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Is Earth Being Terraformed By Inter-Dimensional Entities?

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posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 01:18 PM
To any of you wanting to do your own research into UFO's...
Study case histories from around the equator and southern
hemisphere.UFO activity in these areas are more dangerous
than the northern.example...
One story involved a UFO beaming a light on a man and his flesh
melted off his bones.
Also,check into missing people in forests,deserts,mountains,caves
and bodies of water...oceans,lakes and rivers.
Study the stars in your area and look whenever you can.I saw a star
I had not seen before in the sky,I said to myself,hello there where
did you come from? Then it moved and while I was watching it,it
disappeared,like a light turning off.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 01:30 PM
Some interesting ideas here, and I do lean towards them being interdimensional.

But you kind of lost me by bringing the bible into this.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 01:31 PM
Greed, desire for pride and advancement, and ignorance are causing this stuff to happen. Not enough risk assessment is being done by people these days, liberal tactics need to be dampened, technology advancement needs to be assessed more to lower risk.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 01:33 PM
No need to terraform Earth.

verb (used with object)

to alter the environment of (a celestial body) in order to make capable of supporting terrestrial life forms.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 02:43 PM
I think the inter-dimensional ETs have found the continent of Antarctica as an adequate sanctuary for their population of spirit-entities who find the rest of the landmasses of the Planet too Sunny and painful to thrive in...
(this physical dimension has too much energy in the form of particles/photons/etc. shooting around from everywhere, unlike the dark-cold-vacuum of the 'Deep" where Quantum universe is the norm)

those ETs crave absolute zero and no cosmic radiation wizzing around like bullets, Which is normal to the Terrestrial life on the planet but is dangerous & painful for the ETs bound in the Earthly prison as a result of their occupation/arrival which was against the Laws of Heaven (that other dimension realm/place-of-origin for the ETs being dicussed here)

the ETs cannot terraform this physical-material world to anything near their other dimensional universe...

whats going on is long-cycle, cosmic changes... and not the mere terraforming experiment being conducted by these trapped ETs hiding out under-the-ice in Antarctica

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 02:56 PM
How come you replied to everyone but me?

You said that "UFOs are in the bible" and gave as an example a flying scroll.

I asked for which book of the bible details that flying scroll, and the chapter and verse so we can go take a look at that. Context is king. about it?

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 03:03 PM
a reply to: KansasGirl

The Flying Scroll

Zechariah 5:1-2

Again I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, a flying scroll! And he said to me, “What do you see?” I answered, “I see a flying scroll. Its length is twenty cubits, and its width ten cubits.”

The above is an excerpt from this thread.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: mamabeth

Then they're terrible at fulfilling their goals.

Hell I could end this planet with tech we had 50 years ago, even 100 years ago... Pesticides alone could do it.

Now since we're talking about inter dimensional creatures I can only imagine the tech they have access to, heck all they'd need to do us locate our nastiest nuclear isotopes then "poof" them into the open air.

As for the terraforming, I always figured it's a silly idea for us never mind inter dimensional creatures. They can move matter to anywhere... I figured it be much better and easier to just make a planet whether it be 100% artificial or manipulating a newly formed star system to their liking.

Their options are vastly greater than anything human imagination can come up with, if they're real.

Personally I'm unsure, I've seen stuff, interacted with stuff... I still haven't concluded what "they" are. I know one thing though, the energy and power, sheer speed?

Just onee of these entities/ships hitting the earth at full speed would be devastating. If they want us gone we wouldn't see it coming.

I wouldn't even be typing this... We'd be gone already.
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posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 03:16 PM
a reply to: mamabeth
The Rephaim is another word for eternally dead hence they are quite happy to kill everyone.

Fukushima is the Revelation where a third of world water (Pacific Ocean) turns bitter (radioactive) and kills everything in it (cancer).

If this was a natural whirl-pool; where is its vortex ? Or was it a scalar weapon from our orbit ?

