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TH3WH17ERABB17 -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -XV-

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posted on Jan, 29 2019 @ 11:07 PM
a reply to: carewemust

4 here in WNY. My nose hairs didn't freeze but something else did.

posted on Jan, 29 2019 @ 11:08 PM
Still thinking about J_C's tweet. I read a bit today about Ira Aldridge. After my readings, I wondered why J_C mentioned London's West End when that is certainly not the only nor first area Aldridge performed in. According to my reading, he was actually more popular in Russia. So, I decided to play with that---London's West End---LWE)

LWE is an acronym for Learning With Errors

Here is the Wikipedia page for Learning With Errors. It has to do with cryptography and cryptosystems.

It's way too technical for me to functionally understand, but I can glean enough to get a picture.

n cryptography, a public key exchange algorithm is a cryptographic algorithm which allows two parties to create and share a secret key, which they can use to encrypt messages between themselves. The ring learning with errors key exchange (RLWE-KEX) is one of a new class of public key exchange algorithms that are designed to be secure against an adversary that possesses a quantum computer. This is important because some public key algorithms in use today will be easily broken by a quantum computer if and when such computers are implemented. RLWE-KEX is one of a set of post-quantum cryptographic algorithms which are based on the difficulty of solving certain mathematical problems involving lattices. Unlike older lattice based cryptographic algorithms, the RLWE-KEX is provably reducible to a known hard problem in lattices.

To the naysayers regarding what "codes" some of us "see" and the way we attempt to interpret them, I appreciate the criticism and understand the skepticism. But, our efforts seem to lead to places we can explore and they fit almost like a puzzle in many instances. So, don't outright poo-poo the winding path we find ourselves following sometimes.

posted on Jan, 29 2019 @ 11:09 PM
a reply to: tiredoflooking

This explains the process for President Trump to declassify everything without getting himself charged with Obstructing justice.

But It would be much MUCH simpler to DECLAS, if soon-to-be AG William Barr scaled back Mueller's scope, or told him to pull the plug on his investigation and write the final report.

posted on Jan, 29 2019 @ 11:11 PM
a reply to: tiredoflooking

McCabe is already suing the DOJ.

Not sure if we knew that?

I got all excited thinking it was his indictment being unsealed but nope.

posted on Jan, 29 2019 @ 11:15 PM
a reply to: tiredoflooking

McCabe trying to form a tornado ahead of a hurricane 😎

posted on Jan, 29 2019 @ 11:23 PM
a reply to: daskakik

I appreciate the role you have played here in these threads. Your constant questioning and sourced rebuttals are not only a pleasant change from the broken records and Silly one liners designed to derail,your posts have helped keep things more focused in my opinion.

While I have the utmost respect for the time and the effort he puts into them, I have also at times questioned some of sufi's decodes.

That does not however invalidate them.

There have been a few things he has come up with that have managed to raise even this meathead's eyebrows...

Just because a method of communication might seem improbable or impractical, it does not mean it's not possible or effective.

When I first joined this site, I was pointed here by real life friend. He's a sharp guy, so I figured I would play a game..

I made this account ,did not tell him,and proceeded to post in his threads or threads he was actively participating in and used a simple capitol cipher to drop our first names...

He never caught on..


Two other users did.. and called me out.

That was actually the moment I decided to stay for good..

These threads remind me of the ATS of old, inquiring minds relentlessly digging,cross referencing, and working together instead of engaging in the current vitriolic atmosphere that permeates from the mudpit.

pessimistic or optimistic,hopeful or hater, believer or skeptic, either, have to admit it's been a hell of a ride...

I mean your still here everyday just like me...



posted on Jan, 29 2019 @ 11:26 PM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

Hey J&C! Thank you for that awesome digging.

I found some more goddies about K. Shelly Porges that I just want to drop here so Rel can archive the info.

K Shelly Porges is/was married to Richard Wilhelm. Here is a link to his FB page. He updated his profile pic of he and Shelly together in front of the Capitol on Oct 2 2017.

Richard is a senior executive advior for Booz Allen.

