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9/11 Was About UFOs: Plausible

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posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 12:07 AM
Ok. Here goes my first meaningful thread. Please stay with me as I hope to post 3 parts tonight and close the loop tomorrow.

9/11 Was About UFOs: Plausible

9/11 was about technology here on earth and “other worldly” technology that is also here on earth. The terrorist act wasn’t about terrorism. Here’s why.


9/11 was performed to expand the NSA first and foremost, DHS second and everything else third. Why? The interwebs and the threat of exposure of significantly advanced technology, ET presence and potential decentralization of power.

With the widespread adoption of the internet, humans developed a fast track to quick and efficient info sharing. All kinds of info. Info that TPTB may not want exposed for a whole host of reasons that first and foremost include control and order. This was starting to come to head in 2000-2001 in a public way.


The 2000-2002 timeframe was the public beginning of hacking, data breaches, etc. as those who wanted to expose TPTB took advantage over them - because Big Brother was behind the times and possibly underestimated the threat that a dude behind a keyboard posed. TPTB - particularly the MIC - we’re exposed. Thanks to Gary McKinnon:

And then years after Gary, we get threads like this wondering if people don’t care about UFOs any longer.....

Maybe people do, maybe people don’t care about UFOs any more. Jonathan Frakes isn’t airing 90s shows about legit sightings on Camcorders any longer. Pictures or sightings rarely hit the mainstream. Camcorders somehow captured things in the sky fine - our 500000 mpx cams won’t. We have foundations that are dedicated to the cause that produce basically zilch in terms of evidence. But we also have the guy who dropped serious change and basically bought MUFON (who has NASA contracts...) saying this:

That’s weird. And if you go back in our own forums on ATS, things have slowed down A LOT in the UFO forum...

So... how did I come to this theory that brings in 9/11? It’s whacky, I know - the double dose of nuts! Conspiracy on conspiracy? Strap this man down!

But not so fast... it adds up to plausible... at least for me.

This will be a long thread. And a multiple part thread.

So I’ll start with how my thought process worked.

1. There’s a major event.
2. What came out of the event.
3. What preceded the event.
4. What was the official narrative of the event.
5. What else happened around the time of the event (or, how does the landscape at the time support or deny the official theory).
6. What’s changed since the event.

Said another way - was the event really about what we were told it’s about? Maybe. But taken into broader context maybe it wasn’t.

I’m not going to say much about 9/11 events other than this on the events that faithful day:

1. The Pentagon story still bothers me.
2. I’m not sold on how the towers came down.
3. Media coverage of the events raises questions.
4. There’s too many coincidences.

If you want to dig into those thoughts, which I’m sure many of you have, you can read about the mild to wild theories that have been discussed at great length here:

Thus, I have a belief that:

- 9/11 wasn’t about Islamic terrorism.
- It was about national security, expanding Federal oversight and keeping things that TPTB want to keep secret, secret and saving face.

It was our Reichstag - designed to bring us together, give up rights and exponentially increase TPTBs control willingly...

Reichstag for those not familiar:

Viewed through that lens, “9/11” had to be as big of spectacle as the thing it was trying to compensate for - which must have been huge and a LOT bigger than Islamic terrorism.

Here’s my logic.

Part 1:

The thread I posted above about the drop off in UFO reporting/footage/documentaries/interest/etc. got me wondering about when that drop off began. What happened to the Ingo Swan’s, the Old Skool Greer’s, the Ben Rich quotes and the Phil Schneider’s? They all seem to be gone...

This all seemed to die down following what?


This made me start thinking 9/11 was the turning point for information about advanced tech and UFOs. Coincidence? Possibly. But probably not. How do we enter an age where information is being shared more easily and then end up with less information? That doesn’t compute.

So I started approaching 9/11 from a different angle.

I got to wondering about how much Islamic terrorism was impacting us in the US prior to 9/11 - was there a build up to this grand finally? You usually see a build up of tension, a growth in the opposition, etc. kind of like you don’t typically graduate college and become a Fortune 500 CEO as your first job - those who do are huge statistical outliers.

