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Beyond Bigelow & BAASS, After AATIP and on To the Stars...

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posted on Dec, 17 2019 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: celltypespecific

You said you have not read about Roswell. Have you ever read the front page of the Roswell Daily Record for July 8, 1947?

“No Details of
Flying Disk
Are Revealed

Roswell Hardware
Man and Wife
Report Disk Seen

The intelligence office of the 509th Bombardment group at Roswell Army Air Field announced at noon today, that the field has come into possession of a flying saucer.

According to information released by the department, over authority of Maj. J. A. Marcel, intelligence officer, the disk was recovered on a ranch in the Roswell vicinity, after an unidentified rancher had notified Sheriff Geo. Wilcox, here, that he had found the instrument on his premises.

Major Marcel and a detail from his department went to the ranch and recovered the disk, it was stated.

After the intelligence officer here had inspected the instrument it was flown to higher headquarters.

The intelligence office stated that no details of the saucer's construction or its appearance had been revealed.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot apparently were the only persons in Roswell who saw what they thought was a flying disk.

They were sitting on their porch at 105 South Penn. last Wednesday night at about ten o'clock when a large glowing object zoomed out of the sky from the southeast, going in a northwesterly direction at a high rate of speed.

Wilmot called Mrs. Wilmot's attention to it and both ran down into the yard to watch. It was in sight less then a minute, perhaps 40 or 50 seconds, Wilmot estimated.

Wilmot said that it appeared to him to be about 1,500 feet high and going fast. He estimated between 400 and 500 miles per hour.

In appearance it looked oval in shape like two inverted saucers, faced mouth to mouth, or like two old type washbowls placed, together in the same fashion. The entire body glowed as though light were showing through from inside, though not like it would inside, though not like it would be if a light were merely underneath.

From where he stood Wilmot said that the object looked to be about 5 feet in size, and making allowance for the distance it was from town he figured that it must have been 15 to 20 feet in diameter, though this was just a guess.

Wilmot said that he heard no sound but that Mrs. Wilmot said she heard a swishing sound for a very short time.

The object came into view from the southeast and disappeared over the treetops in the general vicinity of six mile hill.

Wilmot, who is one of the most respected and reliable citizens in town, kept the story to himself hoping that someone else would come out and tell about having seen one, but finally today decided that he would go ahead and tell about it. The announcement that the RAAF was in possession of one came only a few minutes after he decided to release the details of what he had seen.”

posted on Dec, 17 2019 @ 05:28 PM
Nothing unusual about the pilots comment. They will not say “UFO” because of the ramifications it brings with it. If you do not believe in aliens then it has to be a drone, because a pilot could not survive flying the thing.

The TTSA members need to have a roundtable with all the military witnesses present as well as Mick West and The Final Theory. Get it all out in the open where everyone can present their case – on film – for the world to see. Then we can find out what the FLIR official sees and how fast things are going and if they rotate, etc, etc.

posted on Dec, 17 2019 @ 05:28 PM
a reply to: spiritualarchitect

Thanks for posting.

posted on Dec, 17 2019 @ 06:23 PM
a reply to: spiritualarchitect

You know I know who I am replying too [sic?] and I know the two who you just replied for, which makes for 3 out of 4. Those of us watching have followed the trail. And you like *them* are still promoting the military's fake July 9th story. Just like *you* always do.

I can't speak for anyone else on ATS.

But you seem to have developed paranoia about people who don't accept your own belief system. Seeing conspiracies against you and your belief system everywhere.

I want you spell it out. What exactly are you insinuating?

posted on Dec, 17 2019 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: spiritualarchitect

Where's the link to the source? You are supposed to provide them.

You just posted another list of quotes (with no links) here : Link

“On July 2, 1947, during the evening, the flying saucer crashed on the Foster Ranch near Corona, New Mexico. The crash occurred during a severe thunderstorm.

But the Roswell Daily Record you claim to be your source in another post also states.....

Brazel related that on June 14 he and an 8-year old son, Vernon, were about 7 or 8 miles from the ranch house of the J. B. Foster ranch, which he operates, when they came upon a large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and sticks.

Roswell Daily Record - July 9th1947

So how could something that crashed on July 2nd have been found on June 14th 1947?

And again how is a supposed alien spaceship made from tinfoil, paper and sticks?

Why are there no reports of aliens at Roswell until the 1980s?

Why did Jesse Marcel or Sheridan Cavitt never mention seeing aliens?

posted on Dec, 17 2019 @ 10:47 PM

The Ranch superintendent comes forward...

