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White Light Love and Tarot

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posted on Dec, 15 2018 @ 12:13 AM
On June 11th of this year, which happens to be the birthday of an old flame, I purchased my first tarot deck physically. I have been reading energy for

On June 11th of this year, which is also the bithday of an old flame. I bought a physicl tarot deck for the first time,
I had been doing daily energy readings fo myself myself from a Christian Hermetism site for nearly 15 years. Additionally I practiced I-Ching from the age of 14-26.
On December 20th, 2017 I felt lonely and told the Universe, that if it would send me a woman, that I would take care of her and even marry her.
Three days later, an old girlfriend(Lyne) reappeared in my life. Since we had known each other 25 years earlier, she has had 2 brain anyuerisms and survived them both. I moved to Key West to find employment as I was not in a position for a relationship, due to my lack of employment.
The day I bought the cards, they slipped out of my hands and dropped to the sidewalk. They came apart on the sidewalk, with the two of cups(love), four of wands(completion) and the six of wands(success) at the top of the separate piles they fell into. Later about dusk I was sleeping under a self styled tent that was covered by a tarp hung on a cord tied to two mangrove trees. I went into a hypnogogic state, without using my will. I found myself in my light body with another one beside me. It was like an oval room with both of us floating while a voice started speaking to me first. It was a little chilly and I instinctively pulled a sleeping bag over my body. As I did this, the two of us became one. It's like we crawled inside of each other. The other light body was Lyne. We have not consumated the relationship(complicated) The voice said to me,"You are to tell Lyne everything you know from the deepest part of your soul." Then it told her,"You are to listen to him from the deepest part of your soul and do your best to understand."
Then it's like we dropped from the oval room into a winding intestine like tunnel, that when it stopped, a brilliant white light t the end of the tunnel appeared. Before that, I looked straight into my lungs and they were a milky white color while i watched them breathe. The color was like Arctic Mist, Gatorade. There was a pervasive feeling of peace during the whole ordeal which lasted maybe 6 or 7 minutes. As the white light at the end of the tunnel appeared, a cool breeze swept through the tent. I emerged from this mystified. I have had psychic experiences from a young age, but this was my first visit to the astral planes. It was definitely not UFO or abduction related. I walked about a half mile to the Atlantic Ocean and sat there for about a half of an hour in an incredulous state of mystification. I am researching astral planes and I do not really know what I am supposed to do? I am certain the presence was benign. I thought about joining a secret society to learn more about this, but I do not want to sign any oathe, as I want to write about my experiences, Any Adepts out there who have any advise for me?

posted on Dec, 15 2018 @ 12:26 AM
a reply to: davido

As others have said, "He who seeks shall find". But I would advise against joining a "secret society". They almost certainly need your money more than anything.
My .02.

posted on Dec, 15 2018 @ 12:58 AM
a reply to: DictionaryOfExcuses

Thank You, I was taken in by an order's website, where they said some scary things about not knowing what you are doing , protection and so forth. I had me a man on the bus ride down there who is a Kabbalist, but I don;t trust him. This particualr society interviewed me, but I cancelled, as I do not want to sign an oath. Nothing has really happened since that date out of the ordinary, other than a few synchronicities, like unexpectantly being invited to stay on a 40' sailboat only 1/4 mile from Lyne's house. While on the boat someone I had never met contacted me(I know her 2 brothers) and I almost forgot about Lyne. She almost read my mind in some of her initial texts, but she proved to be a breadcrumber or coquette, which isn't really my idea of what is a good thing and I had to cut it off. I am sensing duality and choices between the kaballist(dark) and the coquette(smart and beautiful like Lyne ). It's like they came around at weird times and I am getting negative vibes from them both.

posted on Dec, 15 2018 @ 01:46 AM
I have become such a divination junkie that the online tarot said about my posting here said 7 of wands reversed,
Seven of Wands (R) says when you achieve a position of leadership, there will always be others who crop up to challenge you. You will have to face the jealousy of those who want what you have. You will encounter situations when it will “appear” that everyone is against you – be realistic about the odds you face. “Feel” the strength within you, don’t allow fear to discourage you – recognize that your position is always stronger than you think it is.
Sounds just like ATS
BTW. I have been in the closet with my mystiacl experience, until I walked into the metaphysical shop that day.

I-Ching is 58 Tu / Empowering
Lakes resting one on the other:
The image of THE JOYOUS.
Thus the superior man joins with his friends
For discussion and practice.

posted on Dec, 15 2018 @ 02:07 AM
a reply to: davido

I like your avatar.

I read a book called the Shaman's Doorway (I think) and the author talks about primary vs. secondary experiences with God (source, divinity, etc.). Dr Stephen Larsen?

I think you'd like it.

Explore the body-mind connection and come to terms with your maker there. Don't go crazy.

posted on Dec, 15 2018 @ 02:43 AM
a reply to: DictionaryOfExcuses

When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive... found it on scribd, but I have to read it online, maybe tomorrow.

I have been reading pdf's for the past 2 days. "Magic and the Kaballah", W.E. Butler and his magician training book.

My philosophies have changed over the years. I am much more into Carl Jung and individuation. I am starting to believe that the experience came from inside and not outside, by accesing my own psyche connected to the collective unconscious.
I had recently changed my views about ascetic living, like in the book,"Meditations on the Tarot", -Anonymous Google it for pdf.
I was in a Gnostic state of mind that materialism was the opposite of spirit and evil. Now I am a monist(panentheism) and I believe God is in everything and it's ok to seek material things. Butler speaks on this too, so I am finding a sort of rapport with his teachings.

I like your avatar too. I taught myself to play over 6 years in my ascetic mode. Did not properly learn rhythm, so all my beats are syncopated, but unique.

posted on Dec, 15 2018 @ 10:43 AM
a reply to: davido

Dunno where you got THAT 7 of wands reversed meaning, but try this one. Very much more to it than the simple explanation you accepted.

htt. ps://www.biddytarot. com/tarot-card-meanings/minor-arcana/suit-of-wands/seven-of-wands/

Since Tarot isn't one size fits all it's usually best to find out the meaning of the card from many different decks and sources just to make sure you aren't missing something. Reading for someone else is difficult enough, reading for yourself is damn near impossible due to your "blind spot"/biases are still going to be there no matter how accomplished you are.

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posted on Dec, 15 2018 @ 01:48 PM
a reply to: Caver78

Crystal Reflections
Thiis a sight tht is said to be compiled by 11 masters;however, the bulk of the divinitory meanings, at least the major arcana come from,"Meditations on the Tarot", which is a journey into Christian hermetic philosophy.
Here it is sitting on Pope Paul's desk. Pope Paul
Christian Hermeticsm is brutal on reversals, since relying on that site, I prefer, which is not so brutal.
However; I am not a professional reader, but it is said that the best readers do not say,"I drew this card, so this it waht it means. A seasoned reader takes the imagery from the card, and draws perception from the imagery. That being said, the crystal reflection was pretty accurate in the way I was feeling concerning the post. What I am trying to say is that the duality of crystal-reflections readings are too dualistic. Take the 9 of cups revered on crystal-reflectiona and then the same card on psychic revelations. On CR it is negative and painful; but on PR it means that more of the wish will come true. Recently, I have been using the hermetic deck of the Golden Dawn with the celtic cross by hand and the results from the included booklet have been amazing.
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