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Sleep paralysis like event 2 nights ago - worst ever experienced -

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posted on Dec, 27 2018 @ 11:32 PM

originally posted by: MisterSpock
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

It's like "falling" into deeper levels of subconscious.

I've had "loops" of being suffocated and held down, only to "wake up" and be continually subjected to it for several "layers" of awakening.

People in the room, suffocation, physical assaults, "hearing intrusions" etc.... layered, when I finally come out, its surreal.

At the time it's almost "life altering", a day later I find it fascinating and inconsequential. I think all the mysteries in the universe pale in comparison to the human consciousness.

Still pretty freaky though.

WE need to compare notes. You explain my experiences to a T. Layers of waking is what I tried to explain with each "episode" where I would wake in bed, for another round, never having awakened - it repeated up to maybe 15x until the final REAL awakening.

I also have this where the room finally flips 90 degrees on it's side, Gravity is pulling me to the wall to my right, vision is off by 90 degrees, and I have to walk on the walls, not the floor (buy vision is even more wack) - and there is someone outside the bedroom and I'm trying to get to the door to close it. It's impossible the first 4-5 attempts until I realize I have to walk on the wall, don't fall into the open closet (because that is down, and once down, you can't go back "up".. it's a literal hellscape).

I'd like to get all the members here that experience this and have them write down common things that happen to them and compare notes, like an application process we all can review.

I've also had the strangulation, sitting on chest, old hag, dark nebulous "cloud" in top right corner of room (even when a bright blue LED lights the corner, this cloud absorbs ALL light into total darkness that swirls/moves/etc - and I've seen it after waking from my sleep paralysis for up to 15 mins afterwards - f'in spooky!)

I'll have to suggest anyone how this happens to, the next time you wake up, turn a light on and put a towel/cloth/blanket over it to dim it, then go back to sleep. I have NEVER once had this experience when the light is on. Maybe little kids know something we don't (supposedly we forget things we knew as "universal truths" as toddlers b/c parents lie to use, shame us for our fears, etc - that is why young kids NEED a night light!). I had this happening 3-5x a week for about 4 months and when I finally started sleeping with a light, it stopped that night and never returned for ~4 years. I think that has something to do with it. I only use a 40w incandescent bulb (don't use CFL or LEDs!!! you need REAL light!) with lots of shading.

Another thing I've never told anyone. I have a super fast LED strobe flashlight and at night when I set it on max speed (18 flashes per second), I can see things in the room, spirits, people, my walls are covered in writing (COMPLETELY covered, like hexes or possibly positive "blessings" and I can only see these with an LED strobe, NOTHING else. It is a cool-white LED, I've tried other color LED's and it doesn't show up even using the same flash light. Tried to tell friends and family to come see it but they looked at me like they wanted to have me committed but I've done it over 100+ times and the writings are always the same as far as I can tell.

I also while lying down form 2008-2013/4 I would get this feeling of being poked (like by a finger) repeatedly in the same spot, kind of like a muscle twitch, but so much more localized (like middle of quad only 1cm^2 felt poked, where if it was muscular, much of the quad would be effected). I would get this for hours on end while trying to sleep, in 5-30 places all over body. Sometimes it would be a full "hand grabbing/squeezing" feeling on wrist/ankle, not hard but plenty to make sure I knew it was happening and it would repeat 10-100+ times in 20 mins. I'd get the pokes all over body, lower legs, feet, neck, chest, arms, u name it and at times there would be 4-20 locations hapeneing at once.

When that would happen I would use my strobe and the writing would ALWAYS be there on the walls (usually in odd languages, ancient looking/foreign/alien at least). Another way to see these things is using the LED (again cool white seems best color - I have a 3w LED in my flashlight) and I get the same effect by blinking as fast as I can (6-10x a second) and I can see the writing on the wall and sometimes outlines of semi-transparent people around my bed touching me (95% women, of the younger type) - the strobe + blinking can give an even better result.