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 01:03 AM

originally posted by: 1ofthe9

The Ranch superintendent comes forward...
I find this sad, that he told his mom he saw the moon, and his mom convinced him it couldn't have been the moon:

I happened to mention to my mom, that, “Man, the moon was so big and beautiful last night. Did you see that?” And she said, “I don’t think that the moon is out right now.” “Oh, yeah, it was big.” Well, she she was pretty sure it wasn’t. So we looked at the calendar to see and it was actually a night where there was no moon. And so I don’t know what it was I saw but it definitely was not the moon. You know, it was out there in the sky. Who knows? It didn’t invoke panic or fear or anything. You know, I didn’t even know what I was looking at at the time. I just wrote it off as the moon. So that was my one time as a kid of seeing something that was unidentified...

And I’ll just…now I’m just going to say that there’s a lot more to this world than meets the eye. And there’s obviously a lot of things that we don’t understand.
Sure there are a lot of things we don't understand, but I'm surprised he now describes what he thought was the moon was a UFO because his mom said it couldn't be the moon, that doesn't seem too hard to understand, does it?

What he describes as his first UFO sighting matches this, but it sounds like he figured out what it was before his mom sent his brain astray, because she apparently thought the moon can't be seen at certain times of the month.

What’s the Thinnest Crescent Moon You Can See?

Too bad his NDA doesn't allow him to say much until the TV show airs, so I guess we have to wait for the TV show now to get more. But when I see it, I'll keep in mind I'm listening to a guy who let his mom convince him the moon wasn't the moon.

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 05:08 AM
a reply to: mirageman

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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 06:37 AM
a reply to: spiritualarchitect

This thread isn't about Roswell....there are plenty on ATS.

Let's get back on topic..

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 07:26 AM
a reply to: pigsy2400


It's now two years since, whatever was seen, a pilot did call it a "Drone Bro" in the video used to promote the "Pentagon's UFO" project in the New York Times. TTSA have since muddled along with their greatest achievement being announcing forthcoming announcements on social media.

Since Dec 2017 both sides have been playing games. Are they even on different sides? Could this all by a government sponsored op and Tom Bennewitz errr DeLonge is the unfortunate victim?

Now the Pentagon even deny that AATIP (or AAWSAP) was anything about UFOs. Harry Reid said it was his project and it was about UFOs. But didn't bother to attempt to contact the Pentagon and ask for a correction. Nor did he provide any documented proof to support his claims. As is often the case with this subject.

Is Harry telling the truth?

What seems to continually pass everyone by and gets ignored, one of the main topics of this thread, is how Bigelow used government money to clean out MUFON's CMS database as part of a government project. Then tried to change the terms of his contract with them and destabilised MUFON completely. It's all very strange.

It's certainly a topic no journalist seems interested in. Even ones with the right contacts. Why is that?

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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 07:59 AM

originally posted by: spiritualarchitect

You know I know who I am replying too and I know the two who you just replied for, which makes for 3 out of 4. Those of us watching have followed the trail.

Wow, talk about paranoia.
Take a break, dude... you'll make yourself seriously ill with this suspicion-laden crap.

What you will eventually discover, though, like most of on this weird journey through ufology, is that you'll finally be OVER Roswell. You'll feel much better, I promise you. You have my full sympathy in the meantime. As ever, I'm still waiting for you to produce one single piece of contemporary 1947 evidence that Roswell was ever considered to be of ET provenance. But I guess I'll have to give up waiting.

If necessary, start your own thread about Roswell, since it has no bearing on this thread.

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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 08:19 AM
a reply to: mirageman


I think an interesting approach that many don't take is to remove all aspects of ET out of it and approach the question;

"Why did Bigelow want the data?"

Also in support of said question the following;

Where did he get other data?
How did he procure it?
What else was going on at the time in relation to that data?
What were his other actions around those times?What other purchases did he make?
Who else he was involved with and they with him?
What beliefs did those around him have?
What started him on this route and why?

Those questions can at least be theorised and some answered rather than an ongoing argument about ETs which can ultimately be argued forever with no conclusion; theres more than enough of that already and it hinders progress to any conclusion of any kind; What's the point?

The one thing most can agree on; is that most probably want progress no?

This isn't about disregarding anyone's perspective but sometimes you need to put what can be substantiated in perspective... from there some other answers / leads maybe obtained for those that believe and those that do not; there is still value to be had regardless of the belief you hold.
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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Since Dec 2017 both sides have been playing games. Are they even on different sides? Could this all by a government sponsored op and Tom Bennewitz errr DeLonge is the unfortunate victim?

Sure, it is...or at least likely that is the case.

Of course, it’s less bizarre and stretches out further and unto more mainstream people directly. Unlike the Bennewitz caper that was a bizarre private affair until he started writing letters and broadcasting his delusions.
In the most recent posting of the great doc Mirage Men, it reminds us that the operation on Bennewitz may have had nothing to do with their fear of government advanced vehicles being exposed but was a direct op to bamboozle the naïve ufo community.