So with this in mind, I quickly found a list of Islamic terrorist attacks - which didn’t have much in the US prior to the previous WTC bombing - a bombing that seems very legit given it wasn’t entirely devastating and was similar to other domestic acts of terrorism (which also could have been conspiracies - but I’m going to say many of those were plausible to have been carried out by individuals):

That said, “The Terrorists” presented the perfect scape goat. They’re a known threat, have attacked us, Saddam was a bad guy and “Islamic Extremists” really do hate Christians and Western Society as described below:

Plus, relationships with The Middle East weren’t so bad through the 90s under Clinton:

This means that “the terrorists” presented a group that:
- Had hurt us before
- Don’t like us
- Weren’t plentiful in the US and could create a plausible “them” to unite “us”.

So now we have the villain (and I’m excluding evidence that we propped those villains up in the 90s - that’s another thread for another forum).

This was step 1 - we now know who we can build the event around and it will sell. Easy enough

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 12:33 AM
Part 2:

With some context about the “enemy” leading up to the event... I was reminded about a conversation I had with a gentleman who works for a three letter agency one time around 10-4 years ago. He alluded to the following:

- the US would become a net oil exporter in the next 5 years.
- We would open up more drilling/Anwar/enhance fracking.
- We’d become more fuel efficient and use less oil.
- This would be done to crater the price of oil and destabilize the Middle East - without firing a single bullet.

Basically, we’d do all of this under the guise of economic growth but really just be playing both sides - use the environmentalists to drive alternative energy sources (reduce oil consumption) and then pump more out to flood the market with supply (grow the economy/capitalist system). Brilliant. And we did just that. Evidence of that?

Net oil exporter as of December:

But oil is the past - not the future:

And our oil reserves say we are pretty reliant on oil - and our military uses a A LOT of it:

The strategic reserve reflects that:

But if you’re trying to disrupt global supply and crater prices with the aim of disrupting the future, blaming Iraq and jacking up their business makes a lot of sense given their proven reserves:

You could easily argue that jacking up global supply would jack up prices to the upside - which is true in the short-term - but remember... the economy is fine. This is about the long game and destabilization - not getting supreme down to $1.50/gallon at your local Chevron.

So the common narrative about Iraq and the false WMDs being about “getting the oil” to make oil companies rich is just a simple way to make another villain out of the oil companies and keeping the 9/11 narrative focused on anything but the real reason it happened. Said another way:

- 9/11 happened
- We blamed Iraq (another known bad guy)
- We impacted global oil supply (to the point of broader Middle East destabilization)
- Oil companies were already hated for killing the planet
- It’s now all about Bush and his oil cronies

Attention diverted - oil supply disrupted - Middle East under a microscope - attention pointed anywhere but here at home.

So, it was about oil - as a secondary benefit. But what was happening while we were arguing about the validity of WMDs and Bush trying to finish Dad’s war by taking out Saddam and lining the TX oil cronies pockets with money?

What it was really about.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 12:40 AM

What it was really about.

You missed one particular thing.


It was about making certain people and businesses money, lots and lots of it.

That is what 9-11 was really about.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 12:56 AM
Part 3

With attention diverted far from home and public opinion against “them”, we wholesale/bipartisan/uniformly gave up our freedoms in the name of national security (this ring a bell for any historians out there?).

We figured out how to spend a boat load of money on defense:

By 2014, we doubled spending on spy agencies:

And after 9/11 - the NSA developed significant new technology to combat the expanse of the internet and cell phones:

The expanse of the NSA is THE most important thing that came out of 9/11.


It was the dawn of hard core, no holds barred, 21st century surveillance/warfare/oversight. The Gestapo for the new millennium.

Remember - this was before Google became the watchdog of your questions, Facebook the watchdog of your social interactions, Amazon the watchdog of what you buy and YouTube became a disinformation platform and watchdog of what you watch.

As a side note - follow the money. Kleiner Perkins - a venture capital group - seeded a lot of big names - including google:

And they’re a “preferred” investor alongside DARPA and a few other notable Government venture capital groups:

Double side note - did you know the Army and Intelligence communities have venture capital funds?

Guess what In-Q-Tel invests in? Stuff to help the NSA.

So brining this back to 9/11... how is this all aimed at a bunch of Islamic terrorists shooting up our soldiers in Afghanistan, living in caves in a country that resembles the surface of Mars where we accidentally kill a civilian and pay the village elder a small wad of cash and a goat for his trouble? We hunt down OBL in a dilapidated house with minimal technology? Doesn’t add up....