Finally I've covered or removed all mirrors in bedroom. I would see red eyes staring back through it when strobing the light or blinking w/ LED light on - it looked like a dragon's face or maybe the devil of some kind. This was the scariest of all. Problem is that no pictures capture this and I never tried taking video as I didn't have a good video camera at the time. Might try that again.

We should set up an ATS research group where we can share techniques and maybe equipment to try to document what is going on. I have GREAT access to professional AV equipment at super low prices (like give-away prices), Audio recording software, LOTS of very expensive lab electronics (makes these paranormal investigators equipment look like dollar store items), FLIR, EM field detection, IR video capture equipment (all at HD or UHD- 4K).

There are THOUSANDS of other people who go through this and I know they would pay to find out what is going on. Most have given up on "sleep paralysis" explanation. I say we find these people, get a group, raise funds, get some good equipment (from my inexpensive sources for professional equipment) and make some real documentation.

another note, analogue video and audio might be the best for capturing this stuff, BY FAR, as digital is SO easiy to manipulate if these "entities" can control electromagnetic fields and electronics. I've done my research into this and I think there is a lot that can be revealed if there is support for it to be done.

Please don't think I'm a crack pot. I grew up semi-religious until about 6-7yrs old until hateful 'believers' pushed me out, then followed science from there. Came back to "religion and supernatural at about 25 when I had seen 100's of things science had total BS explanations for - only supernatural could have explained these things. My years from 24-36 have some of the wildest experiences you can imagine that science could never explain with a straight face, yet I've never been turned away from the faith communities when explaining these things, which is actually VERY comforting.

posted on Dec, 27 2018 @ 11:39 PM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof
Its just the sleep gremlins, or shadow people, or the fedora people, even some of the greys are in that business, dont know what they are called these days, would not worry to much on it. They kind of feed on fear, and like all predators they tend to attack when the prey is at its weakest or in a dozing state.

And very few can materialize on this plane of existence to any mater of a degree, so there is no need to worry about any physical issues, and by very few I am talking one out trillions, and out of those they got much bigger fish to fry then humans.

So really if you want it all to go away, and the bad dreams to stop, well! Don't fear the reaper.

And poof like magic, it all disperses. Here is a lullaby for you.


posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 12:35 AM
Music that is happy and or comforts you would be the best to use. When you don't hear it, then something is wrong. Another thing that I have found is that you can not hit or punch things while in this state, but you can grab and tear things apart like the Hulk.

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 01:46 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

I've had similar experiences, though not the exact same. I did experience the radio sounds, especially if a fan was going beside my bed. I'd hear the sounds of men's voices, very clear, only I could not quite make out what they were saying for the most part. If I turned off the fan or sat up, the radio noise went away. Myself, I have not experienced the actual sleep paralysis, but I have experienced many of the same phenomenon as victims of the disorder do ('disorder' for lack of a better word, as we don't really know what this is.)

The thing with sleep paralysis is, many people who have been diagnosed with this 'disorder' have had supernatural experiences occur, not just sleep state experiences. There have been documentaries made on this (the real dark side of sleep paralysis which is never mentioned in popular media.) These people often experience similar things, as I myself have. There is an electric ringing in your brain, like a metal rod inside your brain is receiving some kind of signal which causes it to vibrate with electricity for some reason. There is a feeling of an evil presence, or actually seeing a shadowy figure. And other supernatural events can occur (which may seem unrelated, but they most likely are related in some way.)

My guess is that some of us are sensitive/receptive to these dark forces and until or unless we learn to defend ourselves properly, it can be disastrous for us. IMO, your powerful energy sensation was your psyche warning you of being in grave danger. The thing is, you can protect yourself. Different things may work for different people, perhaps, but sage smudging to clear your home space of negative energies is a good idea. For me, I have learned to steady my mind in myself, to stay focused and ever-ready to dish out one hell of a psychic fight. I have found that these dark forces are very scared of our light energy. That is why they cower in the darkness and fear the light, fear being noticed by us except for when it seems empowering for them (when it scares us.) We have the power in this world, not them. Manipulation is their one and only power over us and we can put up physic walls and fight back with light energy attacks and they will flee like cowards.