Before retiring and transitioning to a senior executive advisory role, Richard Wilhelm led Booz Allen’s U.S. intelligence community market group. During his 16-year tenure at the firm, he developed and led businesses in the intelligence community, the Department of Homeland Security, and the civil agencies. He also led engagements in the commercial and international sectors.

Prior to joining Booz Allen in 1998, Richard was a career Navy intelligence officer and a civilian appointee. His nearly 30-year career included serving as executive director for intelligence community affairs during the Clinton Administration, and as a senior advisor on Vice President Al Gore’s national security staff, responsible for intelligence, terrorism, and a range of other global national security issues. As a U.S. Navy officer, he co-directed the Joint Intelligence Center for Iraq during Operation Desert Storm and was the first director of information warfare at the National Security Agency.

He testified before Congress, sat on two defense science boards, and is a member of the Markle Task Force on National Security in the Information Age.

Notable people from the Markle Task Force:
Gilman Louie
Cheryl Mills - lots of great info on Mills here.
Rand Beers - he also sits on the advisor council of BO's fake NSA (yep Skippy is there too) and GSIS (ties to NXIVM)
Eric Holder (he is co-founder of See Forever Foundation - Maya Angelou's - a post ketsuko made about her (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings).

Sarah Chen who co-founded TBDFW along with Shelly seems to have many connections.

Notably, she worked on the $30Million investment in a US biotech company, for which signing was witnessed by former President Obama.

In 2016, she was appointed by Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook) as Regional Leader, championing the movement in Asia with a reach beyond 300,000.

n 2018, she was appointed to the board of BEACON DC, a partnership between Washington DC Mayor’s office, Google and Georgetown University to elevate female entrepreneurship in the United States.

I made a post here about Sheryl Sandberg sitting on the board of Bono's ONE foundation along with others deviants. Borrowing from Rising Serpent again - ONE big circle of filth.

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posted on Jan, 29 2019 @ 11:29 PM
a reply to: Sabrechucker

Honestly, we are all sitting here repeating the same thing over and over. Why are you not upset at the people who still hope Q is no BS and posting that for the nth time or going over the Q drops again and again?

Also, you are wrong about the enjoyment I get from the work of some of the members here. Just because I spend some time here doesn't mean I'm enjoying the show. I enjoy the chance to research for debunking purposes because I lack the hope that other's seem to have that this Q thing is actually going to change something.

posted on Jan, 29 2019 @ 11:52 PM
a reply to: wanderingconfusion

You should be a researcher for prosecuting attorneys.

posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 12:02 AM

originally posted by: Mike Stivic
a reply to: daskakik

These threads remind me of the ATS of old, inquiring minds relentlessly digging,cross referencing, and working together instead of engaging in the current vitriolic atmosphere that permeates from the mudpit.

pessimistic or optimistic,hopeful or hater, believer or skeptic, either, have to admit it's been a hell of a ride...


Amen brother.

posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 12:41 AM
a reply to: Mike Stivic

I get what you are saying but the mods and continuous warnings from them have kept the threads "polite". Contrary to the stated mission, Q is rather divisive.

I don't know if you have checked out the Q research thread on infinity but it is a mess. It makes the drive by posters here seem like perfect gentlemen (or ladies, hi Silly).

I have to say that it has been fun but that doesn't change the fact that the changes just don't seem to be habbening.

One big thing is the death of MSM but I'm seeing people citing sites that are essentially blogs. That isn't any better than getting your info from the MSM.

I have read here that things swing from one end to the other here on ATS every so often. I must have joined after the end of the previous swing because it always seemed to be a certain way but I see it now.