To be rounded, however, that’s an over simplification of “terrorists”. There’s definitely tech involved there and never underestimate your “enemy” - they aren’t stupid.

But are they trillions of dollars of tech oversight and surveillance smart over a decade or more? I doubt it. Annual GDP of Russia is ~1.5bn in USD. The “terrorists” don’t have that kind of scratch - yet we do this to stop terrorism.

So no, this isn’t about terrorism. We’ll drop north of 100bn USD - 1/15th of Russia’s entire GDP on intelligence alone now.

And that started with 9/11.

So with all of this said - how does it relate to UFOs?

Because the internet allowed us to discover and share a lot of things - allowed bad guys to take a look under the hood or find out what TPTB is up to - and potentially would make the public ask questions they are not supposed to. And it had to be something big to be willing to publicly kill north of 2,000 Americans and start two wars (one with ancillary benefits).

Those things were advanced technology, space technology and the ET phenomenon.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 01:25 AM
Dude (I assume), I read the title and I was like, yeah, OK.

Then I started reading and I was like, OK, OK, OK, ok I'm not reading this all tonight, but I will read it. I love me some good conspiracy stuff. Star and flag and bookmarked and I'll try to offer an opinion later.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 01:49 AM
Part 4

9/11 was about shutting down and putting a lid on the leaking of advanced tech and the ET phenomenon via massively expanding our cyber intelligence capabilities. But why then?

Revisit Gary McKinnon.

Notice the second article says that Gary picked a “very” poor time to hack the US “given 9/11” happened shortly after. And there are many other articles like this.

Gary didn’t pick a bad time - he was the wake up call. He exposed things he wasn’t supposed to. He got in where he shouldn’t and had he been a more malicious foreign entity it would have been bad for the US/TPTB.

Something had to be done.

In the backdrop of the same timeframe was Greer before he got weird or shut down: 170c437c433

You had a major sighting in NY/NJ in Carteret that got lost and forgotten about in the noise of 9/11:

Remember, pre-9/11 had us see shows like “alien autopsy”, the “Unexplained Files” and “UFO - Best Evidence”. Post? Virtually nada.

Hell, Star Trek more-less died as did a good chunk of sci-FI that didn’t turn ETs into earth

Along with this, we were making some serious scientific progress thanks to the interwebs and computers around 2001 timeframe. We mapped the human genome. We put the first crew on the ISS not 10 months before 9/11. Hubble was finding new things we didn’t know before. We landed our first spacecraft on an asteroid in 2/2001, etc.

So what else supports my belief that 9/11 wasn’t about terrorism?

Sometimes support comes in the form of missing things or things that don’t add up - particularly when the whole effort against the thing is to cover it up. Since 9/11, some things that haven’t happened make me ask a lot of questions... to start...

How do we have better tech but less evidence?

How do we no longer have highly credible witnesses coming forward?

Why did we neuter NASA?

What prompted the media to stop airing much of anything on the UFO phenomenon?

Why is we set up foundations and get fewer pieces of Info than we did in the 90s?

How is it that Sci-FI as a genre is pretty well dead outside of the legacy franchises?

To me the answer isn’t so simple - it’s not for general lack of interest - look at how many views bogus UFO vids have on YouTube. People still are seeking the truth.

It’s because the subject has been shut down and muddied intentionally. And it has been since 9/11.

So, to me, it’s plausible 9/11 was about the need to protect and monitor the masses and the world via big tech in the form of electronic surveillance and security - all to stop the people or foes from getting their hands on advanced tech or the knowledge of ET existing.

These are huge points that in the internet age needed huge security. To take that security to the scale we needed - and be damned sure we did it how we wanted to - we needed an event that was equally as large as the secret being kept to generate the ability to respond quickly to a concern we couldn’t talk about.

That event was 9/11 and the outcome is the coverup of advanced technologies and the subsequent surveillance of all information possible to conceal that information - and anything else that’s remotely sensitive - in the Internet Age.

Probably even surveying this thread

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 01:58 AM
a reply to: EnigmaChaser

It was an excuse to invade Iraq,there is no mystery to that,why in the hell would blowing up a building detract the country from a flying saucer,kind of like"why did the Basques put a bomb in the road?,to see the Spanish fly"

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 02:09 AM
a reply to: EnigmaChaser

Great thread, il be reading more throughly in my spare time.

