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Terror INC Links ATTA->CEO ISLAM (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 07:17 PM
I read biography. Anne Edwards, Throne of Gold Lives of Aga Khan Family," Manucher Farmanfarmaian, "Blood & Oil," shows this line;
Atta-> OBL-> Mullah Omar-> Mujahideen coordinator Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan-> Karim Aga Khan Spiritual Leader of Shia, Sunni and Shiite.
Westfield America (WTC)-> Starwood Prop-> CIGA-> AKFED-> Aga Karim (GOD) Khan CEO. Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is cited by historic accounts to be controled by "threat of damnation" by Aga Khan who is vested by QE-2 to be the titled head of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq(if there was king), Iran(mullahs are subserviant to Aga Khan family, foe of Reza Pahlavis clan. The ISLAM GAMBIT is;"devalue assets by war or terror security net of AKFED, absorb competing corporations as in WTC, take over direct major banks and coprorate holdings in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Asia and Africa to create new PAX-Islamica. World War II allowed Aga Khan Development Network AKDN to control take over of 51%++ to gain tecnical-intelligence data to plan splitting of India (SIND was British gift to AGA-II) to formulate ISLAMIC breaching of countries into civil wars to prevent UN intervention: see SUDAN, Indo-China, Lebanon, Iraq, Bosnia..etc. Linking supply to China through old Silk Road and forming multi-point pressures on America by Arab League (Set up by Aga khan II), DEG (Germany) and other major corporations in AKFED multi-trillion dollar Islam business venture.
No SAUDI, NO Egyptian has the "Spiritual" force to kill in the name of Allah without the consent of Aga Khan. What was WTC? This was attack on US monetary as warned by Mr. Putin to weaken GMAC (major American competitor of AKFED), upset and absorb WTC lease holder for consolidation into AKFED or Aga Khan Family holdings and to enhance the value of the EURO to enhance AKFED holdings by 35%.
Sadruddin Aga Khan: mujahideen coordinator... in October 13,1995 issue of Executive Intelligence Review; the second son of hereditary Imam. This ties the terrorist networks from Indo-China to America to the Aga Khan Family. A History of the AGAKHANI ISMALIS ties ASSASSINS and all assassination in the east to MOD of a cult formed in Iran in 1800's to AGA KHAN. The net of list corporations, is the developement consumer and show how the corporation operated to build a conglomerate. Petro dollars that are being direct away from dollar valuation to EURO valuation would enhance to feed the new PAX-Islamica Empire. China in "Oriental Caliphate" has traded by shipping to Persia since 624. A. D. Now the most direct route to supply China is from Iran-> China via "old Silk Road." Empire is not sustainable unless Nuclear Aga (so named by Aga Khan III) build a nuclear wall to keep spiritual control of masses seeking liberty & free will; nuclear wall is needed to extort submission from European Union.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

My comment is that the my statement are proven by history and biographical citations that there is one true desendant of Mohammad. Mohammad brought the world to unity by creating a accepted LAW of Koran. The death of Mohammad brough a schism in Islam by separation of Shia and Sunni. That fracture comes together in Karim Aga Khan who leads a multi-trillion dollar business empire. AKFED is corporate money that started to consume businesss broken in "war torn Europe." The Aga Khan family is multi-national now and each faction of the family runs power in Germany, France, Italy, America (princess Jasmine Khan) and Middle East. The Mullahs are subserviant to the "ONE Spiritual Leader" and that is not OBL, Saudi, Omar, Rachman or front people attacking properties world wide. The assination of Mahatma was the first proven test of how religious war can split nations and make UN impotent to enter civil war. Finance is free flow through NGO's, UN, Arab League, Aga Khan banks and the whole network is at to show how a child of Islam like Atta can go to AKU, be supported by AKT, can hold bank accounts at AKDB, get supplied by all the corporations of AKFED like URENCO of Dr. A-Q Khan and the get the blessing to attack, kill and go to Allah. Atta flew to Spain and was lost on eastern sea coast while Aga Khan was sailing west on his boat from Sardina to Spain. The books cited have photographic evidence linking SS Generals to gain control of our present day terror networks which were the ancient Ismaili recorde by history citations.
I would suggest the Nations of the wold inventory their corporations feeding into a new Pax-Islamica that can only survive by attaining nuclear bombs to check mate/extrot European Union and kill America. America is the only example of liberty and free will that broke the old Pax-Islamica.

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