What they are is a mystery to everyone. Call them 'demons' or 'shadow people,' they are non-corporeal entities which do not belong here and rely on our energy and strength for subsistence, it seems. There are many materials written on dealing with such entities and you should definitely learn how to arm yourself spiritually. When you are properly empowered, they truly are weak and pitiful nothings.

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 04:46 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

I have a super fast LED strobe flashlight and at night when I set it on max speed (18 flashes per second), I can see things in the room, spirits, people, my walls are covered in writing (COMPLETELY covered, like hexes or possibly positive "blessings" and I can only see these with an LED strobe, NOTHING else. It is a cool-white LED, I've tried other color LED's and it doesn't show up even using the same flash light. Tried to tell friends and family to come see it but they looked at me like they wanted to have me committed but I've done it over 100+ times and the writings are always the same as far as I can tell.

I'd come to see it... sheesh who gets the opportunity to see something like this for real ? I would definitely entertain it and go check it out if someone approached me about it. Gosh... prime opportunity...


posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 04:50 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

Glad I read till the end. The part you said about hearing old music really struck a chord with me. I have had that happen before. I heard old music in my head. Swing music. And I don't know why but I have a strange addiction to old black and white movies. I love watching them so much.

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 04:53 AM
a reply to: MisterSpock

So you have explained the after effects and effects of astral travel, take away fear and you can do anything, id say it's a gift.

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 05:19 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

Oh and I don't have this particular experience and in fact I hardly ever remember my dreams (thankfully) but from all the strange experiences I have read, I agree that it definitely seems like something more than a "waking dream" or "sleep paralysis" is going on.

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 06:42 AM
That is a very extreme experience you've had, the constant returning to that state and esp. the footprints.

It sounds like you were having an astral event with a malevolent spirit messing with you. These evil beings try to restrain or trap you then cause you to feel an intense dreadful fear, an energy they feed on. If they don't keep your astral body restrained, you could get up and fight them in their realm, plus being trapped adds to the fear level you feel. Inducing fear and sleep paralysis is is their only power over you unless they are powerful enough to manifest in the physical realm. If this being can manage to do this, you are technically being haunted. Finding footprints sounds like a physical manifestation, so it might be more serious like a haunting.

There are ways to fight them. If you can break the paralysis and struggle with the entity, it might make them leave, or maybe not. If you know the entity's name, you can command them to leave. If you have enough faith, you can command them in the name of God, Jesus Christ or probably any god or deity you believe in.

My personal favorite is to deny them their hunger for fear by changing your fear into fascination. Study them closely, look at them with curiosity, change from being afraid to being fascinated with them and they will get pissed off and leave because they can no longer feed on your fear reaction.
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posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 07:18 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

I have had this experience since I was a child. Its a dark gray to black silhouette of a hooded "presence" that is watching me from the bedroom door as I am lying in bed in sleep paralysis as I cant wake up nor move. The presence is so terrifying that I end up trying to scream out loud and that's what wakes me up or my wife shakes me awake. It has never moved nor touched me. My dreams are vivid and in color and also have the sense of touch. The appearance of the presence cannot be connected to any event or stressor that I am aware of. All I know is that I sense that its evil.

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 07:23 AM

originally posted by: MichiganSwampBuck

There are ways to fight them. If you can break the paralysis and struggle with the entity, it might make them leave, or maybe not. If you know the entity's name, you can command them to leave. If you have enough faith, you can command them in the name of God, Jesus Christ or probably any god or deity you believe in.

My personal favorite is to deny them their hunger for fear by changing your fear into fascination. Study them closely, look at them with curiosity, change from being afraid to being fascinated with them and they will get pissed off and leave because they can no longer feed on your fear reaction.

