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I had a child

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posted on Jan, 13 2019 @ 07:27 AM

I had a child and thought it was I,
but I was wrong
Twas a child, not I.
I gave birth to anger and thought it was I
then he grew up and turned in to guilt
I watched over him but he always remained the same.
After some time, I thought he must be lonely,
So I gave birth to a sister, she was bright.
So I named her star. They loved each other so very much.
Everywhere they could be seen together.
Others would say! look there goes, lonely star.
I was so close to them, I would often believe.
That indeed I was them.
But no they were my children.
As if by magic, Star had changed lonely
in to joyful.
Soon they were known as Joyful star.
Whether they be close or far.
At times I would believe that I was them.
Forgetting who I am.
One day out of the blue
I gave birth to remembrance.
She helped me so.
" Don't forget who you are"
We are your joyful-unforgetful-star.
But you are just who you are.
So true my child, so true.
I've been lost in the thoughts of who I am.
you have reminded me of who I truly am.
That which I am.

Eliberocelta@ El Torcal
Janus 2018

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