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Submerged City Found off Coast of India

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posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 06:04 AM
Just looking at the BBC website and it seems that the Asian tsunami has reveled the remains of an ancient Indian city:
Submerged Indian City

Something interesting to emerege from catastrophe.

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 06:43 AM
It is ironic in a way.. A tsunami or flood of water has rediscovered and unearthed a city submerged and lost by flood of water.

Hopefully it will allow us a glimpse into the past and some more knowledge of how things were.

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 07:26 AM
wow..............that's cool. i hadn't seen anything about that. i think its great that this city or set of temples has been discovered.
can't wait to see more info on this one!!


posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 08:28 AM
Where did all the water some form Ice melt ?
thier has been sevral under sea discoveries latl
Japan and Cuba are two that come to mind
Is this the resalt of the end of the ice age

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 09:32 AM
Perhaps an ancient sunami was the cause for the city to be submerge, they talked about a flood so it could have been another sunami.

Part of the local legend, the story of submerged offshore temples was first recorded by William Chambers, a British traveler, in the Asiatic Research Journal in 1788. He quoted older people having seen the ‘‘tops of several pagodas far out in sea’’, covered with copper. By the time Chambers visited the place ‘‘the effect was no longer the same as the copper had been incrusted with mould and verdigris.’’

Since 2001 Archaeologist has known about the submerge city.

The Archaeological Survey of India’s Underwater Archeology Wing (UAW) has discovered three walls and a number of carved architectural members of ancient temples running north to south and east to west. Also found are seven big submerged rocks 500 metres off shore.

According to UAW in-charge Alok Tripathi, who undertook the diving 500 metres east and north of the Shore temple in November 2001 and March this year, ‘‘the walls are made of thick slabs of granite. Two long stone slabs, eachwith two vertical slits to receive two other stone slabs, were kept upright. Several such blocks arranged in a row formed a wall.’’

posted on Mar, 28 2005 @ 06:25 PM
or perharps the city was submerged after the Great Flood, during the times of Noah.....

posted on Mar, 28 2005 @ 11:48 PM
There was no 'great flood in the times of noah', so its an unlikely candidate here.

Humans didn't built cities in the ice age. This city/temple is an example of a common event. Coastlines shift. Ostia, the origianl port of ancient rome, is now far from the sea and far from the tiber river. Sometimes a city sinks, sometimes a city gets surrounded by dirt. Mexico City, for example, is sinking, right into the ground. New Orleans and Venice are sinking, and will oneday be none existant. Doesn't have to be fast at all.

posted on Mar, 29 2005 @ 12:15 AM
Submerged cities. Octopi walking on two legs. Giant Squid invasions.
This is starting to sound like HP Lovecraft tales coming to life

phnglui mglwnafh cthulhu rlyeh waghnagl fhtagn

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