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Calif. Women's March Cancelled For Being Too White

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posted on Dec, 31 2018 @ 06:34 PM

originally posted by: IAMTAT

Organizers of the Women’s March in Humboldt County, California, announced Friday that they have canceled the local Jan. 19 event because the marchers are overwhelmingly white.

In a Facebook statement, the group said it opted to nix the third annual march “after many conversations between local social-change organizations and supporters of the march,” saying they would work on how to “broaden representation in the organizing committee.”

“Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community,” said the statement. “Instead of pushing forward with crucial voices absent, the organizing team will take time for more outreach.”

Let's ALL just take a step back from our partisan positions...take a deep ourselves...and calmly ask of this quintessential question:


It's a march FOR women...but it's too white.

Let me try this again...
This march is to support women...but too many white people want to march in it so it needs to be cancelled.

I'm sorry, more try...
The reason this women's march needs to be because there are too many white people wanting to support it.



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Obviously their 'true agenda' is not what the white women thought it was...

posted on Jan, 3 2019 @ 04:56 AM
a reply to: IAMTAT

Humans are dumbasses

posted on Jan, 25 2019 @ 04:47 PM
As has been said before, that's what happens when you try to embrace and promote yourself as a subgroup. As it turns out, all women of color don't face all of the same issues white women think are important, particularly when it comes to economics and other social options. Not enough to march, anyway.

This is why the Democrats failed so hard in 2016. They looked at what they considered to be minorities and lumped them all together, oblivious to the fact that along with cultural and ethnic differences each human being has their own concerns and biases, and that some of the subgroups of the subgroups actively dislike each other.

We're a species full of irrational dislikes and prejudices from all sides. But you know what brings us all together? Money. We tolerate each other because we can make a buck off each other. People seem to forget that that is what made America great!

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posted on Jan, 26 2019 @ 07:25 AM
a reply to: Kentuckymama

and if you were there?

posted on Feb, 11 2019 @ 06:43 AM
Maybe they looked, didn't have enough people of color, and thought....hmmm we need a few (more) brown, yellow, and black women to make this look legit... canceled!

posted on Feb, 11 2019 @ 07:17 AM
So without the white women they'd have... nobody. Good call!

posted on Feb, 11 2019 @ 07:21 AM
a reply to: Blue Shift

Perhaps the truest answer is that we're actually *gasp* individuals and not *groups* at all. And we should stop looking at people and seeing black queer female or white cisgender Christian female and because of that never the twain should meet, but start instead seeing two people who both like to cook, both enjoy watching some of the shows on Netflix, and may share a love of gardening.

It seems it was a simpler time back then when we saw people instead of *groups* trying to beat each other into the ground.

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