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1000's of Asylum Seekers entered into the USA via Texas and New Mexico, since October...

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posted on Dec, 26 2018 @ 04:38 PM

originally posted by: dojozen
a reply to: Xtrozero

yea, i proposed that in another thread with something like this:

could inflate a landing airbag pad on the other site, send a drone over to drop it off and self inflate:

I would not want to be the first Also how long would it take to send 1000 people across...geez

posted on Dec, 26 2018 @ 04:43 PM
a reply to: Xtrozero

sure could build a few dozen of them in a few weeks, if really wanted to up the quota, to get the ticket price down some....looks like with a plan set and material be looking at around $300 a machine for a DIY

could go with traditional models and

run a special on these

posted on Dec, 26 2018 @ 04:45 PM

originally posted by: dojozen

20,000 years is a long time...

Has there ever been a war where the victor didn't set new boundaries? Let me know how many border/country/empire changes are in this video.

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posted on Dec, 26 2018 @ 04:47 PM
a reply to: Xtrozero

Agreed. The numbers are BS trying to make the whole situation seem better.

posted on Dec, 26 2018 @ 06:00 PM
a reply to: Xtrozero

think have watched that one before...

will show you how many wars against the native americans and latin america there is has been in the last 200 years, if you want to keep it to the usa and the last 200...things changed a lot over 20,000 years..

That wall might turn out to be part of an invasion plan of ai autonomous and rc armies that is expect to happen soon...
Going to be tough for lot of people to make it out alive or if they are taking POW's or not, might be a pow wow.

posted on Dec, 26 2018 @ 06:03 PM
a reply to: roadgravel

There's an old saying: "When the United States sneezes, Latin America gets pneumonia."

posted on Dec, 26 2018 @ 06:09 PM

originally posted by: stosh64

originally posted by: Xcalibur254
a reply to: watchitburn

Got proof? Because the studies I've seen say that most undocumented immigrants end up paying more in to the system than they take out.

Got proof?

lol.....a republican wanting proof....HAHAHAHAHAHA....why would they possibly want proof, when they simply ignore it....

posted on Dec, 27 2018 @ 02:01 AM

originally posted by: Lab4Us

originally posted by: BoneSay

originally posted by: watchitburn
a reply to: BoneSay

For sure, Obama and Clinton's State Dept. helped facilitate their corrupt governments. But it was the people who voted them in place and allowed them to remain in power.

You didn't see Americans fleeing Obama's banana republic, we rejected continuing his and Clinton's policies at the ballot box.

Yes, but just the act of washing hands and say "someone else did it" when the country remains the same one and you have to be around a lot longer, and still remain in control of a lot of what's happening down there, is not how it should be, right?

If this are going to change maybe it's time to pay back instead of just saying i don't care i didn't do it, because in general the US as a whole did it, not just some politicians back then, it has been going on for more than 8 years for sure

Um, no. The US, “as a whole” did not do it...whatever “it” is. When I start getting invited to vote with the house and senate, or attend CIA staff meetings, perhaps I’ll feel more responsibility. As of right now? I’m not responsible for any of it (again, whatever “it” is).

It’s pretty evident by the complete lack of technology development in the #hole countries of the world that they would be pretty much in the state they are now since they have no means of advancing. See African countries...or do you think the US is responsible for their conditions as well?

Most people when talking about actions like that, speak up the name of the country but referring to the government, i thought it was obvious, since i keep seeing lots and lots of people always complaining about the "evil Russians" and have been insulted as well just due to that thing, so it's either equal for both or a double standard, so i just talk about actions the country takes, and if you ignore them or just don't care then you are doing your part in that action, or am i wrong?

It is your government, If you care you should ask them. just looking away and saying you can't do anything just means you are not in coontrol at all, so basically welp i wash my hands and keep going, f*ck those losers down there, but i will for sure enjoy whatever benefits we "as a country" get out of their destruction

I thought the US was a democrazy and people ruled, clearly you think you have no power at all, but watch the madness and look away and pretend it never happened

And "it" is all the stuff happening out there, if you have not seen any of it i question how kuch you are aware of yourself and how things happen for real out there, you assume they are like that because of their own choice or stupidity, but that's mostly not the case

So you can be up the world, you have to prevent others fron getting up there too, so non stop meddling went on for decades. Now you can laugh about those people but you are not aware you are contributing to their bad situation, and from you said, you don't care

posted on Dec, 27 2018 @ 02:22 AM

originally posted by: dojozen
a reply to: Xtrozero

yea, must admit looked a bit far fetched...did not even bother reading it all...was so many results found on the subject, got to wonder how they came up with all that...some new AI algorithm?

Must be some errors in their formula

just browsing the titles and excerpts are odd, not isolated to a few sites, looks like quiet a few..

In 2015, refugees documented in this report earned a collective $77.2 billion in household income.

They also contributed $20.9 billion in taxes. That left them with $56.3 billion in disposable income, or spending power, to use at U.S. businesses.

Not all of us

posted on Dec, 27 2018 @ 02:26 AM

originally posted by: dojozen

Last time I checked Trump was born here

posted on Dec, 27 2018 @ 06:14 AM
a reply to: TheOnlyBilko

good point...think native American's have a different set of rules when it comes to DACA and in general...the reservation will work for some of the birthers, sure the native american's will not complain about footing the bill and any leaching.

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