I just skimmed and didn’t see a mention of the disclosure project happening months before 9/11, I’ve seen these connected before. Theory was that they used 9/11, in part, to distract from the attention the disclosure project was getting.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 02:13 AM

originally posted by: Oldtimer2
a reply to: EnigmaChaser

It was an excuse to invade Iraq,there is no mystery to that,why in the hell would blowing up a building detract the country from a flying saucer,kind of like"why did the Basques put a bomb in the road?,to see the Spanish fly"

Maybe but why? Oil? Energy as we think of it is old news. If you want to make Monet its in tech... says a nearly 10 trillion dollar market cap:

If you’re going to approach it from the angle “to finish dad’s business” - maybe.

I’d also buy the notion that we wanted someone’s head on a stick and we couldn’t get that in Afghanistan’s - so we got Saddam. Later OBL.

Given what I know took place in the energy markets I really don’t think Iraq had much value beyond Middle East long game strategerie.

Hell, Government Motors is even going all electric with the sounding of a government narrative and not a single dead dinosaur in the tank:

Does it come to fruition with GM? Who knows. What I can say is that the oil argument is tough - particularly when we were already making strides to using less oil per $ of GDP in the early 2000s... writing has been on the wall there for a while.

But I still can’t do the electric cars personally - I need to hear me some dead dinos being blown out the pipes!

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 02:50 AM
There has been some to plunder from these wars, oil, opium and I don't see Israel having too many issues with some it's neighbors getting blown up. Finding the MK Ultra and similar programs at the bottom of the 9/11 rabbit hole did help piece together some of the how things went the way they did.

On the way down that journey I did come across one story where 9/11 was planned by some greater intelligence. The audacity of the plan does put some weight into this possibility. If i was to say to anyone 'lets blow up 4 or 5 buildings and blame it on some remote tribe on the other side of the world' most people would just laugh at the stupidity of it. But this is what happened.

It did take a lot of resources, especially in the media and government to to push this plan. It also took a lot in knowing human nature and its flaws to even seriously consider such a thing.The risk of blow back is high.

Now I am of the opinion the the MIC is already controlled, influenced or infected by various factions of ET's in various ways. 60+ years of recovered UFO technology is just one. Shape shifters, disguises, possessions, implants and other attachment of biological, intellectual, spiritual or other energy means. Could very well be a big zoo of different ET's held in some DUMB's as well. As we do venture further into space we do not know what we will find until we do.

9/11 is very much a MIC project, so understanding this entity does go some way into understanding 9/11. Short story, if you want to make a Death Star this is the organization to do it eventually.

As for one more piece to this puzzle. I did find it quite fascinating that in the X-Files series, the warehouse that does store a lot of recovered alien tech is located in the inner ring of the Pentagon.

While so much of the UFO / ET scene is wrapped up in national security, it is reasonable to consider this angle until more information comes along to either prove or disprove it.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 05:51 AM
a reply to: EnigmaChaser

I think earthlings are quite capable of committing evil acts without ET helping out? Strange all your “evidence” is earthly with all the alien “evidence” is interjection or innuendo.

Why would a space race give two poops about earth.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 08:22 AM
I will point out, and unless I missed it in the OP, that if I remember correctly there was a no fly protocol initiated. That same night there was arguably the most aerial activity down in my neck of the woods that there has ever been.

I thought about this theory a year or so ago and googled “lights in the sky 9/11” and it seems to be a sort of distraction from the vast amounts of aerial activity that night.

Fun food for fun thought.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: Neechavela

That was just for civilian aircraft?

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 09:33 AM
OP Enjoyed your critical thinking outside-the-box.

This is what ATS is all about.

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posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 11:55 AM
a reply to: EnigmaChaser

I don't know, that almost makes 9/11 sound honorable, as if they had no choice... I can almost hear the conversation: "Yeah, 3,000 lives is gonna be terrible. The worst tragedy on US soil in some time... But think of the alternative! If just ONE Bin Laden, or Kim Jong, or Ted Kaczynski, or a Timothy McVeigh, or God forbid, a Timothy Leary, or Lucifer forbid, a Dennis Leary (that guy is an asshole) gets ahold of an EMP Directional Handheld Gun, or an Adjustable Gamma Ray Burst-In-A-Can, or God forbid, a Boson Accumulator, the death toll and damage would surpass this estimate by several orders of magnitude... So... I do not say this lightly but, unless one of you has a better know what we have to do. This is our job, our duty, our honor: saving human lives... only this time we may be saving humanity itself, boys."

