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Breakdancing to be an Olympic Sport?? "New and Improved" Olympics

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posted on Feb, 21 2019 @ 11:32 AM

originally posted by: snowspirit

The French Fencing Federation has recognized lightsaber dueling as an official sport

We might not be seeing lightsaber dueling turned into an official Olympic sporting event anytime soon, but as an attempt to get newcomers into fencing, you could do a lot worse.

😊. It’s not breakdancing but it’s entertaining too....

Only if they dress in Star Wars COSPLAY during competition.

posted on Feb, 21 2019 @ 01:35 PM
I like this addition. I'd probably watch it too, but we will see. The events that I actually end up watching tend to be more on the obscure side.

Can't say I find any argument founded on "what the Olympics is supposed to be" to be particularly moving either.. We crossed that bridge a while back.


posted on Feb, 21 2019 @ 02:57 PM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk

What's next? ...

- Twerkin'?
- Rappin'?
- Diddlin'?
- Runnin' from the cops?
- Knee cappin'?
- Border jumpin'?
- Purse snatchin'?

Personally I think twerkin and Pole Dancing could be combined into a great could even throw rythimic gymnastics into it.

It would get me to watch the Olympics again.

posted on Feb, 21 2019 @ 03:26 PM

originally posted by: TinySickTears
a reply to: Edumakated

That Roxy battle is the best.

Crazy the rock steady crew is still dancing
Crazy legs is still around

Kuriyaki was in that movie. Was supposed to be the best of all of them

Yeah, I think it is one of the best movie dance scenes. Kuriyaki died. So did Buck 4. Both murdered.

Supposedly that scene was done in one take (I believe it as you can see some errors dancers made) and the two crews did have a little beef with each other.

Crazy legs I think has a break dancing school. I know he is still active. His knees must be shot as I am 45 so he has to be like 50 now.

posted on Feb, 21 2019 @ 04:29 PM
a reply to: Edumakated

last i heard Crazy legs is still the head of the rock steady crew. there is a mini documentary on it on youtube.
this was as of about 2 years ago.

their crew is pretty awesome. they have a lot of elementary school and junior high kids in the crew.
the first rule is straight A's in school. i like that

no straight A's and youre not in the crew

those guys still travel all over the world giving seminars.

i knew about Kuriyaki getting murdered but did not know about Buck 4

not much film of Kuriyaki out there but lots of text but you have to dig.

reading youtube comments and getting linked to stuff.

the general word is he was the best one of the crew.

who knows

posted on Feb, 21 2019 @ 04:31 PM

originally posted by: Quantumgamer1776
Personally I find it more impressive than curling, but at least curling has a point system. How can ones dancing be objectively scored?

Olympic beer pong is getting more and more likely during our lifetime.

Pretty much how ice skating in pairs is judged.

I think it’s great they are adding new ‘sports’. You have to admire the athletic ability of great breakdancers as well as skateboarders and surfers.

I say it’s about time the olympics expanded their roster to include these sports.

posted on Feb, 22 2019 @ 02:34 AM

originally posted by: neo96
What's next? ..

Video games.


Sexbot hurling.

video games . But sexbot hurling is one of favorite past times i hope it gets added before video games.

I'm not about to argue what should be considered an "x treme sport" but come on...
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posted on Feb, 22 2019 @ 02:42 AM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
a reply to: scrounger

Add in 'Remove all subjective scoring sports', and I'm in full agreement with you.

You're either faster than the other guy, stronger, further, you pin him, score more points (as in goals, not judges opinions), etc. In other words, there's a clear winner and a loser.

That's what the Olympics was meant to be.

I think that is a GREAT IDEA.

In fact it eliminates the problem of dishonest / bias judges.

In fact your idea made me do some more research (out of curiosity) and the sports of the original Olympics all were not subjective but objective events.


posted on Feb, 22 2019 @ 06:02 AM
One of the bigger problems I have with many of these subjective sports is the 'jargon'. And, they all have it, even figure skating. Jargon really takes away from the actual athleticism.

"Okay, here comes the Triple Hamtramick and then a Double Johnson Bender...and...OMG, he just added in a McGillicuddy!!! UN-BELIEVABLE!!!"

And it seems the more 'trendy' these new sports are which get added to the Olympics, the more 'jargon' they have with them. This past Winter Olympics I watched Snowboarding, and it was like the announcers were speaking a different language! It was just a non-stop stream of nonsensical jargon.

It's no different in some of the traditional subjective sports either, like skating. I mean, everyone knows what a "Triple Lutz" is, right???? I must use the words "Triple Lutz" at least eleventy times per day in my daily conversations. They're words, names and sayings no one has ever heard of until they see them in the Olympics, and unless you understand every single little nuance of the sport...viewers are clueless to what's being said.

That's not the way to garner interest in a sport. If they said..."Okay, here comes the Inverted Forehead Rail Smash"...I'd probably get it, but when they say..."Okay, here comes a 906 followed by a Goofen-flaagen with a Oofda Twist and a 317"...I'm clueless and turn the channel, as do most others. This, for a couple reasons; one, because I have no idea what a "Goofen-flaagen" is, and two, because I would have no idea how it compares to the next guy's ..."Helga Boner with an 821 Embellishment and a Dirty Norwegian".

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