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Ads and pop up problems

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posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 09:02 AM
Everytime i get on my computer tons of IE pop ups come up and i dont even use IE.. I have pop up blocker but it doesnt work when i use IE so whenever i sign on i get 5-6 pop ups that freeze my computer i use the microsoft antispyware program and remove it but every day i sign on they just keep comming back and i have no idea what to do can anyone maybe suggest a program or action i can take against this. Thanks guys

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posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 12:48 PM
Jeez, there is so much that one has to know it can be painful. :bnghd:
Unfortunatly there are still several buggies that cannot be fixed using Microsoft Antispyware (MSAS). So far there is no, one program fixes all that I am aware of.

Well you have to start somewhere, so below are a few things you can try.
You should have Antivirus installed, updated, running, and run a full scan to eliminate a virus as a possibility.

There is a wonderful article about popups, hijacks, and exploits here, and I do suggest that you put spybot in your startup at the very least.

Since you have MSAS installed, you should probably open it and select file, update. Then run a full scan after it installs any updates. Reboot and see if it fixed it. If it did not, Boot into Safe Mode by rebooting and pressing F8 every few seconds before Windows starts. A screen will appear with a some options. Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode, and press enter, run the full scan a couple times while in Safe Mode.

If this did not work don't dispare. There is still help out there.

You can download Hijackthis and run the scan. See Image Below.

Then save the log to your desktop, or somewhere easy to get to. Dont use the fix checked unless you are very sure of what you are doing. See image below.

Open the saved log, copy and paste it here and press the analyze button. At the bottom of the page you can select the save analysis button, and save it so that you can read it at your convienience. Take the information about the possible problems it lists, and start researching someplace like google. Note that this is automated, and may not catch everything.

There are plenty of other things to try, but this is a start. If you are not comfortable searching for fixes on your own, other options are to post the MSAS log at the MSAS Forum. You can also post the Hijackthis log here, or many other forums.

You may try to post either of the logs here, and hope that Dreamland, myself, or other members have time to help you out.

Best of luck

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 12:55 PM
Alright ill try that stuff you said and ill see what happens, I appreciate your help very much makeitso and taking your time to answer my post with as much help as possible. Thanks again.

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 01:45 PM
Makeitso! wonderful post!

choose "Safari" Webbrowser..popups dont work there...
but It´s only for MacOS X ...

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 08:43 PM
I use a combination of Sbybot and adware. Both are free and seem to do a good job if you are proactive and run them regularly. High jack this is also very good at helping you remove things that the two I previously mentioned will not. The key here is not to let your pc become so infected that it is almost impossible to run anything. It can be a frustrating expierence to try and open anything if you have 60 "programs" trying to all run at the same time.

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 09:46 PM
Yes, and Shadow perhaps you should consider using Firefox as your primary browser. I find that its a lot nicer then IE, and in my opinion is safer.

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