in spacecraft (even if they had FTL capabilities). But they are more entertaining of the possibility that these craft behave more as "time machines" than navigational craft.

I don't know if this is akin to teleportation (e.g., a Macro StarTrek "beam me up" device) or folding of space-time. The latter reminds me of the "movie "Dune" and what Lazar claimed. Also the father of famous Missing Person Philip Taylor Kramer claimed that his 'The Equation' provided the mathematical background to possibly near-instantaneous biological teleportation ( ). German Rocket Hermann Oberth pioneer was alleged to have stated that the Roswell craft behaved more like a "time machine" than an navigational craft ( ).

There is no law in Physics that prevents a reversed Arrow-of-Time (e.g., Future => Present => Past). This gets into mathematically abstract notions like Minkowski ( ) and Hilbert space ( ). Physicist John Archibald Wheeler formulated his GeometroDynamics theory ( ) in an attempt to unify General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics. Matti Pitkanen improved on it with his Topological GeometroDyndamics ( ). Matti has written several essays which allow for a reversed Arrow-of-Time (albeit on the micro quantum scale).

I remember once reading something that contained "The Chinese got into time-travel around 1988". Now I suspect this isn't the H.G. Wells' type. But I'm left guessing as to what it entails. (Curious that this was the same year that Bob Lazar went public.) "Pseudo-teleportation" in the Philadelphia Experiment was theorized by Navy electronics engineer Bob Beckwith at .

If the Montauk Project was disinfo, there surely are real similar projects (e.g., HAARP) that are exploring Time. "Artificial reality bubbles" were written about at . Or perhaps the Chinese were researching something more "down to earth" like Project Looking Glass ( ).

The following was extracted from (and

" ... ...My NSA contact confirmed that the Government had succeeded in time travel but also considers it a dangerous technology. Teleportation research conducted at the Lawrence Livermore / Sandia National Laboratories, California has had some successful results as well. Certain extraterrestrial races have been using portals of their own devising to visit Earth. Now the U.S. Government(ever avaricious to copy ET technology) has created a primitive but working model of its own. Dr. Wen Ho Lee worked on that holographic portal project along with other scientists. ... ..."

Remember the 1950s' tv show "Have Gun, Will Travel"? A gunfighter (Paladin) advertised his fast gun for hire in the Wild West. "Have Brains, Will Travel" is what mainstream physicist Fred Alan Wolf uses to advertise his consulting services. He maintains that a "bleedthrough" from another dimension has been noted ( ). Other rumors of "portals" are at => .

posted on Sep, 14 2020 @ 12:49 PM

originally posted by: stealthskater

German Rocket Hermann Oberth pioneer was alleged to have stated that the Roswell craft behaved more like a "time machine" than an navigational craft

Well thanks for providing all those links Stealthskater, haven't found the time to go through them yet but when it comes to Dr Werner Von Braun's mentor Profesor Hermann Oberth then there's some relevant (and revealing) info here about statements he gave at a news conference in 1954.

As for freaky time aspects connected to UFOs, here's another one from Pine Bush.

See 6:52

"We looked at our clocks and we had three battery running clocks, two in the kitchen and one in the living room and for some strange reason all three clocks were stopped at the same time"

Elaine Crampton - UFO Witness

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posted on Sep, 17 2020 @ 02:02 PM

originally posted by: karl 12
Relevant newsclippings compiled by Loren E Gross:

Salesman Alan Cave claims he became a time traveler the day he spotted a strange orange cloud.

For as he drove under the mysterious object in the sky, Alan says his milometer, his watch and a digital pen all moved... BACKWARDS.

Yesterday he told of his close encounter on the A46 between Bath and Stroud.

“It was exactly 11 o’clock when I glanced at my watch and it said eight o’clock.  My digital pen said nine.

“Both were right when I set out.

“Then the speedo started going back – it was weird.  It lost 300 miles, though a mechanic had since told me it’s impossible.”

Alan, 45, of Dorchester Road, Tauton, Somerset, doesn’t believe in flying saucers.

“But something very odd occurred in those few seconds – and I wouldn’t like it to happen again.”

* London, England. Daily Star. 3 November 1981.


It was a shaken John Struble who got the cement truck under way again after the object was gone, who noticed moments later that his watch apparently had been stopped too.  Mrs. Struble said the watch had kept perfect time prior to the sighting, and was five minutes slow afterwards — approximately the duration of the UFO appearance.

The watch was non-electric.

* Kalispell, Montana. Daily Inter Lake. 22 October 1975.

Some UFO Notes By Loren E. Gross

And another one.

Springfield, Missouri - April, 1984.

"Several head of cattle graze on the property; there have been recent attempts at rustling.  The caretaker calls his wife on the citizens band radio in his truck.  She is at their home on the property.  A friend of hers is visiting.  The caretaker says he is going to check out this suspicious occurrence.

He drives toward the lights.  He comes to the end of a dirt road in front of a deep ravine, near the spot where he saw the lights.

That is all he remembers.

There is a 10 minute gap in the report.  No radio contact.  Nothing.  Except that, somehow, the caretaker finds himself on the other side of the normally impassable ravine.

He calls his wife for help.  “Where are you?” she asks.  “I don’t know,” he responds.

His truck won’t start, the lights won’t work, he feels disoriented.  When he finally returns to the house, his wife and her friend notice that his battery powered watch is running 12 minutes slow.
  The next day, he will have to replace the alternator and the regulator in his truck.  Both have been burned out.

What is the caretaker’s opinion of what happened?  “He doesn’t have one,” Mrs. Becker says.  “He knows something unusual happened to him, but he’s not sure what.”

* St. Louis, Missouri. Globe Democrat. 19 June 1984.


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