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UFO Time Anomaly Research.

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posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 02:13 PM
Police UFO file and Judicial Court case - Saturday, August 31st , 1968, Mendoza, Argentina.

Close range UFO (and occupants) sighting results in another stopped wristwatch.

Argentina: The Night a UFO Shook Mendoza Awake

Over 50 years ago, the courts of the city of Mendoza (Argentina) engaged in the investigation of a strange claim that became local and national news: the Villegas and Peccinetti Case - two employees of the Mendoza Casino who claimed having been intercepted by a UFO and five aliens in the city, near the Liceo Militar.

Judge Jorge Marzari Céspedes was famous for the fact that all unusual events wound up before his bench. "All that you need is to send a flying saucer to jail!" some colleagues had told him, half-jokingly. However, one day, that remark practically came true, and it became a police docket and later a judicial file..

"We were about to check whether the car battery was operating correctly when five completely bald individuals, with heads larger than usual approached us. They wore a kind of coverall, stood 1.40 meters tall, and had very pale skin." -- Statements by Villegas and Peccinetti in the court document.

Upon seeing themselves surrounded by these humanoid figures, the Casino cashiers thought to escape through an empty field, but a surprise awaited them.

"There was a lenticular object, 5 meters in diameter, hanging in the air. A powerful beam of light was projected from a lower opening, aimed at the ground. It was some 30 meters from us and floated a little over 1 meter from the ground." 

As part of the investigation, Sheriff Miguel Montoza kept Peccinetti's wristwatch: a Precision with 17 antimagnetic rubies which had stopped cold at 3:42 on 31 August, the exact time of the reported "alien contact".

Full Report

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posted on Jun, 29 2019 @ 07:37 PM
'Ripples In Time' - great old British programme exploring some lesser known time slip cases (including Jung's 1930 experience in Italy).

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posted on Jul, 15 2019 @ 11:30 AM
a reply to: Outrageo

Recent interview where Dr Masters expands on his time travel UFO theories with Georgio Knapp:

posted on Jul, 15 2019 @ 12:18 PM
I had made a post several pages back about armando valdez.Supposedly he was to write a book yet the latest news i heard was he became a hermit in a rural place.Anyway i got a case of missing time from rosales huge huge catalog which was free but he then decided to make money out of it and started selling the books

Location. Near Bush, Alaska
Date: May 7 2008 Time: evening
Nick Andrew Jr. was on a snowmobile hunting birds some distance out of town---maybe three hours away. Preparing to return home, he decided to check a different location on a hunch. Stopping to look he saw a small boy all alone in the middle of the marsh, he recognized the child as a boy from the village. He asked him where was his dad or hunting partners. He then grilled him with questions of who he was with and if he was alone. The boy was scared and had been crying. All his answers were “I don’t know.” He described the boy as disoriented, dazed, confused and scared, with no concept of time. He did not appear tired, nor was he hungry or thirsty. But the boy had been lucky; it seems he was found in a spot frequented by large tundra brown bears. Andres took the boy home, noting that there were no footprints in the spring snow to indicate anyone had walked into the area. He found that puzzling, he counted at least 10 other snowmobiles in the neighborhood, none of whom had spotted the boy. After getting the boy back to the village he left his VHS radio on overnight, in case some other hunter reported a missing child. No one did. It wasn’t until the next day that the story started emerging that he’d had what you’d call an “out of the ordinary experience,”. He’d had some missing time, just like people who report being abducted by UFOs. The boy said he was brought into Picher Mountain, a site often associated with “Ircenrraat” encounters. There he was questioned and saw other “little beings.” He said he made contact with a little girl abducted over 40 years ago. She told him who she was and she wanted help. After the Ircenrraat decided to release the boy and that’s when he came to, possibly a few minutes before Andrew found him.
HC addendum
Source: T. Peter Park
Type: G?
Comments: The “Ircenrraat” are a recurring theme in traditional “Yupik” teachings and legends,
“little people” who dwell in the tundra usually underground. They disorient, discomfort and trap
unwary humans.

Notice the similarities of lil people with fairies of olde.This intelligence whatever it is (cough cough) has been with us since ancient times.

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