I'm not a big fan of religions, but I have to say if people are in fear during an OBE, or an astral event then use your power figures/beliefs to balance yourselves, because regardless of religions there is love within.

I may do a thread, but it will take some time to compile it. It's in regards to a mass awakening of the people, on our planet, that is transpiring currently, this event cannot be suppressed.

There are many people becoming aware of more things than their 5 senses, and that they are more than their physical bodies..............................there is nothing to be afraid of, because who and what you are is truly a beautiful thing.

Shadow people, or entities are very much attracted to your essences, or soul light, like a moth to a light. The light we emanate is one from source, or some call it (God, Allah, Budda, etc); We are all an equal slice of this source, and are in the process of remembering that, no alcohol, drug, prescription, religion, vacation, number of hours worked, or hiding under the sheets, will prevent it from happening, but they do make it a bit rougher. Everything we need is within.

There have been many names for this event, in the past and present, religions coined them, new-ager's have labeled them, but the truth is we're just remembering. We're remembering who we truly are, and with the advent of 8 billion souls, on the planet the level of awareness/resonance is making it happen now, we have reached a critical mass. This critical mass is kinda of like a bunch of tuning forks all starting to activate the others, at a similar frequency.

There is nothing to be afraid of because who and what we are is pure love, it may not feel this way, but the current darkness doesn't want us to remember that; so find the love within, and use it to remember, share it with shadow people/events in your dreams, life, and at every level of consciousness.

What I'm trying to convey here the more we ignore what is going on currently, the louder/more profound the experiences will be, so acknowledge what it transpiring, and do it in a state of love. Even the darkness wants to remember, and is trying to remember.

People don't need to take my word for it, just use your internal discernment, and intuition. Rhetorical answers are the Real Truth.



P.S. if people are interested I'll post more info, in another separate thread. Let me know.
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posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 07:45 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

Sorry but I did not read your entire story as its quite long. However, I read another OPS response to the "radio" noise as your adder states:

Edit 2 - PPS - I was wondering if this was some kind of DEW (directed energy weapon) that made me just fall asleep like I was triggered by something and then maybe something else that triggered the full body feeling. I've had add experiences where I have had odd noises in the walls I can only hear from certain points in the room (usually in bed in one spot), sounds of old time radio (music and talk radio from maybe the 1920's) but when I move 1ft in one direction, the noise goes away - and many other things similar to that. It happened A LOT for 5+ years from 2008 to ~2013, then just completely stopped. I had no medication changes and no meds that would cause these "hallucinations".

I have heard the radio "noise" in one house which I lived for over a period of 24 years. It seems just off into the distance such that you cannot understand what is being said or sung but it is human talk and music. We were the original owners of the home and it was a new build. We moved and I have not heard it for several years. I also never heard it in my parents home growing up or in other homes that I have owned. I surmised that it was possibly the in wall metal fireplace flue duct that ran past my bedroom wall and it was acting as an antenna or the neighbor had a radio on. I CANNOT PROVE THIS. However, it DOES NOT explain the 1920's style of music. All I know is that its weird.

Based on your thread. You need to get a grip on your life's net worth to yourself. Why would demons, aliens or the FED want to control you? Sheet happens that is not explainable. Get rid of the gun or lock it up. Have you ever wonder why convicted murderers or criminals seem to sleep well?
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posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 08:49 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

Call on the name of Jesus. This is demonic in nature. I know you don't believe and don't care to based on your previous posting.

I have battled sleep paralysis. Jesus is the only thing that will help. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain (not meant to be anything other than genuine heartfelt sincerity).

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 09:02 AM
Wow OP, that sounds like one long ordeal, thanks for sharing.

And they are ordeals, make no mistake. I’d say I get one or two happening on average each year. The last one was only last week, so I’d like to share while it’s still fresh. When these events happen you can train yourself to notice or record eveyrthing you can then write it down straight after or in the following morning.