If the Rephaim (giants) are trying to replicate their prison Tartarus, then they have a long way to go to reach Revelation 16:10 when the sky goes black. Their prison is so utterly depressing it destroys mortal souls in minutes.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 03:33 PM
a reply to: mamabeth

23 years and you never encountered one of the two groups of fanatics?

first one is a bunch of new agers, claiming that there's another earth splitting from ours, and selected few (including them, obviously) will get there via rising their vibration level. they'll be happy to sell you whatever crap they'll think of to "help" you with that.

second one is a bunch of bible thumpers, claiming that aliens are coming to destroy our earth and eat our cats. they'll be happy to sell you whatever crap they'll think of to "protect" you from that.

goddamn scammers and self-proclaimed experts with delusions instead of knowledge. "5G expert, Virginia Farver" - she lost her son 10 years ago to brain cancer and now she's an "expert" on 5G, claiming that everyone will die? she let her son use cell phone for hours every day - at least she admits she could have prevented his death.

i get it, she suffered a lot and never recovered. still, that doesn't justify blaming everyone and everything else - and if that doesn't help, ALIENS.

those people are delusional. additionally, some of them are after your money.

23 years of research and you can't see that?

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 03:35 PM

originally posted by: Rapha
Their prison is so utterly depressing it destroys mortal souls in minutes.

Mood: Vodka+Coke

i think i see a pattern here.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 04:09 PM

originally posted by: mamabeth
a reply to: PsychoEmperor

I did say that I did research on UFO's for 23 years.My conclusions were...
UFO's are real!
They are not extraterrestrial.
They are inter-dimensional/spirit world.
I have always used my Bible as a reference into studying UFO's.They are
in the Bible,the flying scroll as an example.

While I think you have some valid points, I fear you might be taking some things a little to far
I don’t see why they are terraforming when biblically, satan wants humanity dead
Then I guess maybe he wants total control and dominion over this world for himself and his followers
Just not on board with terraforming and don’t see why spirits need to change the world


posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 04:11 PM
a reply to: jedi_hamster

So what do bible thumpers sell that protect you from cat eating aliens
Wouldn’t mind the catalogue

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 05:00 PM
a reply to: KansasGirl

I was busy with housework and dishes and had a nap.
I will find the chapter and post it for you.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 05:27 PM

originally posted by: St Udio

those ETs crave absolute zero and no cosmic radiation wizzing around like bullets, W

It's easy to spot BS you do get cosmic rays all over the Earth some have been detected coming up through the ice, why do so many people on here come up with rubbish claims.

So much for your ET's then

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 06:14 PM
Lol the most illogical conspiracy yet ?

If an multi-dimensional entity was smart enough to travel multi-dimensional it wouldn’t be slowly destroying a planet it would be over in seconds

It would be like a man attacking an ant hill with a nuke

Or a human giving a lethal injection to a mouse

Makes no sense... it’s us killing the planet, mostly because those who control the world are just greedy evil bastards

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 06:25 PM

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 08:18 PM
a reply to: mamabeth

Hello mamabeth, I am new to this site and Due to my knowledge, I can honestly tell you that you are right while also being wrong. This planet is Already home to more than the human race, and no, that's not a joke about animals being another race. You are correct on UFOs being real as well as the pilots, I know this from experience but i cannot tell you how on a public forum. It's rather difficult to go into and people have a tendency to.... for lack of a better way to phrase it... Spit on what I say. They write me off as a psycho or a crazy, touched-in-the-head kinda fella. I am here to tell you that if that is the case, Someone touched my head in the right way. I understand your reluctance to share, but here is something important to bear in mind. Turn to your nearest device and say plainly and clearly; "I am not a threat." and nothing else. Wait about 20 minutes and then resume your normal activities. You have my permission to message me, I don't mind. but have a good one.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 09:46 PM
a reply to: mamabeth

I have found them to be one of three. Either time travelers that were mutated after a nuclear war, interdenominational, or from some other solar system. They all seem possible even though I can't comprehend the science. But there is science that I can't understand here. With the couple of interactions I've had with them. They like to instill fear on us. My guess is on interdenominational. With that said I think they are fallen also. I could see them doing these things on purpose to destroy us. My guess would be they are setting the stage for the problems to be revealed with the opening of the seals. Just my guess. Take it for what you want.


posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 09:54 PM

originally posted by: mamabeth
a reply to: KansasGirl

I was busy with housework and dishes and had a nap.
I will find the chapter and post it for you.

Thank you! 😊. I suppose I can excuse a little real life from getting in the way of instantaneous response to my question. 😊

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