ETA: Just wanted to add that while I respect REL and their work, I think there is either nothing there to decode or they are getting it wrong. I just don't get why Q, in their drops, or anyone else on twitter would go through the trouble of sending messages that only gave acronyms. Your anecdote, with your names, is an example that that isn't how it is done.
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posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 01:02 AM
a reply to: carewemust

I am prone to forgetting things - old age will do that to ya.

daskakik I gave you a star for using the word habbening.


pessimistic or optimistic,hopeful or hater, believer or skeptic, either, have to admit it's been a hell of a ride...
I ditto TheGoon's amen.

posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 02:28 AM
a reply to: tiredoflooking

The director and deputy of the Vatican press office resigned on the last day of 2018 in what seemed to be a surprise move. They must have seen or heard something that made them unwilling to be the mouthpiece of the Holy See in 2019. The Vatican's/Pope's position in how to handle that child abuse summit almost certainly played a role in their decision.


posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 04:34 AM
Very interesting thread by FredT - best read with your Q glasses firmly on:

Saudi Armed Forces Medical Services Aircraft are they doing more than MEDEVAC?

they are flying long haul INTERNATIONAL medical missions at a rate ten times instate medical transports in the whole of California (CA has almost 5 million more people than Saudi). SO what is with all the flights? 

I kicked it around with Zaphod and he mentioned that one possibility was that they are using the planes to yank out citizens that get into trouble to avoid being prosecuted: 

As we saw recently with the killing of Kashogii they may be using the cover of a medical evac planes to perform extraordinary rendition and or execution. 

A few days ago one of the newer G-V's popped up and appeared to be heading to Houston. 

posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 04:42 AM
With FredT's thread and Q in mind worth another look at?

Vegas: Saudi AIR FORCE Had Entire Hotel Booked For A Month 4 Miles From Shooting Area

posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 04:42 AM
a reply to: wanderingconfusion

Wand, the Richard Wilhelm FB page seems to have been removed already. I get message:

"This page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed."

posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 05:00 AM
a reply to: daskakik

daskakik, just to clarify, acronyms is just one of the decode methods (below) that I post possible decodes on.

It is, perhaps, my bad that I post them more often - but this is only because they are easiest to lookup/add in to the post.

As I've said before, I don't vouch that decodes posted are confirmed... I just post whichever of the following methods seem to offer potential decodes - logically they are not all proven and only one, two or zero would be used for any given post/tweet:

Guccifer method
Covfefe method
CAPS only method
StartOfLines/StartOfSentences methods
Qclock method
Cryptex method
Gematria method
Overlay method
Acronyms method
Checksum methods
Mirror methods
Quarters method
Common killboxes method
Key numbers methods (17, 23, 5:5, Hex2Dec2Bin etc.)
Posts per day Calendar method
Chess Moves method
Morse method
Deltas and timestamp/date numerical methods

posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 06:05 AM
9/11 judge rushed from Guantánamo in medical emergency

Pre-trial hearings, due to last for the remainder of the week, have been suspended while US Marine Colonel Keith Parrella receives medical treatment.

He had shown no outward signs of ill health, but at 7pm on Tuesday evening he summoned defence and prosecution lawyers and informed them he was being flown out of the US military base in south-east Cuba back to the mainland for urgent medical treatment.

On Monday one of the defendants, Ramzi bin al-Shibh – a Yemeni accused of arranging for some of the hijackers to go to flight school in the US and helping finance the operation – challenged Parrella’s authority to preside over the court.

The defendant had raised a similar objection before, but on this occasion Parrella appeared rattled by the challenge and said his attitude “could potentially put everyone in this room’s safety in jeopardy” 

There are also other interesting tidbits in that article.

posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 07:25 AM
I just saw a very important video on Twitter. I dont have the link to is, as I refreshed the page and it was gone, but heres the gist:

10 USC 284 - This is the most important US Code you will hear about in the near future. This law gives the President the authority to authorize the US Military to build a barrier along our southern border without the need for a declaration of emergency, and without the authorization of congress - or anyone else for that matter.

The video was in a hearing, and was between a Congressman and the Deputy Sec of Defense (Hood?) The Congressman was explaining what 10 USC 284 does, and that the President has authorization to use this code to build a barrier at our southern border. He asks the SecDef if Trump has used this code yet in order to do anything at the border, and the answer was "No." Then the Congressman asked if Trump authorized the military to build the border barrier using 10 USC 284 would the Department of Defense follow this order. The answer was "Yes."

IMO, this is the path forward, this was the plan all along. No national emergency, no more shutdowns, just build the damn wall. Of course, we all know from Q this this was the plan all along!!!


posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 07:53 AM
a reply to: PokeyJoe

Covered in depth here,

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