I’ve always thought TTSA may be Bennewtiz 2.0. Or Bennwitz/Delonge 2.0
In Zondo, we have the person fulfilling the Bill Moore position. Zondo, though, would be classified as Bill Moore plus.

The goal here is to associate ufology with these modern Sci-Fi-nuevo Hi-Tech paradigms, which btw IMO are as ridiculous as the aliens in caves paradigm.

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 01:44 PM
Well, TTSA has extended the public outreach revolving around the ufo phenomenon. As well, incited the obsession within the ufo community.

The question is why?

This is one of the questions we need to deal with.

What if anything are they trying to implant?...Within the ufo community and the larger audience in the mainstream population?


Is this operation an information-gathering quest such as to determine the public’s thirst for ufology?

If so, then they have exposed the fact that the public has no great desire to pursue ufological themes.

All this TTSA and their navy videos have NOT brought out any great wave of ufo interest.

Again, all they have done is to exploit the ufo community

Many of the characters in TTSA have been doing that for years.

They NEVER respected the ufo community and again

are using them as guinea pigs

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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 02:43 PM
For the researchers, analysis, and historians among us.
NORAD FOIA documents:

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 03:07 PM
TTSA Holiday Surprise......:

This could be big.....

Always follow the money....
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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 04:17 PM
Let's not forget what Tom DeLonge said at the end of 2017 on C2C AM...

Did he deliver two years on from then?

▀ The Pentagon have already acknowledged the existence of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena. They did so years ago with Project Blue Book and obviously more recently. Otherwise they would not have funded AATIP to study the subject. This is not an achievement.

▀ Was Congress really on fire? Or did TTSA just have prior knowledge of briefings that would go ahead? It's not like they don't have people with 'connections' on their board is it? But what was the end product of any briefings anyway? I know people are going to say the Navy 'clarified' a policy that was already in place anyway. But thank heavens for little victories hey?

▀ Senator Harry Reid went on record? Well done lad. He negotiated a nice gift of $22m of taxpayer funds for your shady mate Bigelow. The only bidder for AAWSAP. Most of the money is still unaccounted for. But we know he screwed MUFON over with some of it and paid the Hoff over the odds for some junk science papers.

▀ What happened to the gun camera footage, hardware and more expansive military encounters? TTSA only have two UFO cases they keep pushing. Both dealing with aircraft carriers. Which suggests Zondo never really had much to do with studying UFOs in the first place. Just like his chums at the Pentagon said.

▀ I am not sure Tom is a truth seeker at all. TTSA seem to be an entertainment company that were really after military contracts.

Oh and let's not forget....Remember that joke Zondo used tell about those UFO parts he went on a road trip to collect? That maybe it was part of an old 1984 Cadillac?

Well he wasn't far from the truth was he?

Here's the materials known as Art's Parts that Linda Moulton Howe made a nice $35k seeling on Ebay to TTSA.

They do actually look very much like old automobile radiator parts. Also see the close up picture.

I am sure they are all stored in those warehouses Bigelow had built for such things. Probably next to that birthday Mylar balloon, the Roswell sticks, tape and paper and probably a few drones bro!!!!

Here's an idea for Tom though. He's not subject to any oaths of secrecy . So why doesn't he name general that told him "It was the Cold War and we found a life form" Then get journalists to follow up on it and track him down? That would be a major story wouldn't it? But I confidently predict it won't happen.

It was yet another claim that is left to hang there unsubstantiated to ensure ufology argues within itself while TTSA make no comments other than ones for their own self publicity?

Merry Crimbo fellow truth seekers.

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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 04:55 PM
a reply to: celltypespecific

I think Paul Dean beat you to that punch some time ago Cellty, 2015 to be precise;
Paul Dean NORAD analysis

I don't know who uploaded those documents to IMGUR but they appear to be the same that Paul Dean uses in his analysis too. Not enough people took note of his work either which is excellent, probably because it requires reading something that is more than 150 characters long.
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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 05:11 PM
a reply to: pigsy2400

Thanks for the Paul Dean link Pigsy, I was unaware of it.

The person who posted it said this:

I told someone earlier. I've been googling for docs mentioned in a cheesy show on Amazon Prime called "Alien Case Files." The production value is awful but the information is right on. While I'm watching, I 'Google-image' for the documents they mention and 'Voila,' there's thousands of links of documents ready for download. Yesterday morning was fun because the searches brought up all these old newspaper articles about the 1896-97 Airship wave. Those were sooo cool.

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 06:34 PM

originally posted by: celltypespecific
TTSA Holiday Surprise......:

This could be big.....

Always follow the money....

You sure that isn't just the TTSA and Fiends Christmas Pary Cellty?

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