I’d been listening to talk radio on my iPad in bed, in the early hours - 2-3ish, listening to Grant Cameron’s updates on his consciousness research. It had been a long time since I’d had an OBE or sleep paralysis, and as damn right terrifying as they can be, I wanted to experience either of them again... it’s Christmas and I love this stuff in the darkest months.

So I take my headphones off and settle down and instantly KNOW that ‘something’ will happen as my head is buzzing, charged up like potential energy. I wonder if it was the headphones that helped do this, or what my intention was, or both. Historically, listening to or reading about these phenomena right before does get the brain prepared and receptive.

The next thing I know is that I’m looking at what I think is my bedroom door, ajar with soft orange light beyond, yet it feels like it’s in a house I grew up in. I then see something creep in from the other side like a mouse. This is strange but I keep looking. Another one joins it and they come closer into the room, then another... but they’re moving erratically as if jumping forwards and backwards slightly, getting closer, as if it’s an entity that’s got its reality wrong.

Right then I experience a zooming closer to the orange light source reminiscent of the Blade Runner ‘expand’ sequence but quicker. Wow I think, this is like a camera or something, but then I notice that the orange light was not an open door at all because I can see wallpaper and a skirting board as if my head is pressed up by a wall. It is then that I realise this is my room, right now, in reality and that I’m right by these glitchy mice imposters.
I start to freak and those waves of adrenaline and primal fear rush from the centre of my head and my heart starts POUNDING.

It is then that the dark mist entity appears or at least I notice it for the first time. Then begins the usual mentally draining battle. I start screaming a gutteral warrior cry to both assert dominance and alert my wife next to me to help. It tries to pull me from my bed and I can feel my conscioussness shift, where my point of view becomes from somewhere else in the bed. I try to grab the sheets and the headboard to stop the slip, as this has happened before. My ‘consciousness’ is then thrown 90 degrees and I’m facing myself in bed side on, then again quickly round another 90 degrees to the foot of my bed and my feet. I couldn’t see any details because of the darkness, the only light being the almost full moon and the strange orange glow, but I could make out the covers over my legs.

I’m not sure who wins this fight but I suddenly open my eyes, I wouldn’t even say I awoke, and assessed my heartbeat. It felt normal,very calm. Breathing was very relaxed. I checked my Apple watch and nothing out of the ordinary even though the almighty tussle felt like a wrestling match. I hadn’t moved an inch in my bed.

The kicker: this is when I noticed that the glowing light was there right in front of me on the far wall. It was the orange bulb on a plug extender, lighting up from behind a full length mirror. Until then I didn’t know if any of this was real. That was the confirmer. If I was dreaming then I wouldn’t have seen this light.

A quick OBE/SP checklist if you want to try to initiate one:

Go to sleep in the early hours 3-4am,
Drink a glass of water right before bed,
No sexual activity for 24-48 hours previous,
Be mentally prepared and receptive to something happening - intention (reading or listening to mentally stimulating ideas on the subject really help),
Try and notice a buzz or static charge in your head and let that take over as you lie there,
Be prepared to be scared shortless!

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 11:33 AM
I made a thread a long time ago about my experience with sleep paralysis.

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 12:54 PM
I read someone mention invoking the name of Jesus and the "episode" stopped immediately and I have to say that I'm the one of invoke that name even in toubling circumstances but a few years ago, I was being harassed for what seemed like hours, repetitive layer's of waking up, followed by attacks each time (strangling, choking, pulling my legs towards bottom of bed, removing/throwing off sheets/covers and what felt like stealing of breath), and this was maybe the 12th time for the night. The dread and fear petrified me to the point of not being able to breath in/out (lungs compressed) and I either thought or siad something like "Oh Jesus" and within 1-2 seconds, it stopped and I felt basicaly like normal again

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 01:07 PM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

Keep a look out for changes in "family" and see what "side" that such a thing occurred on.

Being so called "mentally" connected through their cultural exchanges as in food, training and other habituation? Then you attached or not? Are going to feel such a thing...

