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Brexit and Policing

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posted on Feb, 10 2019 @ 07:20 PM
Who police the police ?

You get three guesses - but nevermind - it's Europe .

Some police and other more naughty so and so s are going to start losing their # with the development of their feared outcome . This would be with brexit , the sudden lack of the protection of European courts judges and other systems linked to the European superstate such as Joint Investigation Teams .

Why on earth would European structures need to oversee national policing and justice as well the economic area ? Do we imagine that the third pillar was even necessary before the Lisbon Treaty reformed it and further centralised power into Brussels ? It's hardly a stretch to envisage that policing and justice in Britain , and internationally of course , has been thoroughly molested by Europe .

Be sure the stitchers have been to work . Shared but directed decision making ... via qmv etc .... decisions about where to serve justice and who by .

Critical matters . More important than economy , security .

While all this remoaning has continually been about economic uncertainty for established businesses- then quietly , the security ties we are about to break off are comprehensive . We're about to dump European justice orders completely . It makes little economic sense to leave ... so is there in a security hard brexit , enough to form a sketch of a plan...? , a necessary operation ? ..but likely one that no one can tell you much about ?

Is there , in matters of policing and hard brexit
A inkling of a reason ? A semblance of common sense ? Yes , but we're left to speculate . Where the epp meets the cdi meets the us dems , and where the trump meets the farage meets the tories meets the five eyes and israel ... now we're talking real international conspiracies and bewxit will be interesting to say the least ,, . Did Farage endorse ffj and antiped , well ... yes he did . Does someone , or a particular group or protectorate , deserve a special place on hell ?

So we are about to hear the (some) police remoaning in the morning ... oh dear , what can the matter be this time ? Don't want to leave the warm protective folds of the bed in which they laid ? Looks like its tough and there's going to be reordering of who gets away with what round here pretty soon .

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