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Some Green new deal proposals from Cortez

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posted on Feb, 10 2019 @ 11:21 AM

originally posted by: mamabeth
a reply to: 727Sky

My ideas on becoming more green...
1.I would love to have wringer washers brought back.
2.I would also like to have clotheslines brought back as well.
3.Maybe people could go back to using kitchen towels instead of paper ones.
4.Use real napkins instead of paper ones.
5.People used to use hankies instead of tissues.
6.Mothers' used cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.
7.Mothers' using glass bottles instead of plastic ones.
Just going down memory lane,the good old days.

interesting you would say this. and i will say these are all things you tend to constantly hear about from the green acolytes all the time. but how much value are even these things that you mention.

1) I would love to have wringer washers brought back. are you talking about the ones with the rollers to squeeze out the water? while we don't have those we have the next step up that uses a high speed spinner cycle. some even the old style where there is a separate drum for the high speed spinning, to get rid of most of the water. much better than the currant washing machines in North America that don't remove as much water. and most people do things like presoaking and the like in washtubs, and even use most of the water from other machine cycles for this. and there are actually many people who don't even use a machine at all. just wash tubs the way it was done for centuries.

2) I would also like to have clotheslines brought back as well. here clotheslines never left. it is still the most common way to dry clothes. in fact even many apartment buildings have at least one window that opens and has bars so that you can still "hang" laundry outside to dry. and you quite literally see clothes drying at almost every house or building. many people even have laundry lines set up in such a way, such as under roof overhangs, so that even when it rains, which is rather common for a lot of the year, they can still dry their clothes. in fact while i know dryers are actually available from somewhere (have no clue where from), since many of the pay laundry services use them. i have never actually seen a clothes dryer for sale, including in department and appliance stores.

3) Maybe people could go back to using kitchen towels instead of paper ones. 4)Use real napkins instead of paper ones, 5) People used to use hankies instead of tissues. is that really even at all better for the environment? not only are paper towels, napkins and tissues easily biodegradable, which cloth towels are not nearly as easily biodegradable. but they are also easily recyclable, which again cloth is not so much. and can be made from many different and fast growing plants, such as hemp and bamboo. then to top it off since you don't have to wash them, that cuts down on water pollution. why is it most people only look at one sometimes tiny aspect when deciding something is better for the environment, when in the end those things may actually be worse overall for the environment (electric cars are a good example of that as well).

6)Mothers' used cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. rather reasonable at first thought. even though diapers only take moths to perhaps a couple years to break down, not the hundreds they tell us they take. but we must ask why is it that people use them and why they became popular in the first place. the truth is that we would actually need to change society to make this a reality. since the reason they became popular was more about time saving than anything else. and when with pay at the levels it is now requiring both parents to work, there simply is not the time available to really make use of cloth diapers for most people. just listen to the older people that did use them talk about just how much of their day was dedicated to washing used diapers.

7)Mothers' using glass bottles instead of plastic ones. why is glass vs plastic even an issue? both are items that can be recycled. but more importantly both are long term, reuse items. it's not like you buy it, use it once and throw it away. in fact the same bottles are likely to be used for even multiple children. and in the scheme of things the plastic bottles are more likely to be used longer, since unlike glass they do not break easily. which means less resources used and pollution cause for manufacturing.

so 4 out of your 7 points are actually rather dubious as to if they would even be better for the environment. and out of the three points that do make some sense, two are things people can easily choose to do whenever they feel like it. but i don't see many of those who i know are into the whole environment thing actually do. and one would actually require a rather large shift in economics.

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