"He's right. This is our patriotic duty. Lets do it for America, for Lady Liberty, lets do it for our families, lets... Carry Out 9/11!"

That was fun, thinking of those alien weapons. I guess the EMP gun sounds kind of primitive for an alien. They would just have one gun that can do everything from a directional emp pulse, to a healing beam, and even a little psi meter in case you want to check your tire pressure.

Why couldn't tptb just remove sensitive material from internet connected computers? You think they are using that tech so much in normal daily affairs that it has to be on the internet (connected devices)? They could have their own seperate internet for that, which only certain military commanders carry a special custom device that can access that internet that isnt connected in any way to our internet. Would that work? I guess anything wireless would be susceptible to intercept and potential decryption, but if they kept it wired... I guess a spy could still tap the line at some point of the transfer... I guess they could just use paper.

Im thinking they would just use individual machines in a local connection, and if something needed to go to another location, a special thumb drive in a special "firebox" designed so that the contents can be destroyed while not harming anyone or anything outside it and it goes off if it detects a rough impact like during a vehicle collision or fistfight, or if it is taken from a narrow GPS specified path, or its altitude rises significantly suddenly in a place that it shouldnt, or it can be detonated remotely from the command center or from one of the at least 2 agents supervising the transfer. Something like that maybe. Its slower, but how often are they accessing and using this? Probably only a handful of people at a time. They could use normal internet communications to send eachother one time use prearranged codewords reset frequently.

I would be more willing to think they needed to cover up past crimes. And so needed to vastly upgrade their capabilities to respond quickly to emerging security threats, like a rogue agent, whistleblower...their own employees are being watched way more than you or me.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 11:59 AM
But you put together a good thread and this is an angle I have not heard fleshed out this much and sure it could be possible. So I just figured I'll just go ahead and acknowledge that for you.
Not that you need me to. It was just something I felt like doing.
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posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 12:16 PM
I'm not going to lying. I rolled my eyes at the thread title but love 9/11 so I clicked. You have put together a ton of interesting information. I glanced for right now. S&F. Commenting to come back to tonight and read through more. Threads like this refresh my love for ATS. Will definitely like to come back and discuss once I read further.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 12:28 PM
I had a vivid dream some time before 9-11, where some buildings had been devastated similar to the ruins of Manhatten that day - although it was not The Twin Towers - looked more like a university campus.

And I was picking my way through the rubble and I heard someone say that "It (the attack) was against the UFO people"

Stuck with me that dream, couldnt make much of it till I came across this thread.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 12:44 PM

originally posted by: neutronflux
a reply to: EnigmaChaser

I think earthlings are quite capable of committing evil acts without ET helping out? Strange all your “evidence” is earthly with all the alien “evidence” is interjection or innuendo.

Why would a space race give two poops about earth.

Entirely true - humans are capable of this without ET pushing the buttons.

In regards to conjecture - isnt that kind of the point regarding 9/11? If all I have is triangulation then things went according to plan. I have basically what I had in early 2001....

The last point I can’t speak to other than most animals are curious, at least to some extent, by nature. Why did we go to Mars then? Why go to the moon? Because we’re curious. Intellectual curiosity actually tends to increase the more intelligent a being is. So, if there’s a species that’s out there that’s smarter than us (which is also highly plausible) then maybe they just want to see what’s happening like we do. Nevermind the notion that if you’re a passer by in our neck of the galaxy Earth would stick out for various reasons... you might want to take a look at it.

posted on Jan, 31 2019 @ 12:47 PM

originally posted by: headorheart
I'm not going to lying. I rolled my eyes at the thread title but love 9/11 so I clicked. You have put together a ton of interesting information. I glanced for right now. S&F. Commenting to come back to tonight and read through more. Threads like this refresh my love for ATS. Will definitely like to come back and discuss once I read further.

Thank you to you and all the others with kind words - I’m glad you enjoyed it and stuck with the long post. I have some more I’ll tack on here but ran out of time last night.

I agree on the title - I kicked it around for a while and finally said to myself, “welp, this is going to be possibly viewed as some wonky stuff but... roll with it!”

Awesome to see replies and I’m excited to hear additional comments of all kinds - great discussion!

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