I had a left side issue years and years ago; felt like several tonnes on my left shoulder... and what felt like two arms around my neck and face down in the pillow.

An aunts husband died soon afterwards on my moms side... favoring my mothers side; even in looks? That is from her side? Just means that is the pathway that those genes took in the womb for strength health etc. for a better genetic variant.

When there are no better genetic variants; first there is a recessive gene appearance... that means move out of town or state before the "inbreeding" of genes begins... leading to birth defects. Lacking one chromosome one is retarded one extra means down syndrome... meaning those two families are good for each other to marry into to "fix" the gene pool.

Scent typically does a pretty good job of that; however with perfumes etc.? Difficult to know... birth control does the same sort of thing; inverts ones sense as to who is good for you and who is not.

The addition of things like "raise it again Sam" drugs for men? Has made society even worse and more aggressive in mentality... where the old ages should be like ice ages as in cool it and relax.

I am happy to be done with "male" menopause, pretty much naturally seedless and glad of it... all the fight nonsense and dominance and control stuff is very adolescent; seeing that behaviour in 60-80 year old's is not only pathetic but also pathological.

So of course you having a sympathetic nervous system; something animals that "all look the same" do not have like apes, monkey's, etc of the same genetic lines? Means at some point they will breed together; expanding their minds and abilities... dog breeding programs have shown the tale of what pathological human breeding has done... with things like parvo etc. beating and training those traits into the "beast" is of course what some would say is an "un-natural" evil in forcing a part of life into a pigeon hole or slave labour in the service of "man".

Using the bible as an excuse to do so; is typical... when things that went "munch" in the night got to be too much? Beating them back into servitude; as the dog is naturally a scavenger.

Well that energy and gene pool exists when "living" with them... literally from the ground up... same with cats or any other family "pets" or species that runs hides and scurries.

So the passing and coming and going of gene expressions from all sorts of things... is good for you and everyone else. Avoidance is what causes the lack... like some pregnant women so lacking and yet rife with a craving so desperately needed would eat a pile of dog feces and never let anyone know it. Just to get the genes she needs that are expressing themselves in the womb of starving of and needs.

As far as "sides" go depends on who was "your" chosen favourite even though both are said to pass on as genes go and yeah they are some small little twisted buggers simply known as DNA and RNA.

All important and all vital as the support of life and its growth goes on into the future... most all medicine says "unknown mechanism" meaning money and a piece of paper sell a lot of sheet rock and sugar in the form of medicine. Control groups... life knows it is a bad thing, and says no with the greatest of ease.

Of course entering into marriage? Better get used to that No or better yet; know them through and through... that's been the trouble for such a very very long time... even within the same culture, that does not mean one knows them as habituation etc goes as personal rituals and traits go.

Insecurity of course means one is off course in their personal mental health... sometimes false bravado or cheer leading has lead someone to very great heights; that are essentially idiots that eventually waste more money than they could ever make on all the talents and skills they never learned to do... so of course one would hope that their mate, whether chosen or arranged would do such a thing for them as the balance needed so both can live in harmony.

Hormones male and female are just a fight the will greater than both of them; to pass those genes on to survive... and of course being death is fear based? Many religions follow the same path to instill fear so that once all the copulation of teenage years ends? Nesting finally begins... of course those not really having sewn their oats? Are for better or for worse... resentful in all they have ever built, only because it was never really truly anything or anyone they wanted.

Babies are of course not mistakes; no matter what those having them regretful or not believe about it. All the drama and chaos that goes along with that... and then the grandparents and even great grandparents all hopped up on hormone therapy; make the real world barely worth living in, as it is just one big race and run around from start to finish; only to get right back to where one already was.

Meditation is good and the only way I know of to control all urges; termed both as "natural" and "artificial". Many schools on how too; even the book I smirked at earlier says; meditate "both day and night" and yet does not in any slightest say how; it reads more as submit and become a slave... of course that's what those that do not know how to meditate, or control all of their body and processes, all of their speech and processes and all of their mind and processes actually seem to be.

