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How do you think religion started?

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posted on Feb, 14 2015 @ 10:49 PM
a reply to: Schmidt1989

Religions started, when the masses didn't understand the teachings of the Cosmic Messengers, and especially didn't like the simplicity of the truth, so they had to mutilate, perverse and twist everything into complex and completely incomprihensible mental labyrinths, cold doctrines and weird abstract labyrinths of concept and word that even the priests don't understand.

Then they started 'preaching' these things without any clue or conviction or spiritual power guiding them, and hoping that the masses would regard the priests somehow better than the rest, so their egos would be glorified, all while they claim to be spreading the word of the 'God' or 'Jesus'.

Of course the jesuits, freemasons and the like started pretty quickly harnessing this power, as the masses are easily duped, and started going to the church(es) to 'worship god' so that their selfish greed and lust for a better life would be fulfilled, and their crops wouldn't be destroyed by the weather or locusts.

So the religions got perverted even further, and adjusted and tweaked for maximum control - they offered incentives and punishments, fearmongering as well as messages of salvation - "but ONLY if you do as we say".

"As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs"

This says it all. Extract money and wealth from the masses and individuals, (while also psychologically controlling them) and give them 'salvation from purgatory' (= nothing) in return.

Churches are evil, religions are evil, and all the doctrines and the rituals should just be thrown away and abandoned.

A human being needs no religion - the spirit can find spirituality without it, and see the truth directly. No corrupt hands demanding money, no bribed priests spouting falsehoods to your ear, no institutions to guide you towards materialism and fearmonger you to an obedient 'churchgoer' and 'taxpayer'.

You don't need these third parties, you can see straight into the truth, by yourself. Trust the larger spirit to take care of you, the smaller spirit.

That's how religions started, and that's what religions are.

Anyone who dreams or imagines that it somehow all 'automatically' started because of rain, sun or the elements, is deluding themselves. The proto-humans already had guides here instructing them and giving them tools, so humans were never in the position of being on their own, alone here, starting something. Everything had already been started way before Atlantis and Lemuria (Mu).

And even before the civilizations before those.

Spirituality has always existed, and E.T. bigger brothers taught us a lot before letting us roam free here. Nothing ever happened like that, some farmer looking at the sun and thinking it must be some kind of entity. Sheesh! How deluded do you really want to be?

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