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Crop Circles Multimedia

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posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 02:05 PM
This stream might interest some of you.

Crop Circles
'Recently Circlemakers Rod Dickinson and John Lundberg travelled to Avebury stone circle to take part in an interview with the radio 4 programme Open Country.

Radio 4 also interviewed Andy Thomas, the editor of Sussex Circular, a crop circle journal. Andy repeats many of the myths associated with circles. In particular the fact that many of the circles are too big and too complex to be made by us, the circlemakers. Part of our circlemaking procedure involves not disclosing the individual formations we have made, so we can only offer as a comparison demonstration formations we have made, such as the huge formation that three of us made in New Zealand in 4 hrs in 1998 for NBCTV.

Circlemakers stressed in the interview the benefits to the Wiltshire region as a whole from our work. The Wiltshire tourist authority heavily promotes our work in their publications and offices, and two years ago the Wiltshire National Farmers Union lobbied to have crop circles declared as an official tourist destination.

Circlemakers believe Open Country would have been a far more interesting production if the whole programme had been devoted to The Circlemakers.'

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