Anyways... meditate on the experience; let it answer itself over time... otherwise, you are just wine in a cup.

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 01:26 PM
I have wondered for some time now about sleep paralysis. A little over 4 years ago I had an incident somewhat but also not really that similar. When I brought it up to numerous people they had suggested it was a form of sleep paralysis or what one professional had referred to as a hypnic jerk, but none of the stories I hear about the subject are like what happened in my case.
I've never felt the heavy, pinned down, paralysis sensation or had shadowy figures. I simply woke up and I was floating 2 to 3 feet above my mattress and immediately fell into bed. I remember right before I woke up that I had a dream I was floating back into my bedroom through the window (and some of the wall because I was sideways) but it was closed and I could clearly see the insulation in the wall as I passed through it. A moment later I awoke over my bed and falling all in to it.
I brushed off all the claims of sleep paralysis because the more I looked into it, it just didn't fit the bill. A buddy jokingly suggested aliens took me then put me back which I would be more willing to believe and someone also mentioned that I may have been doing it all myself and went into explaining Astral projection. I've never made my mind up as to what I believe happened that night. However I will never forget that fall and my immediate rush of adrenaline launching out of bed trying to understand what just transpired.
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posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 01:47 PM
I used to have sleep paralysis often. Since I got married and my wife and I share the same bed now, I haven’t had it but maybe a couple times in 2-3 years. I do still have hallucinations where I see legitimate giant spiders in various, random places. Once I get my bearings to me, they disappear.

For sleep paralysis I got to the point where I could control the dream experience. Meaning, as I was in that total state of fear and shadow people were abound, I could control the entirety of the situation until I woke up. I know that if I sleep on my back, I’m likely to experience sleep paralysis. Also, if my head is slightly tilted so that blood might pool a little in my brain, I experience heavy hallucinations or sleep paralysis.

Lately, I’ve cut back on my Keto diet and have been consuming more carbs than usual. Between my college studies, life stresses and the holidays, I lost my discipline with it. I’m finding my dreams are starting to be more and more lucid and wild and I wonder if the increased carb count is playing a factor. Stress is a constant in the America. Lifestyle, so it’s not anything new to me. I don’t think it’s related to that. Point is, I wonder if a carbohydrate increase equates to higher REM activity. Just a curiosity more than anything.

posted on Dec, 28 2018 @ 02:48 PM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

It does work. I'm glad you had that experience of calling on his name. Because it will get better the more you know. When I was a child and having such episodes I instinctively called on the name of Jesus. However, I couldn't speak, move my lips - it was only thought. But even my thought was slow and it was a struggle to think of his name. It wasn't until about 15 years ago was I able to utter his name out loud but it was with extreme effort and multiple attempts. As much that I was just a kid that had a family with twisted ideas about God and their own individual beliefs of what the Bible meant (most of it self serving in their minds), and never having delved into the written word of God - I just instinctively knew to call on his name. It was mindless thought that emerged from some deep inner part of me - it was the only help that my spirit knew to call on.

When I learned about who I am in Jesus, that I belong to Jesus and that I have the authority to rebuke evil in Jesus' name, calling on his name became easier and easier. Eventually I merely had to think of Jesus' name and the attacks would stop immediately.

I did have one last final attack about two years ago that occurred while I was awake. I felt like something was trying to pull my soul out of my body. Most terrifying experience of my life. I had two men come and lay hands on me and pray over me and I have had utter peace since.

You described the evil perfectly: malevolent. Utter evil.

I don't force my beliefs on anyone, but I will share in case it is of help. I never knew we have authority over evil and that we are to represent Jesus - just as his apostles did. There are huge arguments and disbelief even amongst Christians about this mentality - but it works. And the Bible is pretty basic when all the history and Jewish beliefs are taken into account. We are able to have an intimate relationship with God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Knowledge is power and the name of Jesus is the most powerful name in all creation.

I hope this helps. You can PM me anytime if you want to discuss further or need help.
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