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The Lightbringer

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posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 12:26 PM
this is a very short and very misguided story. make of it what you will... just let me know how you interpreted it, because i'm not sure yet.

The spring in his step never wavered or lessened as he capered from street to street, avenue to avenue, sharing his gift with everyone and everything in sight. Prodigal beyond reason or care, he did not pause for a moment in the arduous task that brought him such glee.

With each step he took, the darkness of the night was lessened, and in about an hour's time, a new rosy-fingered dawn had begun to rise above the dreary hardship of the big city. One by one, the homes of the city's people were illuminated, filled with gentle sparks that blossomed quickly into graceful, flowing waves of spreading enlightenment.

As more and more voices rose in the glorious chorus of light that surrounded him, the man grew ever merrier in his work. He sang, and darted from place to place with the vigor and alacrity of a child. Everywhere he went, new lights sprang up, bringing with them warmth and illumination that had been absent in the city before the man had come. Lights without number twinkled in his eyes, and the unparralled joy that consumed his being was radiated visibly from his wretched grin.

As the city burned, he skipped onward through the night. Eventually, the fuel reservoirs on his back would run dry, and his glory would end... but for now, the man and his flame-thrower owned the world.

[edit on 2/26/2005 by Odd]

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 07:27 AM
Wow Odd! That was a surprise. Will there be more?

I really enjoyed it because my perspective was taken by total surprise at the end. Great presentation.

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