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FBI Vault releases part 30 of Hillary Clinton Files - Weiner Laptop related

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posted on Mar, 4 2019 @ 10:54 AM
a reply to: Justoneman


posted on Mar, 4 2019 @ 10:57 AM

originally posted by: dashen

what children?

I'm guessing Wiener's sexting with a 15-yer-old.

posted on Mar, 4 2019 @ 01:04 PM
a reply to: TheTruthRocks

it already said that four lines earlier
and it uses the Plural CHILDREN.

seems like an additional crime(s)

posted on Mar, 5 2019 @ 02:16 AM

originally posted by: RickinVa

originally posted by: network dude

originally posted by: RickinVa

There are no other choices.

to pull a page from the leftover playbook, "then why isn't she in jail?"

That's the million dollar question.

I've got no dog in this fight as I'm not from the US, but as someone who's been following Q from the get go, I'll 'paraphrase' the 'reasons' given (by Q) is that "doing such things is "counterproductive".

Anyway, aside from "optics", what difference would it make whether Hitlary's in prison or not?

None. Not now the CF's been exposed as a fraud, And anyway

Ask yourself, Q: "why she no longer has an ankle bracelet?" A: becoz she's been "chipped" maybe?

But the main 'reason' she isn't, is . . . . becoz you Americans are already clearly 'divided' AND you have guns

anyone for a civil war? Here's how you start one in the US right now.

Just add 1xHRC being put in prison at this point in time or any before "the Whole Truth comes out" ... and even then, there's the very high chance that the US will go "wild west" on it's own ass

and booshka! Suddenly you have An active civil war between 'guess who'? Why, Red and Blue!

And sadly, people in general are idiots with little understanding of politics but plenty about their "second amendment rights" and the guns they have they are more than happy to use 'acting on' what they think "is the truth" ergo "their God given Right!" Yeehaaw!

and if 1 in 100 of those people are prepared to "shoot first and talk later", it would take about a week before the whole US was in complete bloody Chaos ... which is the scenario The Plan is devised to avoid

HRC has NO 'power' anymore and where her ass is makes little difference .... so be it.

I doubt she's "enjoying" her life much right now anyway, maybe hiding her in a cell would be doing her a favor instead of letting her continue her humiliation into nothingness, a no one, the last thing she'd ever want to be!

posted on Mar, 5 2019 @ 07:11 PM

originally posted by: JohnnyJetson

Anyway, aside from "optics", what difference would it make whether Hitlary's in prison or not?

It has a name.


@J&C great OP thank you for the work, much appreciated.

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