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Fear Brings The Enemy

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posted on Nov, 28 2018 @ 06:04 PM
Are 'unnatural fears' and 'unnecessary guilt' ruining your 3D vacation? (See Jane Roberts/Seth for more)

I mean, what if a stranger just walked right up to you, in broad daylight, nonetheless, and smacked/punched the piss-water right out of you for no apparent reason, and then tried to walk away (and mess up your hair) like they just don't care? How would you react?

Are you wise enough to realize - - that you may not react HOW YOU THINK you would? Good.

Medical bills aren't fun, or jail, or court, etc. Where does pride come in on this information plethora?

Risk vs Reward, yo... where does personal freedom lie? Hell, I don't know... =)
Just questions.. no answers here. I'm not that stupid to think I know all the answers, ya hear? LOLOL ;-)

"and fear brings the enemy
don't get me started
on the 'insides of me'
i'll tear 'em all up
and then show you true GLEE,
that your ego is a joke
just like your immortality

and for the record, your honor...
that's my whole philosophy."


posted on Nov, 28 2018 @ 06:37 PM
Your describing the knockout game.
Go for it, I carry a PPK. If I felt threatened I might shoot him in the ass. A rattled man is unpredictable. Sometimes decisions are made in a heartbeat and more instinctual rather than well thought out. Besides slapping a stranger is a fools errand and fools eventually get what’s coming to them.

The plea to the judge, “ Your Honour, darkness was closing in and I was fighting for my life. I don’t know how that nice SOB got shot.”
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posted on Nov, 28 2018 @ 07:41 PM
Whoop out your pecker.
I'll calmly and politely show you what the other end looks like as I sip my barley pop.

posted on Nov, 30 2018 @ 05:47 PM
I broke a few ribs 4 weeks ago skateboarding. Trivial pursuit? Perhaps, but I'm not quitting. No doctors... just went home to watch football for six weeks, that's all. (You can't really fix ribs without barbecue sauce.)

Bodies are fragile, but perhaps not as fragile as the human ego. =)
Every action still has consequences, no matter how 'secure' we are in our conscious minds.

I wouldn't have messed with a 3 year old kid in those first couple of weeks after slamming.
It's pain and the fear of suffering that keeps us on edge, our egos are like a yappy little dog - pointless, except for acting as an inner alarm.

But suffering is life's only guarantee... so let it be ;-)

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